DKC – Chapter 1751

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Chapter 1751 – So painful don’t want to live (2)

Just when Cheng Ying Sword was about to pierce its throat——

Its figure subconsciously avoid it.

Although Cheng Ying Sword didn’t pierce its throat, it cut away a little less than half of its head!

Immediately, blood rushed out.

The dark green lake surface was suddenly dyed red by the scarlet blood. Circles after circles of blood floated onto the lake’s surface.

After this attack, Su Luo’s figure quickly sped along, backing away.

At this moment, her thoughts were complicated.

Didn’t kill the eight-tentacled strange water creature in one move. Then, what awaited her was the opponent’s crazed retaliation.

But Su Luo didn’t come up completely empty, at least she inflicted heavy damage on the opponent.

At this moment, the ‘transform into sheep’ technique had reached its time limit. One only heard a wrathful howl, and the very small sheep dyed in blood, in the blink of an eye, had changed into that huge and ugly eight-tentacled strange water creature.

Now, a huge piece was cut off from the strange water creature’s head, to the extent that even one of its eye was cut off. Blood flowed down the cheek, drop by drop mixing together with that stinky saliva. That eerie eye stared fixedly at Su Luo, really horrifying people.

Su Luo increased her strides and sped away, not daring to stop.

But how could the eight-tentacled strange water creature so easily let Su Luo go?

One only saw its figure pounce madly towards Su Luo, fast as lightning!

Su Luo felt a cold chill on her back, she sensed danger approaching, and as a result, subconsciously looked back——

Only this one glance, and her heart felt chilled.

Wasn’t it said that the eight-tentacled strange water creature couldn’t leave the dark lake? Then what’s up with this eight-tentacled strange water creature that flew up like a dragon? That speed was so fast that Su Luo had the urge to cry.

Just at this moment, a long tentacle very quickly attacked towards Su Luo’s pair of feet!

This time, the eight-tentacled strange water creature chose Su Luo’s feet rather than her waist!

The Variant Acacia Tree rushed out, the thick vine giving off a golden light grabbed towards that thick tentacle!

Momentarily, a tentacle, a green vine, met and intertwined, starting an intense fight.

Su Luo didn’t stop, in a flying manner, she rushed forward.

As long as she ran out of the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s attack range, she would be safe.

But the strength difference between the Variant Acacia Tree and the eight-tentacled strange water creature was too great. Therefore, in less than a few moves, the vine that the Variant Acacia Tree was so proud of was fractured into countless pieces about the size of an inch. In the end, it turned into a golden powder that disappeared into the air.

Su Luo knew that that was only one vine from the Variant Acacia Tree. Its core was still being nourished in her space. So this fight didn’t affect its life at all. But wanting to once again condense out a golden vine, it must restore its strength to the original state. Afraid it would need a lot of time.

Just at this moment, the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s tentacle had already appeared behind Su Luo.

This time, Su Luo really had no way of avoiding it.

All of a sudden, the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s tentacle became longer, extending another three meters in an instant. Like this, how could Su Luo escape? One only saw the tentacle tightly bind around Su Luo’s feet. Before Su Luo could react, it suspended Su Luo’s body high in the air.

The pitiful Su Luo became a captive just like this.

This time, the eight-tentacled strange water creature really was extremely infuriated, so it showed no quarter.

Suddenly, a barbed tip grew on the originally smooth tentacle. The barbed tip was like a slender needle, giving off a deep cold light.

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