DKC – Chapter 1716

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Chapter 1716 – Spirit River (2)

But before Su Luo’s figure could get close to Dongfang Xuan, she saw Dongfang Xuan’s figure, like a broken off kite, was quickly sent flying backwards.

Su Luo opened her eyes wide, then turned and just so happened to see Nangong Liuyun retract his long straight leg.

“You——” Su Luo swallowed some saliva.

If you replay the scene back, it was very easy to see Nangong Liuyun’s awesome action of kicking Dongfang Xuan flying away. But a pity, Su Luo only saw the last movement.

“Didn’t you not want him to enter?” The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked into an enchanting smile, his slender arm was placed on Su Luo’s shoulder, with one move, she fell into his embrace.

“But this action of yours, isn’t it….too straightforward?” Dongfang Xuan postured for so long, but Nangong Liuyun directly kicked him flying with one foot.

Su Luo’s gaze looked all around and saw Dongfang Xuan laying far away on the ground. His eyes were closed motionless, with a gossamer of breath, as if he had fainted.

“Really awesome! I also want to learn!” Beichen Ying’s pair of eyes stared at Nangong Liuyun like flickering stars.

“You can’t learn it.” Nangong Liuyun gave a light snort.

“Impossible!” Beichen Ying rushed up, wishing to hug Nangong Liuyun’s thigh.

Nangong Liuyun almost kicked him: “Since you want to learn, then learn properly!” Nangong Liuyun also sent Beichen Ying flying with one kick.

Just when Su Luo and Zi Yan were astonished and cried out in surprise, they saw that Beichen Ying’s figure just so happened to knock into Dongfang Xuan’s body, who had crawled up with great difficulty and was swaying around unsteadily.

“Ah, oh~~” Subconsciously, Su Luo gave an exclamation of admiration. Then, she saw Beichen Ying’s butt sit on Dongfang Xuan’s head. It was to the point that the other person directly laid on the ground unconscious.

“Could Beichen Ying not be so handsome? Simply too handsome okay?” Zi Yan’s eyes went straight from watching.

But at this time, Beichen Ying was unable to speak of his suffering, because at this moment, above him was a flock of Snowy Swift Hawks that covered the sky. Every one of them was ruthless, bloodthirsty and cruel, with sharp claws that were like snow swords. Attacking them wave upon waves.

Beichen Ying was innocent. but who told him to squash a Snowy Swift Hawk while in mid-air after being kicked by Nangong Liuyun? How could the overprotective, biased Snowy Swift Hawks let this matter go? As a result, this densely-packed flock of Snowy Swift Hawks launched indiscriminate attacks towards Beichen Ying and Dongfang Xuan.

“Damn!” Under a cloud of sharp fangs and talons, Beichen Ying almost couldn’t hang on. He tossed the unconscious Dongfang Xuan in the air, at the same time, grabbed this life and death opportunity. His figure was fast as the speed of light, with a ‘swoosh’ sound, he entered the road.

“That was close….” Watching one after another, the Snowy Swift Hawks couldn’t attack in, Beichen Ying rejoiced and wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Just now, just a little bit more, a little bit more and he would have died.

“Where is Dongfang Xuan?” Zi Yan’s attention was on Dongfang Xuan.

“Surrounded by Snowy Swift Hawks right?” Su Luo frowned, according to logic, the unconscious Dongfang Xuan should have already been torn into pieces, but….

“So as to say, this time, Dongfang Xuan died for certain?” Zi Yan’s eyes were full of smiles, with regards to this senior brother, not only were they estranged, in addition, they were more like enemies.

Su Luo looked at the densely black area of Snowy Swift Hawks, and shook her head, “Dongfang Xuan disappeared.”

“What?” Zi Yan cried out in disbelief, standing on tiptoes and looked ahead: “How could he disappear? How could he disappear just like that?”

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