Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Mocking Her with a Hairpin

“What if they belong to that foolish consort?” Ting Feng voiced his suspicion.

“Then that would be interesting…” Feng Yihan’s deep gaze shifted towards Guan Osprey Palace as he recalled that moment when he saw her eyes.

Originally, it wasn’t a huge deal for Yao Zhenting to remarry, but Yao Mowan still decided that she had to go back and take a look. The first reason was because she wanted to see which family’s daughter was suffering the bad luck. If it was someone with a good disposition, she wouldn’t mind being a good person and helping out this once. The second reason was because she heard that Yao Suluan would be heading back. It had been many days since she saw Yao Suluan; she really did miss her a little!

Yao Zhenting’s diviner had predicted that the second daughter of the Li family was destined to have a son. Following the logic of the mother’s honor was dependent on the son, Yao Zhenting changed his mind and instead of taking her as a fourth concubine, he decided to marry her as his main wife. His goal was to have his first son be born of his legal wife so that his son’s status would be more respectable. When Yao Mowan found out about this, she simply snorted. Yao Zhenting had already drunk Rootless Water, so he would never be able to have a son.

The wedding was extremely grand and there were as many guests as there were clouds. Yao Zhenting didn’t look very happy, but that second miss was smiling as brightly as a spring flower. Yao Mowan had investigated before. The second miss of the Li family was named Li Qingqing. She was very narrow-minded and crafty. Although she was a daughter born of a concubine, she bullied her older sister who was born of the main wife so badly her older sister almost hung herself. She clearly wasn’t some benevolent lady.

Yao Mowan stayed all the way until Yao Zhenting entered the bridal room before ordering Ting Yue to prepare the sedan chair. During this entire process, Yao Suluan had sat there like a statue without a trace of a smile. However, this was to be expected. It hadn’t even been two months since Dou Xianglan had died, yet Father had already taken another wife of the same status. Yao Suluan definitely felt disgusted by this.

“Don’t you know to greet your Second Older Sister?” A cold voice appeared behind her. Yao Mowan had predicted that Yao Suluan would take advantage of this chance to provoke her so she hadn’t rushed to get onto the sedan chair.

“Don’t you know to kowtow upon seeing this consort?” Yao Mowan turned around with a calm smile.

“There are so many people here, so this consort feels that you had better continue acting foolish and obedient. Otherwise, if some talkative person passed on your actions to His Majesty… You probably know the fates of those who dare to deceive the monarch!” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan coldly, her eyes filled with disdain and ridicule.

“There’s really no need for that at all. Mowan is currently His Majesty’s most favored consort. Is there any idiot that would risk their lives to badmouth His Majesty’s beloved woman in front of him?” Yao Mowan smiled lightly but a trace of cold streaked through her heart. She had a personal grudge against Yao Suluan, so she wouldn’t let go of a single chance to punish her.

“Yao Mowan, don’t be too delighted. His Majesty only dotes on you because you’re a fool. If someday His Majesty found out about your true colors, this consort guarantees that you’ll die even more tragically than Yao Moxin!” Yao Suluan spat these words out between gritted teeth as hatred swirled in her eyes.

“So… Second Older Sister had personally witnessed Eldest Sister’s death? Mowan really wonders what you were doing as Eldest Sister died?” Yao Mowan approached Yao Suluan step by step, then leaned over and spoke softly in Yao Suluan’s ear. Her voice sounded like the knell of hell. Yao Suluan abruptly retreated as she pressed her hands over her chest reflexively in fear.

She had suspected that Yao Mowan knew about Yao Moxin’s true cause of death, however, there was no basis to this suspicion. Even she felt that it was an outrageous thought. She and His Majesty had been the only ones present when Yao Moxin died!

“What is Second Older Sister afraid of? It’s not like Mowan will eat you. In reality, Second Older Sister is right about one thing, His Majesty only likes Mowan because Mowan is a fool. If Second Older Sister was also a fool…” Yao Mowan laughed lightly, then turned and left. With Ting Yue’s assistance, she got onto the sedan chair.

After the curtain was let down, the smile on Yao Mowan’s face turned cold. As of now, Yao Suluan was already out of luck, so she was certain that Yao Suluan would now follow the road she had laid down for her.

When she got back to Guan Osprey Palace, she looked at the two men in the main hall with surprise. She suddenly felt a little envious of Fluffy. Ye Junqing and Feng Yihan were currently sitting on either side of Fluffy and each holding a kitten in their hands. Ye Junqing was being especially careful, so careful that his cautious manner made him look even more adorable than the kitten. It was extremely funny.

“Ahem… why didn’t you make a sound if you came back?” The moment Ye Junqing saw Yao Mowan, his expression turned slightly embarrassed and he put the kitten in his hand back next to Fluffy before speaking with a serious expression.

“Does Guan Osprey Palace belong to you? This consort needs to tell you when this consort comes back?” Yao Mowan snapped back peevishly. Although she felt that Feng Yihan probably sensed something, she still had to continue acting as long as this facade hasn’t been completely exposed.

“Feng Yihan greets Consort Yao. Yihan left a little gift for Consort Yao on the table. Hopefully Consort Yao will accept.” Feng Yihan slowly got up but didn’t put the kitten in his hand back down.

“It’s a present for me?” Yao Mowan looked over, following Feng Yihan’s gaze. She saw that there was rectangular gold case inlaid with glass and gems on the jade table. Yao Mowan happily walked over to the table and opened the box only to find that all that was inside was a simple hairpin. The hairpin had a sheep-fat white jade body and a ornament made from malachite.

“It’s not that pretty ah!” Yao Mowan turned the hairpin to look at it. Suddenly, she stumbled and the jade hairpin fell to the ground and shattered.

“I’m so sorry, I lost my grip,” Yao Mowan said to Feng Yihan with a innocent smile. Then she stepped over the broken fragments to walk to Fluffy.

“It’s fine since Consort Yao doesn’t like it anyways. Yihan promises to give one that Consort Yao will like before leaving! However, Yihan has a request.” No one noticed, but when Yao Mowan broke the jade hairpin, Feng Yihan’s lips had hooked in a brief smile.

“En, you saved Fluffy, so I’ll help you with anything I can!” Yao Mowan nodded earnestly.

“Yihan just wants this kitten.” Feng Yihan gently stroked the little kitten’s white fur as he asked this with a trace of anticipation.

“But it still needs to drink milk?” Yao Mowan blinked as she looked towards Feng Yihan.

“It’s fine. Yihan can wait for a few more days. Yihan hopes that Consort Yao is willing to part with it,” replied Feng Yihan firmly.

“Alright, you did save them after all, so I’ll give you one. But, you have to swear that you’ll take good care of Fluffy’s baby!” Yao Mowan seemed to have come to a difficult decision.

“Yihan swears!”

During this entire chain of events, Ye Junqing wasn’t able to get a word in. He felt very defeated, since he wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say. Why was Feng Yihan able to chat with a fool so freely and even in such a friendly manner?

“You couldn’t have fallen for him, right? You actually agreed to give Fluffy’s baby to him? You’re seriously betraying Fluffy’s trust!” The moment Feng Yihan left, Ye Junqing started complaining on Fluffy’s behalf.

“Ting Yue, prepare the evening meal.” Ting Yue understood Yao Mowan’s meaning and tactfully walked out of Guan Osprey Palace and closed the doors behind her.

“Humph! He sure is skilled at cursing at people without using any dirty words!” Yao Mowan’s expression was very cold.

“He cursed at you?” Ye Junqing was completely confused. Why hadn’t he heard?

“A box inlaid with gold only contained a crappy hairpin. The meaning is clearly that Mowan looks like gold but is actually rotten within!” Yao Mowan rolled her eyes at Ye Junqing to express her disdain.

“No wonder… then you dropped the hairpin on purpose?” Ye Junqing finally understood. He had also been expecting some sort of treasure to be inside the golden box.

“What else should I have done? Thank him? However, he probably knows now that Mowan is only pretending to be a fool. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used the cat to haggle with this consort.” Yao Mowan languidly sat down next to the table as she complained angrily.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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