Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: What Need Is There To Torment A Cat?

Zhen‘s Wan er always comes up with such strange ideas. Junqing ah, don’t take it to heart!” As Ye Hongyi walked up and pulled Yao Mowan into his arms, he looked at Ye Junqing with a strange expression. If the once legendary battle god continued to stay here like this, he’ll probably become useless!

“Your Majesty is speaking too seriously. There is no need for this subject-brother to hold something like this against Consort Yao.” A trace of disdain flashed through his eyes, implying the meaning that there was no point getting angry with a fool. However, inwardly he was still hung up on the sensual scene he saw moments ago. Why would he react that way? It wasn’t logical ah!

Then he abruptly learned that there were seriously too many things in this world that weren’t logical…

“Junqing, I’m talking to you! Where’s Fluffy?” Yao Mowan reached out to tug on Ye Junqing’s robe but he immediately brushed her hand off.

“I’m very sorry, but it’s not like This prince is Consort Yao’s cat-sitter. How would I know where Fluffy is!” replied Ye Junqing with an expression of righteous indignation.

“Wan er doesn’t care! You have to help me find Fluffy! Otherwise, say goodbye to your dinner!” replied Yao Mowan fiercely as she stomped her feet. After saying that, she turned and walked back to Ye Hongyi’s side without bother to wait for an answer.

“Junqing ah, zhen is sorry to hear about this. This is the first time zhen knew that the grand Esteemed Prince’s meals actually depended on the well-being of a cat,” jeered Ye Hongyi as he dotingly lifted a strand of Yao Mowan’s hair and twirled it around his finger.

“This subject-brother shall withdraw.” Ye Junqing was expressionless as he cupped his fist in salute, then turned to leave.

“Hey! Where are you going?” When Yao Mowan saw that Ye Junqing was about to leave Guan Osprey Palace, she shouted after him.

“To find the cat!” The clear voice drifted over. When Yao Mowan heard, a trace of a smile appeared in the depths of her eyes. A laugh also came from above her, but she knew that the meaning behind her smile and Ye Hongyi’s was completely different.

As the saying went, when you want to pick flowers, the flowers wouldn’t open; when you casually plant a willow, the willow becomes shade. Originally, Ye Junqing had no intention of looking for Fluffy and was just going to the imperial garden to hide out for a while. However, he happened to see Ming Yu rushing towards Pure Flowers Palace holding an unconscious Fluffy.

Curiosity forced Ye Junqing to follow Ming Yu to Pure Flowers Palace. With a quick leap, he jumped onto the roof.

Niang niang, Ming Yu has brought Fluffy here. I sprayed some anesthesia into its mouth a little while ago so it’s asleep now,” said Ming Yu as she placed Fluffy on the table.

“How are we supposed to feed it rat poison if it’s asleep? Wake it up with water!” When Yao Suluan saw Fluffy’s swelled belly, her heart abruptly filled with hatred and she felt the urge to treat Fluffy as Yao Mowan and skin it with her bare hands!

Niang niang, please reconsider ah! Consort Yao treasures this cat greatly. If it disappears for no reason, Consort Yao definitely wouldn’t let it go. If the investigation ends up finding that…” Ming Yu acted out the loyalty a servant was supposed to have and tried to dissuade Yao Suluan.

“Enough of your nonsense! Shut up and get the things!” Yao Suluan got up as her eyes filled with sorrow and anger. Even now she couldn’t understand where she had gone wrong to have fallen to this point. What had she done wrong!?

It was hard to dissuade a bastard that deserved to die with kind words. Since Yao Suluan was seeking death for herself and insisted on offending the only influence she could rely on right now, Ming Yu naturally didn’t bother to worry for her anymore. After all, her mission was to seize hold of Yao Suluan’s greatest weakness and pass it on to An Bingshan. Of course, her goal wasn’t as simple as to just curry favor with An Bingshan either.

Just as Ming Yu stepped outside the palace doors, Yao Suluan stopped her with a shout.

“Nevermind! Just bring a knife over!” Yao Suluan’s voice was dreadful to hear and her expression was very sinister as her pitch-black eyes shone with killing intent. The vicious murderous aura enveloped Yao Suluan, making her appear like a demon from hell.

Niang niang?” Ming Yu knitted her brows as she looked towards Yao Suluan with confusion.

“This consort will personally slice open its stomach to see what exactly it’s pregnant with!” Yao Suluan’s slender fingers were like witch claws as she stroked Fluffy’s fur. Her scarlet lips slowly hooked in a cold, dark smile. The reincarnation of Moli, that lowly wretch? Daoist Priest Bai Mei? They were all liars! She’d find out with her own eyes whether this animal’s stomach contained humans or cats!

Niang niang… no matter what it’s a life…” Ming Yu seriously couldn’t endure the thought of Fluffy dying in such a terrible manner and tried once again to dissuade Yao Suluan.

“Are you deaf? This consort told you to get a knife!” Yao Suluan glared at Ming Yu with eyes that shone with animal-like viciousness.

Ming Yu trembled as she handed over a dagger. Yao Suluan snatched it and her face contorted in a monstrous manner as she pressed the tip of the sharp dagger against Fluffy’s softly rising and falling belly. Her eyes emitted a chiling glow. She could practically visualize Yao Mowan lying in front of her. Her mind filled with the imagined scenes of how Yao Mowan seduced her man with alluring postures.

“Yao Mowan! Die!” Yao Suluan gripped the handle of the dagger with both hands and fiercely stabbed down.

A flash of azure appeared in her vision and in the next moment Fluffy was in Ye Junqing’s arms, safe and unharmed.

“Consort Li, what need is there for you to trouble a cat?” Ye Junqing had no way of matching the woman in front of him with the usually gentle and dignified Yao Suluan. At the very least, that was how Moxin had once described her.

“Es… Esteemed Prince? Why are you here?” How did he get in? Yao Suluan retrieved the emotions on her face and took a deep breath before looking towards Ye Junqing with a surprised expression as she slipped the knife to Ming Yu.

“If this prince hadn’t been here, Consort Yao’s cat probably would have passed away beneath Consort Li’s knife. This prince doesn’t understand. Why does Consort Li hate this cat so much, to go so far as to cut open its stomach while it’s still alive?” Ye Junqing looked at Yao Suluan coldly. There were numerous questions in his heart. Since Yao Suluan didn’t know that Yao Mowan had framed her, why would she hate Yao Mowan so much? Perhaps he had been mistaken in denouncing Yao Mowan for disregarding sibling affection.

“What is prince saying? This consort doesn’t understand. This consort only wanted to have a look at Fluffy, what was wrong about that?” Yao Suluan raised her eyebrows as she looked towards Ye Junqing in an innocent manner, even as envy gripped her heart. She couldn’t understand what was so good about Yao Moxin to make a man this outstanding give up everything for her.

“This prince saw everything, yet Consort  Li still refuses to admit it?” A trace of disgust appeared in Ye Junqing’s eyes and, for some reason, his heart hurt. Moxin had treated a malicious person like this lovingly like she was her own flesh and blood. This woman really didn’t deserve it!

“Prince is probably mistaken. This consort really harbors no malicious intentions towards Fluffy. As for what Prince saw… no one would believe. Oh, and since Prince is currently staying in Guan Osprey Palace, this consort will trouble Prince with the task of bringing Fluffy back. This consort has looked at it enough.” Yao Suluan laughed coldly as she looked at Ye Junqing. Her appearance was usually beautiful as a flower, but at this time her face had already turned sinister and warped. However, at this moment, Ye Junqing finally felt a little more relaxed. He was starting to believe that everything Yao Mowan did, no matter what it was, was correct!

“This prince is leaving!” He didn’t feel like continuing to argue over this with Yao Suluan and simply left with Fluffy.

“Damn it!” After Ye Junqing disappeared from sight, Yao Suluan clenched her fist until her veins were grotesquely apparent. The chill in her eyes was so strong it seemed capable of penetrating bone.

Even after leaving Pure Flowers Palace, Ye Junqing still felt lingering fear. If he had arrived just a moment later, Fluffy and the kittens inside its stomach probably would have already met a terrible end.

Ye Junqing stopped when he reached the water pavilion in the imperial garden and hugged Fluffy gently. There was a slight change occuring in his heart. When one loved the house, that love sometimes extended to the bird on top of the house. There was definitely a reason behind the heartache he felt for Fluffy, but right now he didn’t notice it enough to care.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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