DKC – Chapter 1713

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Chapter 1713 – Go back on your words (2)

If the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff wasn’t afraid of this path, it would have already swallowed Li Aochen whole. How good would that have been ah!

“What a pity…” Zi Yan gave a long sigh. Although she disliked Li Aochen, she was like Su Luo, couldn’t do something as kicking Li Aochen out. After all, it was a life, to ask them to harm a life, for no cause or reason to murder him to death, they still couldn’t do it.

Zi Yan was regretful in her heart, but on the surface, her face was full of mockery. She arrogantly looked down from above at Li Aochen laying on the ground. The corner of her mouth hooked into a lack of regard smile as she jeered: “Before, who was it oh, that made a solemn vow not to step on our road. Now who is it oh, laying here like a dead dog, motionless?”

After all, Li Aochen’s face was very thin. With Zi Yan saying it like this, immediately, his face turned red. In addition, his breathing was already like gossamer, so he almost fainted from being angered by Zi Yan.

“What? Did I say it incorrectly? Before, who was it that vowed not to get on our road? In the critical moment of life and death, who was it that ran up to this path with a ‘whoosh’ sound? Talking about you and you won’t accept it?” Zi Yan smiled coldly and justifiably.

“Humph!” Li Aochen gave a heavy snort and turned his face away.

“The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff has already fled. If you still have some backbone, you ought to leave this path at this time. And continue walking on your difficult path!” Zi Yan continued to mock him.

Opportunity was rare, on top of it, her heart was depressed and had a difficult time calming down. Zi Yan naturally would use Li Aochen to release some of the gas.

The hands at Li Aochen’s side clenched tightly into fists, fingernails sinking deep into his flesh. Ever since he had grown up, he had never suffered this kind of having a person pointing at his nose, cursing him out humiliation. Really hard for a person to accept.

Li Aochen’s arrogance rose up, he forced himself to stand up in a swaying manner, and straightened his back. He glared coldy at Zi Yan and stressed each word to say, “Today’s insult, Li Aochen will not forget in this lifetime!”

Finished saying this, Li Aochen clenched his fist tightly, then staggering, he got off the path. Panting for breath, he followed the path and walked forward.

Now, the snowy ground he walked on was only a meter away from the path.

Seeing this, Zi Yan couldn’t help but sneer.

Beichen Ying, in despise, swept Li Aochen a glance, “Since you have so much backbone, then wait until the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff chases over to kill you, you must by all means, not come on the path again oh. Otherwise, I feel like I have lost face on your behalf.”

Beichen Ying really wanted to see, when life received a threat, in the end, would backbone be more important, or would life be more important.

Li Aochen’s body trembled. His lowered eyes flashed with a malicious meaning. But his footsteps still didn’t stop as he moved forward.

Originally, Su Luo’s group’s pace was a lot faster than Li Aochen’s. But in order to watch a good show, these people unanimously decided to walk unhurriedly on the road. Waiting for the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff to once again honor them with its presence.

Don’t know if it was because these several people’s desires were too strong, after less than half a day’s time passed, another Four-eyed Snow Mastiff appeared again from up front.

But clearly, this Four-eyed Snow Mastiff wasn’t as big as the one before. This one could be classified as around the age of a young child. Its attack power wasn’t half as strong as the one before….

Li Aochen’s gaze meet those of that Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s….

Afterwards, Li Aochen’s figure started to become stiff. The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff also didn’t move…

“Good show came.” A smile flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, “You guys guess what will Li Aochen do next? To fight or to flee ah. Raise your hand to vote, guess whether Li Aochen will fight or flee.”

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