DKC – Chapter 1714

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Chapter 1714 – Go back on your words (3)

What made people speechless was that everyone looked at each other in dismay, but no one raised their hand.

“Does everyone think he will escape?” Su Luo mumbled, “Li Aochen’s character is already rotten to this degree?”

“What do you think?” Zi Yan curiously asked Su Luo.

“Don’t need to ask…” Su Luo pointed at Li Aochen up ahead, quickly running onto the road, “As a matter of fact, the result is already out.”

Everyone looked at Li Aochen, their gaze containing a faint dullness within them….

Just now, Li Aochen was unyielding, upright and icily arrogant. Now, only when he saw this thin and weak Four-eyed Snow Mastiff, he directly ran. Moreover, he ran onto the road that drew the most disgrace to himself. This simply made everyone feel complete disbelief.

“Li Aochen, hehe.” Beichen Ying could only use ‘hehe’, these two words, to describe Li Aochen’s character.

“Hey, isn’t Li Aochen being too excessive with ‘once bitten, twice shy’? Could it be he doesn’t know that it is merely a Four-eyed Snow Mastiff in childhood period that doesn’t have a lot of force?” Su Luo unhappily pointed at that Four-eyed Snow Mastiff that scared Li Aochen to run onto the path with a ‘whoosh sound, “You guys look under the belly of that Four-eyed Snow Mastiff.”

Everyone followed Su Luo’s gaze to look over. At one glance, everyone suddenly realized it.

Don’t know who the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff had battled before, one could see the snow-white fur under his belly had a dagger that was steadily and ruthlessly inserted in. Even the handle went in, nearly penetrating through its heart.

Seeing Li Aochen run with flying speed onto the road, this small Four-eyed Snow Mastiff was clearly scared by the movement. Soon after, it turned around and quickly fled, disappearing in the air.

“Hahaha, hahahaha——” Zi Yan clapped her hands, laughing until she almost couldn’t breathe.

“Li Aochen, you were scared shitless by this Four-eyed Snow Mastiff that you could slap dead with one palm, hahahah——” Beichen Ying pointed at Li Aochen, covering his stomach and howling with laughter. He almost rolled on the ground.

Right now, Li Aochen’s face was so red, blood could drip out. His figure was stiff and straight. His wrathful gaze looked at that little black dot that was running further and further away. He was itching to rush up and slap that little Four-eyed Snow Mastiff to death! Hateful! Too hateful!

Really shameful ah!!

Faced with Zi Yan and Beichen Ying’s merciless taunting and mockery, Li Aochen’s complexion turned ashen. In front of them, how could Li Aochen still have any self-esteem and face? If it was possible, Li Aochen wished he could kill everyone at the scene. Because only dead people could guard a secret forever.

Li Aochen’s malicious gaze swept across everyone’s face. Afterwards, he turned his body and used all the strength in his body to rush forward!

“Really shameful ah. If I was Li Aochen, I would have already knocked my head to the snowy ground and die. Hahaha.” Beichen Ying laughed and kept wiping away the tears.

Zi Yan was also like this.

But Su Luo’s expression slowly became grave.

“Luo Luo, what are you worried about?” While laughing, Beichen Ying asked.

“Matters are somewhat not so encouraging.” Su Luo gave a long sigh.

“Where is it not encouraging? How is it that I don’t know?” Beichen Ying completely didn’t understand what happened.

“Li Aochen not having been promoted is because his temperament blocked his perception. But now, he has lost all face. Afterwards, he would be able to break through the shackles of his temperament. Maybe…” A grave expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, “If Li Aochen really can break through the shackles of his temperament, rather, we are helping him advance to the next rank.”

“Can’t be, right?” Beichen Ying opened his eyes wide in shock. He looked at Su Luo in disbelief.

“I hope the Heavens won’t be so blind ah.” Su Luo spread out her hands, expressing she was resigned to fate.

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