DKC – Chapter 1682

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Chapter 1682 – A blessing in disguise (2)

Nangong Liuyun gathered up his gaze and swept that map once over. Then, he frowned slightly, his fine, long finger pointing at a place on the map: “The place we are at is here, and over here is the marked location for the second challenge.”

“Looks like it is still very far away ah.” Su Luo, with lingering fear, swept the surroundings once. Her gaze was deep, “Just now that flute sound, seems to have disappeared.”

Don’t know where that flute sound came from, also don’t know who blow it. Ever since it was pressed down by the Tong Tian Whistle, it didn’t appear again.

“This Secret Roaming Dragon Territory is worthy of being called an area that hasn’t been explored, with dangers lurking all around. Everywhere, there are dangers that would endanger one’s life, one carelessness and our little lives would be gone.” Don’t know when Luo Haoming arrived in front of Su Luo, his eyes were full of gratefulness, “The matter just now was all thanks to Miss Su, otherwise, we wouldn’t know what would be best to do.”

Su Luo waved her hand, at the same time somewhat speechlessly muttering: “In any case, you guys are merely standing around watching, so won’t jump down, certainly won’t die.”

What’s more, at that time, Su Luo was busy with Beichen Ying’s group, also didn’t have time to take care of them.

“No matter what, I still need to thank Miss Su.” Luo Haoming, in a very good tempered manner, smiled.

But the Li Aochen at his side sneered: “When she was saving herself, she saved us without extra effort, what do we have to be thankful to her for?”

Su Luo smiled faintly: “That’s right ah, if it wasn’t for no extra effort, I wouldn’t have saved you guys. Moreover, who needs you guys’ thanks? Can your thanks be used as food to eat or clothes to wear?”

“You!” Li Aochen was so angry that both eyes burned with rage.

Su Luo, not to be outdone, welcomed his gaze, her eyes full of ice: “Don’t think your thanks is important. This lady I simply doesn’t cherish it a bit.”

Finished speaking, Su Luo and her group stood up and prepared to leave.

But at this time, suddenly, a figure rushed up from behind.

“How is it that everyone wants to leave so quickly? Why not rest for a bit more?”

This voice made everyone’s footsteps halt.

Dongfang Xuan? How was it that he appeared here? Su Luo stopped her footsteps and slowly turned around. Her eyes were half-narrowed as she sized up Dongfang Xuan in front of her.

Su Luo remembered before that after Dongfang Xuan said those harsh words, he took to his heels in a rage. But now, he didn’t have that ‘cutting a sorry figure; appearance.

Now, he was wearing a white robe, that was clean without a speck of dust. His complexion was rosy with a reckless manner, giving off a spirited radiance from inside out. His whole person seemed to be bright and shiny, as if a joyous matter was about to arrive.

In the end, what did Dongfang Xuan experience these several days? Why did he give people a feeling of being changed completely and reborn? This kind of feeling made Su Luo’s mood a little bad. Because Dongfang Xuan and them stood opposing her, the stronger Dongfang Xuan was, would mean the resistance they received would be greater.

Could it be that Dongfang Xuan was promoted to Commander rank? Su Luo gazed towards Nangong Liuyun, full of misgivings.

But Nangong Liuyun only shook his head.

He didn’t? Then what did Dongfang Xuan experience to make him seem permeated with light? So spirited and elegant? Su Luo became more puzzled.

But now, Dongfang Xuan’s gaze had already quietly fixed on Su Luo’s face.

“Why is Miss Su’s face pulled so long? Not happy that I’m going to join in?” Dongfang Xuan changed his arrogant attitude from before, his manners had become unusually good.

Seeing Dongfang Xuan use such nice tone and words, Su Luo became more puzzled in her heart. But no matter what she was thinking in her heart, on the surface Su Luo’s face was still peaceful as water without a wave of alarm. She smiled faintly, “This road isn’t one that I built, your distinguished self wants to walk, wants to stop, still need to report to me?”

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