DKC – Chapter 1681

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Chapter 1681 – A blessing in disguise (1)

Seeing Nangong Liuyun wake up, Su Luo finally let out a huge breath of relief.

She hugged Nangong Liuyun, and gave a long sigh: “Finally awake? Not going to jump off the cliff?”

“Jump off the cliff?” Nangong Liuyun’s voice had a trace of hoarseness, as he looked at Su Luo in puzzlement.

Su Luo pointed at the two people on the side who were tied up in a bundle, and helplessly shrugged her shoulders: “If it were not for the Variant Acacia Tree binding them up, the three of you would have already jumped off the cliff for the hundredth time. You go have a look. Under that cliff, it’s all lava, why do you guys insist on wanting to jump down ah?”

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth twitched slightly, somewhat in disbelief. Would he do something so foolish?

At this time, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan gradually woke up. Faced with Su Luo’s questioning gaze Beichen Ying grabbed his head in puzzlement. He seriously looked at Su Luo: “Didn’t you jump into the water? I wanted to run in and drag you up ah. But that damn string binded me up, stopping me, so no matter what, I couldn’t jump in.”

“That’s right ah, that’s right. I really wanted to rush in, but my feet were bound tightly. Even if I wanted to crawl, I couldn’t crawl in.” Zi Yan patted her chest, letting out a breath of relief, “Fortunately, it was a dream and not reality.”

Su Luo simply didn’t know how to react to their replies.

“Jump into the water?” Su Luo pushed the two of them, “You guys go the side of the cliff and have a look. Look and see if it’s water or not under that cliff.”

At this time, Su Luo also understood why Li Aochen and Luo Haoming also wanted to walk to the edge of the cliff, but didn’t jump in. Because these two people simply were watching her jumping into the water.

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying exchanged a glance. Then, the two of them eagerly ran to the edge of the cliff. When they saw the rolling lava underneath, Beichen Ying wasn’t careful. His feet trembled and he almost fell in.

Beichen Ying’s complexion turned pale, pointed at the lava below, then with that pale little face, looked at Su Luo again. He stammered to say: “Just, just now…..”

“Uh-huh.” Su Luo spread out her pair of hands, with an extremely helpless expression, “Persistently insisting on jumping down. No matter how I tried to stop, I couldn’t stop you guys.” In passing, Su Luo pointed at the broken pieces of green vines on the ground, speechlessly saying, “Fortunately, the Variant Acacia Tree, time and time again, binded you guys up regardless of the danger, otherwise…” Su Luo helplessly shook her head.

Beichen Ying patted his chest with lingering fear, and took a deep breath: “Oh god, fortunately didn’t fall in, otherwise I’d be dead for sure.”

Su Luo expressed her agreement: “Not only dead, even your bones wouldn’t exist. It would become lava water.”

“What just happened a moment ago? I thought I heard a melodious flute sound. Afterwards, wanted to sleep then started to dream…” Zi Yan patted her own head. Even now, she still felt her head was a bit dizzy, like a feeling of having been controlled.

“That flute sound had an effect that could confuse the mind.” Nangong Liuyun flung his head, swaying as he stood up.

In the beginning, when everyone’s mind was being controlled, in fact, he was still awake. But later, he poured his spirit strength into Su Luo to protect her, as a result, he gradually couldn’t hold it off. In the end, he couldn’t even control his own mind and completely lost himself.

“Where is this place?” Su Luo fished out the map, and compared to the road drawn on it.

But this map was simply too illegible, and didn’t have any scale or topography lines. It only had several rough lines drawn on it, seeming very vague. It required very careful analysis before being able to make out some clues.

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