Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: This Woman Isn’t Simple

“Greetings, Consort Yao!” Ye Junqing casually cupped his fist in salute towards her before turning to look at Feng Yihan. He really didn’t want to look at Yao Mowan’s current appearance for even a second longer.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince, Junqing has already ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare a feast. We will be holding an official welcome banquet for Crown Prince today!”

“Brother Junqing is too considerate. Since it isn’t a formal banquet, just call me Yihan.” Feng Yihan’s lips curved a little with true sincerity.

“Alright! Yihan, this way please!” Ye Junqing had enjoyed talking with Feng Yihan yesterday, so his manner wasn’t affected either.

“Shouldn’t this consort be walking in front?” Yao Mowan’s sudden sentence destroyed the nice atmosphere. Ye Junqing took a deep breath, but before he could speak, Feng Yihan had already moved politely out of the way with a smile.

“Consort Yao niang niang, please go ahead!” The clear voice was as pleasing to the ear as the sound of rain drizzling on porcelain. Yao Mowan naturally didn’t bother to be polite and immediately walked into Harmony Palace.

During the banquet, Ye Junqing chatted with Feng Yihan about everything from historical times to current events. Meanwhile, Yao Mowan seemed to be spending most of her time eating. In reality though, she was listening carefully to every sentence Feng Yihan spoke. No matter how well Feng Yihan covered it up, his strong ambition still showed in his words.

Of course, she still performed her role perfectly. From time to time, she would seize an opportunity to insert an unrelated question. Every time, Ye Junqing’s eyes would fill with unconcealable annoyance, but Feng Yihan would patiently answer the question and even discuss it seriously with Yao Mowan for a while.

When they got back to Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan went in to change. When she came back out, Ye Junqing started complaining before she could even sit down to have a sip of tea.

“Even if His Majesty doesn’t like Feng Yihan, shouldn’t he at least show his face? Even if he doesn’t visit, he still shouldn’t have sent you to ridicule the person. And you, did you have to dress up that crazily? And it would’ve been alright if this prince was still the Esteemed Prince from back then, but this prince is now just an idler. In all aspects, this reception is neglecting Feng Yihan!” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan angrily.

“You should have already realized the Emperor’s intention when he assigned you to entertain Feng Yihan. His Majesty feels it pointless to waste his time on someone that is about to die. As for having this consort make an appearance, it’s not inappropriate. After all, everyone knows that this consort is His Majesty’s favorite consort. Rather, Prince’s reaction is what disappoints Mowan!” Yao Mowan watched as Ye Junqing paced around irascibly in front of her.

“What’s wrong with this prince’s reaction?” asked Ye Junqing.

“It’s only been one day, yet Prince is already this devoted to Feng Yihan? You’re even grumbling on his behalf? From the looks of it, Feng Yihan truly is amazingly shrewd and is especially good at obtaining trust.” Yao Mowan voiced her analysis.

“This prince just feels that Feng Yihan shouldn’t be treated with such scorn, that’s all,” Ye Junqing refuted diffidently.

“It’s best if that’s true. Prince probably knows that Feng Yihan isn’t the same as you. He cares about his imperial court and is determined to obtain the throne of Qi. Every move he makes is for the sake of paving his road to the throne. Mowan hopes that Prince wouldn’t be muddled and end up becoming a stepping stone on his path.” Yao Mowan gracefully lifted the teapot and poured a cup of tea before pushing the cup towards Ye Junqing.

“Weren’t you the one that said we had to protect him?” Yao Mowan’s words made Ye Junqing calm down and start thinking through things seriously. As of this moment, he felt that Yao Mowan was no inferior to Moxin in both intelligence and shrewdness.

“This consort wanted him to know that Prince wants to help protect him so that he would feel grateful. However, if Prince ends up protecting him due to his manipulation, he would only feel that Prince is dumb! This Feng Yihan really isn’t simple!” Knowing someone by their reputation really couldn’t compare to meeting them in person. The moment Yao Mowan saw Feng Yihan, she knew that the fact he was able to stay unharmed as the crown prince despite being surrounded by enemies was because of his intelligence.

“What difference is there? This prince only wants to prevent great Chu from becoming wrapped up in Qi’s internal strife. This prince doesn’t need him to feel grateful.” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan and said this with conviction.

“Prince, this servant cannot keep silent any longer. My master has destroyed her image to help you. It’s enough that you don’t feel grateful, but you’re even reproaching her? Your ungratefulness is truly disappointing.” No matter how much Ting Yue respected Ye Junqing, she still couldn’t help but feel indignant when he spoke to Yao Mowan this way.

“How did she help this prince? And when did this prince reproach her? Ting Yue, the words you speak are becoming increasingly baffling!” Ye Junqing looked at Ting Yue with confusion as he disagreed with her words.

“Prince…” Ting Yue wanted to argue back but Yao Mowan stopped her.

“Ting Yue, don’t stoop to the same level as him. This consort is tired, help me back to my room.” Ye Junqing had no desire to possess the world so it was natural that he wouldn’t understand her actions. Yao Mowan slowly got up to head towards her bedroom.

“Don’t leave yet! This prince still has things to say!” Ye Junqing immediately spoke to stop her when he saw that she was leaving.

“Isn’t Fluffy right there?” replied Yao Mowan casually without turning back. Upon hearing this, Ye Junqing turned to look at Fluffy who was lying languidly on the chaise lounge. Three black lines immediately appeared over his forehead.

The moon was bright and the stars shone gently this particular night. The moonlight spilled down on the blossoming peach flowers, causing them to glow with faint luster.

“Master, this is intolerable! Not only did Chu’s monarch send a deposed prince to entertain you, he even sent that imbecile of a consort! That’s clearly a show of disdain!” That voice was as cold as a forever snowy peak, it didn’t contain even a trace of warmth. A person dressed in black stood behind Feng Yihan. His features were handsome, but there wasn’t a trace of expression on his face. This person was Ting Feng, a hidden guard of top quality that served Feng Yihan.

“This can’t be blamed on Ye Hongyi. Father’s desire to get rid of me is clear. Ye Hongyi isn’t dumb, how could he miss this crown prince’s current situation? However, the fact that he sent Ye Junqing to welcome me was a pleasant surprise. You shouldn’t underestimate Ye Junqing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the one who fought and won this country. If it weren’t for that woman, there was no way Ye Hongyi would be able to sit on this throne so stably!” Feng Yihan stood in front of the window. The sharpness in his eyes caused the moon and the stars to seem dim in comparison.

“Master is talking about Yao Moxin?” During this age of rising independent regimes and turmoil, all that managed to leave a mark on the political arena, regardless of whether they were male or female, would become remembered.

“The most beautiful flower withers the most easily, the most priceless city is most easily shattered. That stunning, beautiful, and intelligent woman was destined to suffer the burden of the world’s envy. What a pity!” A trace of sorrow flashed through Feng Yihan’s eyes before his expression once again became tranquil.

“From the looks of it, the rumor was true. Ye Junqing had fallen to this point due to affection for his elder brother’s wife. What a pity, it isn’t worth it.” Ting Feng shook his head.

“It is better to let down the Jianghu than it is a beauty’s smile. Whether it was worth it or not, he is the only one that would know. Has the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ arrived?” Feng Yihan suddenly changed the topic with a serious expression.

“The secret envoy reported that the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ had left Qi the day before yesterday. Their target is you, Master,” Ting Feng reported truthfully.

“From the looks of it, Father has set his mind on getting rid of me and making Feng Duo crown prince…” Although internal strife within imperial households have always been harsh and it was nothing unusual for fathers to kill off their sons, it didn’t mean that they were numb to such events. Feng Yihan still felt hurt by the fact that his biological father wanted to kill him.

“Master, you can’t wait anymore!”

“That’s right, we really can’t wait anymore. Tell them to start preparing. As long as this crown prince can make it back alive…” Feng Yihan sighed softly and swallowed back the rest of his words.

“Master, don’t worry. Ting Feng swears on his life that he will protect you!” Ting Feng’s voice was resolute and his words resounded with strength.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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