Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Silent Criticisms Were Allowed

“Liu Xing understands.” Once Liu Xing withdrew, Yao Mowan waved her hand and dismissed Ting Yue as well before carefully walking into Guan Osprey Palace with quiet steps. Ye Junqing was sleeping very soundly and didn’t realize it even when Yao Mowan came to stand in front of him.

Junqing, for the sake of great Chu, you’ve hacked away the thorns and brambles and drove a path forward through countless bloody battles. Without fear, you’ve endured the hardships of life out in the wilderness, the glint of blades and shadow of swords. For me, you’ve built great Chu an impenetrable defense. Yet, I allowed you to fall to such decadent infamy, to such a sorrowful and desolate state. Sleep well. Once you truly wake up, Mowan will definitely return you a flourishing great Chu, and make up for your lifetime of deep affection.

Tears had spilled out of the corners of her eyes. Yao Mowan silently wiped them away and slowly approached Ye Junqing. Her slender jade-like fingers subconsciously moved towards him.

Just as Yao Mowan’s fingers were about to touch Ye Junqing’s face, his eyes suddenly opened. When he saw the fingers that were very close to his face, his sleepiness immediately dispersed and his eyes darted towards the owner of those fingers.

“What were you planning to do?” Ye Junqing looked at Yao Mowan warily, his expression guarded.

“I left for only a while, but it occured to me that my Fluffy is really pitiful. It was clearly her own territory, yet a certain insensitive person took up a good half of it. It was definitely uncomfortable, wasn’t it?” Yao Mowan’s fingers changed directions seamlessly and picked up Fluffy. Without even glancing at Ye Junqing, she slowly walked into the inner room.

On the chaise lounge, Ye Junqing’s expression was quite dark. He really wanted to shout, did I want to!? Was it comfortable for me!? But he choose to remain silent until he found out for sure whether Yao Mowan was still angry about the earlier matter. However, he made plenty of silent complaints!

Ever since Yao Suluan got demoted, the position of most influence in the Inner Palace had fallen to a fool. This development changed a lot of people’s viewpoints. Originally everyone thought that His Majesty had only bestowed the title of consort on a fool because the Imperial Noble Consort was the fool’s older sister and the Emperor was showing love for the crow on the house since he loved the house. However, now everyone has finally come to understand that His Majesty doted on Mowan for real. Due to what happened with Yao Suluan, during court His Majesty treated Yao Zhenting more coldly. The only thing was, he didn’t dote on Yao Mowan any less.

In Soul Sand Garden, Ye Hongyi held Yao Mowan’s hand as he gazed at the luxuriant flowers on the Soul Sand Tree in front of him with disappointment and frustration. Although he didn’t like Yao Moxin, he had to admit that she was the most intelligent girl he had ever met. Interpreting the astrological signs with this kind of method wasn’t something that an ordinary person could do.

“Wan er observed the astronomical phenomenons yesterday and found that the light of Polaris has greatly increased while the star general of the White Tiger constellation has dimmed to the point that it’s almost dark. Your Majesty, this Soul Sand Garden is really magical ah!” Yao Mowan spoke with an astonished tone as she pointed towards the Soul Sand Tree in the White Tiger constellation.

“Let’s go. Zhen will go with you to take a look at Fluffy. Zhen heard the imperial physicians say that she hasn’t been eating lately?” Ye Hongyi held Yao Mowan’s hand tightly and turned to leave Soul Sand Garden. After that day in which Yao Suluan had a miscarriage, Huan Heng had tactfully handed over half his military power on the pretext that he was getting old. This helped undo the worry in Ye Hongyi’s heart. When he saw that the Soul Sand Tree which represented him become more lush, his apprehensions finally eased completely.

In the shadows, Yao Suluan watched as Ye Hongyi left holding Yao Mowan’s hand. Her expression was extremely sinister and the handkerchief clenched in her hand was twisted beyond recognition. She hated Ye Hongyi for turning out to be a person that got cooked the hunting dog once all the rabbits were caught, for getting rid of her once she ceased to be useful. Even more, she hated Yao Mowan, that imbecile, for being able to obtain the doting of the Emperor. As of now, in His Majesty’s eyes, even that damned animal was more precious than she was. Her poor pitiful child had died meaninglessly; how could she not feel hatred!?

Niang niang… here is the rat poison you wanted…” Ming Yu carefully handed the paper packet of rat poison to Yao Suluan.

“Go to Guan Osprey Palace and keep watch. As soon as you see that animal, no matter what it takes, bring it to Pure Flowers Palace!” commanded Yao Suluan between gritted teeth as she took the rat poison and left Soul Sand Garden.

Ming Yu only retreated into the corner once Yao Suluan had walked far away.

“Eunuch An, please give this servant advice. Should this servant bring Consort Yao’s Fluffy to Pure Flowers Palace?” Ming Yu stood next to An Bingshan and spoke to him respectfully.

“I really don’t understand. Yao Suluan was able to get to the position of Imperial Noble Consort so she probably shouldn’t be dumb, yet how come the way she’s acting now seems even more like a fool than Consort Yao’s actions? Since she hates Consort Yao, why not directly feed the rat poison to Consort Yao? That way I can also stay out of the matter. Well, for now it looks like I’ll still have to trouble you to continue staying by Yao Suluan’s side until you grab hold of her greatest weakness.” An Bingshan narrowed his small eyes in the direction Yao Suluan had left in.

“It is this servant’s fortune to able to help Eunuch in your endeavors, this servant is not troubled.” Ming Yu lowered her head humbly. Her clever eyes were filled with unflinching light.

“You are a very sensible girl, unlike Hong Mei… Ahem, yes, don’t worry. Just do as I’ve instructed and there’ll be your share in the benefits. Alright, you should go!” An Bingshan cleared his throat, then flicked his horsetail whisk and dismissed Ming Yu.

Perhaps due to the fact that Ye Junqing had taken the initiative to show his goodwill that day, Fluffy had become a frequent visitor of the east wing of Guan Osprey Palace. Even though Ye Junqing was very unwilling to entertain this guest, he didn’t dare to forcefully chase her out. Using Yao Mowan’s words, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn’t eat him alive if he ended up disturbing the kittens in Fluffy’s belly.

A certain day countless ‘meow’s later, Fluffy languidly rubbed against Ye Junqing’s ankle and meowed continuously. It went on until Ye Junqing couldn’t ignore it any longer and threw down the brush in his hand, bent over, and picked Fluffy up.

“Fluffy, you’re seriously becoming more and more like your master. You know how to do everything except speak reason!” Ye Junqing glowered at Fluffy who was lying in his arms contently. He felt torn between tears and laughter.

When Ye Junqing walked into Guan Osprey Palace carrying Fluffy, it was right in time to see Ye Hongyi pressing down on Yao Mowan and kissing her half revealed snow-white collar.

His heart felt as if a wasp had stung it. The little bit of pain wasn’t important, but the painful place carried poison that rapidly spread until the faint pain seemed to fill his entire body. Ye Junqing’s arms tightened and Fluffy gave an uncomfortable meow. Then she jumped down and went off to entertain herself.

“So it’s Junqing ah! Look at zhen, to even forget about the time and almost make zhen‘s Wan er starve. It’s all zhen‘s fault!” Ye Hongyi pulled Yao Mowan up in a natural manner, but inwardly he was a little frustrated. He had clearly satisfied himself with Yao Mowan just last night, yet earlier he had felt an uncontrollable desire to have this woman again. He had once asked himself what part of Yao Mowan was good when even her intelligence was problematic. Yet he couldn’t stop himself from desiring this body. The desire was so strong that it was out of control. At that instant, Ye Hongyi thought of the word ‘love.’

“Junqing, you’re here? Where’s Fluffy?” Behind Ye Hongyi, Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing in an innocent manner. Guilt flickered in her eyes for barely a second before it faded.

Even if this was a rebirth, even if she knew of Ye Junqing’s deep affection for her, there was still no way she could give herself completely to this man. Yao Moxin has already become the past. She believed that there would be a better woman that deserved Ye Junqing’s protection. All that was in her heart aside from taking revenge was repaying grace.

“Wan er, what… what did you call him?” Ye Hongyi’s heart abruptly felt cold when he heard Yao Mowan call Ye Junqing in such an intimate way.

“Junqing ah. Fluffy likes for Wan er to call him this way even though Wan er doesn’t like it. But who asked for Fluffy to be pregnant with baby kittens? Junqing, where’s Fluffy?” Yao Mowan’s unconcerned manner relieved Ye Hongyi. He had been oversensitive. How could his Wan er possibly like another man? There was no other reason he felt this way except for the fact that he treated her especially well.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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C: The title in full should probably be (at least) silent criticisms were allowed. —Ye Junqing. How to survive when dealing with a smart, hatefully lovable, two-faced lady.

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