DKC – Chapter 1679

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Chapter 1679 – Mystical sounds came to their ears (5)

Watching as Nangong Liuyun, step by step, walked towards the precipice, Su Luo was extremely anxious. She extended her hand to pull Nangong Liuyun.

But what made her fall apart was that Nangong Liuyun suddenly shot a lightning bolt towards her. Su Luo subconsciously avoided the attack. But now, Nangong Liuyun was a step closer to the precipice.

If it was only Nangong Liuyun alone, then okay, but what made Su Luo despair was now, Beichen Ying, Zi Yan, Luo Haoming and Li Aochen….every one of them was in a daze, as if sleepwalking up to the precipice. Su Luo knew that if she didn’t yell to prevent them, everyone would jump in, because right now, their minds were all confused.

“Quickly go help them ah, just now, didn’t you wake me up?” Su Luo anxiously asked the little stone. Because Su Luo discovered that no matter how she shouted and yelled, their consciousness seemed to be controlled by that mystical sound. No matter what, she couldn’t wake them up. They continuously wanted to walk towards that precipice with lava under it. If Su Luo was to pull them to a stop, she would suffer the intense subconscious attack from them. Su Luo was now empty of all plans.

The little stone rubbed his own throat, helplessly rolling his eyes. He used a hoarse voice to say: “Just now, in order to wake you up, the spirit force I had accumulated with great difficulty was all used up. I don’t have the strength to help.”

Hearing the little stone’s words, Su Luo was even more depressed.

Even the little stone couldn’t help, then what was she to do?

Su Luo looked to the front and discovered that with one more step, Zi Yan was about to jump into the lava. Su Luo jumped from being scared. This lass, normally, never saw her walk so fast, now, was she so eager to rush to be reborn?

A golden vine shot out, tightly binding both of Zi Yan’s legs, making it impossible for her to take another step.

Zi Yan was like a standing straight zombie, two arms stretched out in front of her. Her mouth gave out inarticulate stuffy sounds. Her pair of legs subconsciously tried to take steps forward, but no matter, what she couldn’t take that step.

Fortunately, she finally was able to stop Zi Yan. Su Luo heaved a slow breath of relief in her heart, but before she could finish releasing this breath, in the next instant, she almost couldn’t breathe.

Because after Zi Yan found she couldn’t take a step forward, her body actually jumped forward.

Su Lou was so depressed she almost cried!

Does this stinky girl not know? Throwing her whole body forward was to jump into the lava ah! Below was fiery scalding lava ah! Not to mention Zi Yan, even a Commander-ranked expert jumping in, he could only survive for a short period of time ah.

Su Luo had no other choice but to order Variant Acacia Tree to pull Zi Yan back.

She pulled Zi Yan back with great difficulty. Su Luo was just planning to press her pressure point but discovered that no matter how she pressed, Zi Yan remained awake. It was as if there was some treasure in the lava that attracted her. She continuously struggled to throw off the green vine. She couldn’t struggle free, so began to crawl forward, exceptionally clinging to her desire to move forward.

“Using the vine to bundle her up is also not a good method ah. Each and every one of them seems to have gone mad.” Su Luo stamped her feet anxiously, but she had no way to stop this. As a result, after people tried to jump into the lava, Su Luo hurriedly commanded the Variant Acacia Tree to bundle up the other party.

Fortunately, the Variant Acacia Tree had become a lot stronger after the last change. Bundling up Zi Yan and Beichen Ying was easy as pie. But Nangong Liuyun was very troublesome. After bundling him for a short while, its vines would be disintegrated by his lightning attack, so it needed to bundle him again.

As far as Li Aochen and Luo Haoming the two, Su Luo didn’t have the energy to take care of them. But don’t know if these two peoples’ luck were very good, they just stood foolishly at the edge of the cliff. They were being blown by the wind but didn’t seem to have any intention of jumping off.

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