DKC – Chapter 1680

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Chapter 1680 – Mystical sounds came to their ear (6)

But on Su Luo’s side, every one of them was anxious to be reincarnated as they staked their all to try to jump down, causing Su Luo to be overwhelmed. She almost had no time for anything else.

“But to continue like this isn’t good ah.” Su Luo spread out both hands, complaining to the little stone in her head, “Nangong’s strength is formidable, the Variant Acacia Tree is already riddled with scars. If we can’t think of another way, I estimate I can hold on for less than a stick of incense’s time. “

At that time, if Nangong Liuyun still couldn’t wake up, Su Luo didn’t know what she’d do?

“Now, the best method is to wake them up.” Su Luo helplessly spread out her hands, “But what to do to wake them up ah?”

“I don’t have a way.” The little stone shook his head, “Moreover, even if I have a way, you won’t be able to do it.”

“Even if there is a one in ten thousand possibility, I still want to try it. Quickly say it, what is the method in the end!” Hearing that the little stone had a way, Su Luo’s eyes immediately shone. She excitedly asked in a loud voice.

“If we had Tong Tian Whistle, maybe there is still a bit of a chance.” After muttering for a while to himself, the little stone suddenly heaved a sigh, “But Tong Tian Whistle has disappeared without a trace a long time ago. No one knows where it is, let alone to say, you are in Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, where are you going to search for it?”

“Tong Tian Whistle?” Su Luo’s voice became louder in an instant.

“That’s right ah, Tong Tian Whistle. It’s impossible to have it here ah.” The little stone spread out both hands, “Didn’t I tell you before? This method is simply impossible to implement. Saying it is to say it in vain.”

“It’s not that, did you just say Tong Tian Whistle?” Su Luo joyously asked the little stone repeatedly. If the little stone was to appear in front of Su Luo, she would definitely rush up to grab him by the collar.

“Could it be you have seen it before?” Seeing Su Luo’s appearance, the little stone was somewhat surprised.

“Are you stupid! Before in the first challenge, I won an entire shelf of treasures right? I recall at that time, there was a whistle. I even disdained that it was useless. Now, you mentioned Tong Tian Whistle, why do I feel that name is so familiar ah?” While Su Luo muttered this, she was flipping through her space.

A properly arranged shelf was flipped into disorder by her, but very quickly, Su Luo cried out happily: “Have a look, is this thing the Tong Tian Whistle you are talking about?”

Now, laying in Su Luo’s palm was a red whistle, the whistle was in the shape of a rooster, dripping in a blood red color.

The little stone stared in disbelief at that whistle, then speechlessly looked at Su Luo again. In the end, he seriously nodded: “You this girl’s luck really is….” She could find the Tong Tian Whistle even like this? The little stone really admired Su Luo’s luck to the point of adulation.

“Haha, I also feel my luck is super good.” Su Luo said excitedly, “Now what to do? Is it okay to just casually blow it?”

“How could that be!” The little stone couldn’t stand seeing Su Luo’s wasteful expression, he simply flew out of her space. He snatched that Tong Tian Whistle and stuck out his neck to blow a sharp tune.

Really ear-piercing!

Su Luo had both hands tightly covering her ears and stayed a distance of ten meters away from the little stone.

But the Tong Tian Whistle was indeed very miraculous. After it gave that ear-piercing sound, the melodious flute sound that made people sleepy was very quickly suppressed. In the end, it only gave a whimpering burst of echoing sounds then disappeared.

After the flute sound disappeared. Just now, every one of those people that wanted to jump over the cliff slowly started to wake up.

Nangong Liuyun was the first one among everyone to wake up.

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