DKC – Chapter 1715

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Chapter 1715 – Spirit River (1)

Since Li Aochen had already left quickly, Su Luo’s group also accelerated their pace.

The group of people chatted and laughed along the way, not slacking off on their speed.

They walked for another half day’s time, and Zi Yan couldn’t help but frown: “It seemed as if Li Aochen was seriously injured, but maybe it wasn’t like that at all. You guys look, we increased our pace and walked for half a day, and still didn’t see his figure.”

Beichen Ying said, unconcerned: “Maybe Li Aochen is already buried in the snowy ground.”

Zi Yan shook her head in disagreement.

“Hey, you guys look——” Zi Yan suddenly gave a cry of surprise, attracting everyone’s attention.

Su Luo looked in the direction Zi Yan’s finger pointed to, and after seeing the scene, she couldn’t help pursing her lips into a smile.

Not far away, Dongfang Xuan was in the midst of dealing with a flock of Snowy Swift Hawks.

It wasn’t just one or two Snowy Swift Hawks in the air, but rather, they were densely-packed, almost covering the sky.

Close to one hundred Snowy Swift Hawks attacked towards Dongfang Xuan.

Dongfang Xuan’s eyes half-narrowed dangerously, his sleeves flying around emotionless. In a flash, two Snowy Swift Hawks were beheaded and fell to the snow-covered ground. But because of Dongfang Xuan’s cruel methods, this infuriated the Snowy Swift Hawks even more. It was to the extent that a large group flew from the clouds, and wave after wave would attack, throwing their lives away.

But seeing Dongfang Xuan’s actions, a deep pondering meaning flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

If she didn’t guess wrongly, Dongfang Xuan still hadn’t reached his limit. Now, he was only displaying the strength at the summit of tenth rank.

Dongfang Xuan turned his head and saw Su Luo’s group of people leisurely stopping. His brows wrinkled coldly. But very quickly, his mouth hooked into a very devious and crafty smile. After a world-shaking attack, he quickly flew towards Su Luo’s group.

And at this time, behind Dongfang Xuan was a densely-packed flock of Snowy Swift Hawks pursuing relentlessly, unwilling to let go.

Su Luo frowned: “Dongfang Xuan hasn’t entered the road, it could be seen he doesn’t know this road is safe.”

Zi Yan suddenly realized: “That is to say, Dongfang Xuan brought these Snowy Swift Hawks to attack us!”

Beichen Ying said in a cold voice filled with hate: “What a good move, shift the calamity to others, Dongfang Xuan used it really skilfully.”

Although Nangong Liuyun didn’t say anything, but his beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled slightly.

“For sure, the Snowy Swift Hawks won’t be able to get in, but if we are to let Dongfang Xuan in, then he would take advantage of this for free.” Su Luo expressed her displeasure.

“Don’t want him to come in?” Nangong Liuyun gave a light laugh, and he bent down to mutter this to Su Luo.

“Naturally don’t want ah, really want to block him but can’t ah.” Su Luo helpless spread out her hands.

“Unable to block him? I don’t think so.” Nangong Liuyun moved a step forward.

At this moment, Dongfang Xuan’s figure was already very close to the road. Almost one step and he would enter the safety range of the road. Dongfang Xuan lift his eyes towards Su Luo’s group, the corner of his mouth had an ice-cold smile: “The Snowy Swift Hawks are pursuing behind and won’t let go, hope that everyone will act to give me assistance!”

“That’s your problem and has nothing to do with us!” Su Luo gave a sneer.

“Everyone is on the same boat, if I, Dongfang Xuan, die, you guys won’t escape the pursuit of the Snowy Swift Hawks.” While Dongfang Xuan was speaking, he stepped onto the fiery-red road.

And that flock of Snowy Swift Hawks rushed over behind him.

Dongfang Xuan’s eyes and hands were swift. His hand was lightning fast as he grabbed at Zi Yan who was closest to him!

At this time, Dongfang Xuan grabbing Zi Yan, besides using her to block the hawks for him, what else could be his purpose? Su Luo angrily shouted: “Stop!” At the same time, she rushed towards Dongfang Xuan!

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