Invincible Saint – Side Story 1

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Intermission 1 : A Natural Healer Appear in the Adventurer Guild

TL: TheDefend
TLC: Tseirp

That guy, he just suddenly appear in Meratoni brach adventurer guild, in the normal day just before noon.

「Guild master, Can I take some of your time?」
The one who currently manning the receptionist desk is Nanaera, she suddenly called me who were training in the basement training hall.
There are rare case that made Nanaera to leave her spot, so I decide to stop training and approach Nanaera.
My instinct smell troubles, but I’m interested by it since I’ve gotten tired of my daily life that had no stimulation lately.

「I told you many times, It’s not Guild master, it’s Broad. So what’s the matter?」
The word is still too early for me who are in the forties and because it smells like an old man, I don’t like this Guild_Master.

「I’m sorry. Then Broad-san Right now, a boy around the age of 15 year old with an occupation of a healer, made a proposal in exchange for healing he wanted to receive combat training」
Healer…… It’s one of the jobs that I hate. Using the power received from the god to heal someone is a good thing, but those moneygrubber often demand large amount of money.

「……Did that guy went to register as an adventurer?」
This is the important part. Because it’s weird for a healer to join an adventurer guild.

「What are this guy’s combat skill?」
「It’s Taijutsu level 1」
「His objective?」
Oioi, this is way too suspicious. A normal healer would’ve employed a bodyguard.

「I haven’t heard about it. Although……」
「Stop being weird and holding back. If you want to say something then say it properly」
「I think he is different from the usual healer. He looked at me and didn’t say anything, he also didn’t show any indication of being disgusted」
「Hee. I see. U〜n. It would be good if he is not a weird guy」
In this world, in regards to being able to use the light and divine attribute magic, it said only human race can use it, but that is lies. But for a beastmen their magic power is scarce, it’s because for them there are only few things that they think that magic are applicable to.
Well spirit magic have healing magic as well so it’s not like healing magic is the sole privilege of humans.
「But isn’t he a weird/eccentric person precisely because he wants to become an adventurer?」
As for me, I get it. I just keep thinking about it inside my mind and begin to walk towards the reception desk.
「Ah, Absolutely never called me guild master you hear me!?」
I didn’t forgot to put a warning at Nanaera.

As I proceed towards the reception desk, what I saw in front of the counter is a boy with slender and delicate features, also he is quite a young lad.
He said he is 15 years old.
Just what exactly his objective are?
「Are you the fledgling that can use healing magic?」
I tried to intimidated him a little bit. If you do things this way, his real nature should come out.

「Yes. I was allowed to register as an adventurer just now. My name is Luciel.  I wish to improve both martial arts and healing magic. I consulted the receptionist for any requests to earn some money as well.    」
Fumu. He is indeed scared, but he still looked at me without fazed, those eyes already telling me that he is not lying.

「Hou. How rare in spite being a healer. My name is Broad. It seems like you already have the 「Taijutsu 」 skill? Why would a healer want more fighting capabilities?」
A money-grubbing healer actually want to learn a combat skill? What exactly is his true motive?

「Because I am useless in actual combat. I have not mentally prepared myself and if I get attacked by a common weak monster during my travels I will likely die. I strive to prevent that from happening and I wish to at least improve until the stage where I am capable of defending myself.」

Ah, I understand him now. This guy is the type that learn from his weakness. Moreover, he is the rare kind of healer that has not stained with money. (TLN: Meh, give it a few years) Maybe he naturally has small attachment towards money.
「That is fine. Because you are H rank, we will hire you as a healing personnel for the arena.  The pay is 1 silver for 1 hour. The working hours and employment period is up to you. When would you like to start training?」
So as to not let go of this natural healer, I decided to accept his request. (TLN: 天然 = Natural, spontantenous, airhead.)
「If that is the case then I will start three days later」
After that, the kid who greeted Nanaera lowered his head and went out of the guild.

「Never knew that there would be such a polite healer」
Those words of Nanaera already tell everything of the healers. They are all money-grubbing and arrogant. But here in Meratoni, it exist the largest clinic. (TLN: Healing House)

「That I actually intimidate a youngster like that, I really started to grow old. Oi, Nanaera. When that airhead guy comes back, I’ll be his opponent. Also since that guy is going to stay here, clean up the nap room so he can use it. Ah, that’s right. Tell the adventurers if they dare to pick a fight with that kid there will be penalty」
Hopefully, I just pray that that guy has willpower.
Oh, since that youngster is an airhead, I should have Grulga prepare some of that disgusting shit. (TLN: 糞 : can either mean damn / literal shit)
If he drink that, even if he is a healer he should be able to become stronger even just a little bit.

And three days has finally passed. I was informed by the staff that the youngster finally came.
「Sure is wide」 what the youngster murmured, seriously, this guy doesn’t notice me at all.
This feel like it’s going to be hard. Or could it be rather than the problem with martial arts it’s that he doesn’t have any wariness?

「It sure is.  Fledgling? Let us begin immediately. I will begin from the basics so don’t run away okay」
Even while threatened he still give a nod, being brave is quite good.
While thinking those things, I decided to train this airhead youngster.

Due to his job he doesn’t have any stamina at all, so it was started with building up stamina first.
Doing this simple training and watching his desperate figure gave me a good feeling, the thing that make me worries is how long he can keep doing this.
The next morning, I asked Grulga to take it out and order the youngster to drink it.
So smelly. Even from this distance the smell is reaching. Even after being diluted it still this smelly.

Are you kidding me?! This guy drink that in ONE go.
Even Grulga is surprised.
I haven’t seen a guy that willing to drink it in the past 10 years.
Could this guy actually a raw unpolished gem?
While thinking that, the training is started.

I still couldn’t believe at what I’m hearing.
「While training under Instructor Broad certainly is tough, since I do not feel any muscle ache could you further increase the training?」
It’s because he made that kind of suggestion.
「Hou. For a healer say that, I didn’t think that you would have such fortitude」
Even though he just a slender/delicate-looking guy, is he the type that will show his value the more he is beaten and driven into a corner?
And ever since that day, the boy training is done until his limit until he is one step away from broken.
What would happen if I keep train him this way?
And at that time I thought. It’s totally a waste. That this kind of raw gem appear when I am already so old.
I ascertain his limit so he doesn’t break, and guide him.

「Broad, How is Luciel?」
Grulga who usually didn’t show any interest towards anyone, for the youngster, he actually show interest towards him.

Well, probably he is interested since he drink that.

「To be honest, he is not a genius, but not exactly ordinary either」 It’s due to him being able to adapt at his surroundings. It’s some kind of talent to be able to do that much without complaining at all」
「Any contact from the healer guild?」
「None. It’s mostly due to his G rank」
「Is that so. Then how about giving him a spellbook?」
「. . . Let’s do that」
That reminds me, that guy can only use heal.
The book seems to had detoxification magic that he can learned. I should just do that.

「Also, before his guild credential expired, pay him the money first 」
Really, even if he is my brother he is so reliable.
「That guy, will he come back?」
「Up to the person himself」
「That’s true」

When the youngster went to the healer guild and returned here, it made me really happy.
「Now then, I should get back to train him in the earnest」
I started to decide on how to train Luciel for the better, with a new schedule the days will no longer be as boring and as a thanks for that I’ll train him.


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