Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Caught

Feng Yihan waved his hand to dismiss Ting Feng as he continued looking in the direction of the peach flower forest with a distant gaze.

For the past few days, Ye Hongyi hadn’t visited Guan Osprey Palace, probably because he didn’t want to meet Feng Yihan. On the other hand, when Feng Yihan found out that Ye Junqing was staying in Guan Osprey Palace, he actually took the initiative to pay a visit.

When he appeared in Guan Osprey Palace, the place was in the middle of a crisis.

Niang niang… there’s so much blood. What do we do?” Ting Yue was kneeling next to Yao Mowan, her hands trembling nonstop as she gripped the water basin.

“Quiet down! Isn’t this consort working on it!?” Yao Mowan was half crouched on the chaise lounge and stroking Fluffy’s stomach with both hands. She was biting her lips and her forehead was covered with sweat.

“Do you know how to do it or not!? Why haven’t they come out yet? This prince heard that it was best to walk around and move when pregnant! It’s all your fault for always carrying Fluffy around! Were you treating her as a hand warmer!?” Ye Junqing’s brows were tightly furrowed as he listened to Fluffy’s pained meows. His hands were clenched into fists and from time to time he would complain to Yao Mowan.

“You sure have a lot of words to waste! Rather than wasting your time talking, why don’t you help!?” Yao Mowan was panicking as well. This had already gone on for two hours, yet there was no trace of a kitten. Fluffy’s cries were starting to become weaker as well. It seemed like she was at the last of her strength.

“How… This prince doesn’t know how to!” Ye Junqing’s eyes widened and he retreated backwards as if avoiding the plague.

“Then what do we do now? They’re not coming out! What do we do!?” When Fluffy’s cries became even shriller, Yao Mowan was so scared tears filled her eyes. A similar scene filled her mind, and she could feel Fluffy’s pain.

“Allow me.” Just as everyone was starting to despair, Feng Yihan suddenly moved up and gently pressed his slender fingers on Fluffy’s stomach and stroked down rhythmically. At this moment in time, everyone’s gazes were focused on Fluffy. No one had the presence of mind to care about identity, status, or etiquette.

“How is it?” Yao Mowan looked towards Feng Yihan worriedly. They were very close together so Yao Mowan could see the sweat beading on his forehead despite his calm expression.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” Yao Mowan’s heart calmed down slightly after Feng Yihan said this. Out of gratefulness, she used her handkerchief to wipe away the sweat on Feng Yihan’s forehead. This casual motion was only because she felt like she should do something for Fluffy. However, Ye Junqing felt very uncomfortable when he saw this scene.

“It came out! Niang niang! Look! It’s a little kitten! It’s white, just like Fluffy!” Ting Yue cried out joyfully as tears of relief flooded her eyes.

“Wait, there’s one more.” Feng Yihan continued stroking Fluffy’s stomach. As he said, not long after the first kitten was born, another damp kitten was pushed out.

“Is it done?” Yao Mowan lifted her clear eyes to look worriedly towards Feng Yihan.

When Feng Yihan met her gaze, his breath was taken away for a moment. He didn’t have the words to describe how pure and beautiful these eyes looked. They were beautiful like the spring flowers, the summer moon, the autumn wind, the winter snow. The light in those eyes shot towards his heart and drove away all the shadows in its depths. In this moment, Feng Yihan could understand why Ye Hongyi favored her so much. It was because the beautiful innocence in Yao Mowan’s eyes was something they, as members of imperial households, lacked the most.

“Fluffy couldn’t be…” In this situation, Yao Mowan naturally misunderstood Feng Yihan’s silence.

“Don’t worry, both the mother and children are fine.” Feng Yihan snapped out of it and immediately concealed the longing in his eyes as he responded calmly.

“That’s great! Fluffy is alright! Thank God…” Yao Mowan then shifted her attention to Fluffy. As she stroked Fluffy’s head, tears filled her eyes. When she saw the two little guys snuggling towards Fluffy’s stomach for milk, her tears fell like a broken strand of pearls. Her delicate appearance made people feel heartache for her.

“Consort Yao had obtained two little kittens. This is something that should be celebrated.” Feng Yihan felt an urge to move forward and console her, but he suppressed this urge. Behind them, Ye Junqing took all of this in. For some reason, he felt an uncomfortable twang in his heart. It was very faint, but very real.

“I’m fine, these are simply tears of joy.” Yao Mowan spoke without thinking as she stroked Fluffy to comfort her.

“Tears of joy?” Something flashed through Feng Yihan’s eyes as he stared hard at Yao Mowan.

“Ah… yeah, isn’t that how it’s used?” Yao Mowan abruptly realized her slip and looked up towards Ye Junqing.

“You’re not that dumb after all. Yes, that’s how it’s used!” Ye Junqing understood what Yao Mowan was trying to do and responded cooperatively. “Your Highness, Crown Prince, you probably haven’t had your meal yet?” After Yao Mowan had warned him yesterday, he had deliberately become more distant with Feng Yihan. He even changed back to a more formal way of address.

“I just found out that Junqing was staying here, so I came to invite you to eat together in Harmony Palace. Would Junqing honor me by accepting?” Feng Yihan shifted his glance away and turned around to look towards Ye Junqing.

“Crown Prince is being too polite. If it weren’t for the fact that Fluffy ended up giving birth, Junqing would already have been bothering you in Harmony Palace,” replied Ye Junqing.

“That’s exactly what I had hoped. Consort Yao niang niang has just gotten two little kittens and probably wants to stay with them for a while longer, otherwise Yihan definitely would ask Consort Yao to come too.” Feng Yihan glanced towards Yao Mowan as he said this respectfully.

“En, you’re a good person. If you invite this consort, this consort will definitely go!” Yao Mowan lifted her delicate face and nodded firmly. Feng Yihan smiled softly and left with Ye Junqing.

After the two left, the smile on Yao Mowan’s face become replaced with a serious expression.

Niang niang, what’s wrong?” asked Ting Yue worriedly when she sensed Yao Mowan’s change.

“I was too excited earlier and was careless. There’s probably no use acting like a fool in front of Feng Yihan any longer,” replied Yao Mowan mildly.

“What do we do now? Do you think he’ll tell His Majesty?” Ting Yue face immediately became filled with worry.

“Of course not, he’s not a fool. It’s fine, this consort didn’t plan to keep acting in front of him anyways. Let’s just see what he does next,” said Yao Mowan calmly. When she shifted her gaze towards Fluffy, her eyes became much gentler.

As the night breeze swept by, it spread the gentle aroma of the flowers. Feng Yihan stood next to the window as he gazed at the scene. His white garments lifted elegantly with the wind.

“Master, Ting Feng has discovered that there are hidden guards in Guan Osprey Palace, and there isn’t just one!” As a hidden guard, Ting Feng was able to sense that there were strong people concealed in Guan Osprey Palace.

“How are their martial arts?” Tears of joy? Was a fool capable of saying such fitting idioms? The entire world knew that Yao Mowan had been a fool since she was a child, but from the looks of it, not everything that’s accepted is true.

“One of them has skill similar to Ting Feng, the other… is much stronger than Ting Feng!” reported Ting Feng honestly.

“Oh? Guan Osprey Palace has a person like this?” Feng Yihan was understandably surprised. Ting Feng was very highly ranked among the hidden guards, so there were few that were much stronger than him.

“This subordinate is incompetent. This subordinate hadn’t been able to figure out where they were.” Ting Feng lowered his head in shame.

“No worries. Regardless of where they are, it’s only a benefit to this crown prince.” Feng Yihan’s lips curved slightly.

“This subordinate doesn’t understand.” Ting Feng looked towards Feng Yihan as he asked for an explanation.

“Since they’re in Guan Osprey Palace, they’re likely Ye Junqing’s subordinates. As of now, Ye Junqing is responsible for this crown prince’s safety. If something happens to this crown prince, Ye Junqing wouldn’t be able to escape. When the state of Qi demands an explanation, Ye Hongyi will definitely push the blame onto Ye Junqing. That is the reason why Ye Hongyi had Ye Junqing entertain this crown prince. Due to this, Ye Junqing will definitely use all the power he has to protect this crown prince!” Feng Yihan’s smile deepened. Perhaps he could try fighting against the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins.’


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