Invincible Saint – Chapter 6

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Chapter 006: Growth and leaving the nest

Translator: Tseirp


Day by day I desperately worked hard to stay alive.

Around the time I had been under the care of the Adventurer’s Guild for close to half a year, I finally succeeded in leaving the Adventurer’s Guild to buy brand-new underwear and clothes for myself.


“I wonder why. Even though it’s natural, I feel very happy.”

“Thank you for your patronage.”

For some reason the store clerk looked at me with pitying eyes but I had a large grin when I returned to the Adventurer’s Guild and went straight to the sleeping chambers which I had taken as my own.

On the way to my room, for some reason the adventurers looked at me with eyes full of pity while the guild staffs watched me with warm eyes which concerned me, but it had been a long time since I went shopping so my tension was rising and I ignored them.

In front of the sleeping chambers, familiar faces that I had treated approached me.

“Can I help you? Do you need healing?”

“If anything comes up you can consult me.”

Warrior-san said to me.

“If you need anything just let me know okay.”

The female adventurer looked at me with friendly eyes like seeing a little brother.


… Was this? I didn’t go out to buy items for half a year so … they deemed that I was a pitiful child who can’t even do his own shopping?

I entered the sleeping chambers while thinking about that.

“I wonder if they believed that I can’t survive alone because not only have I taken this sleeping chamber for myself, I also have no common sense other than fighting and healing.”


Day by day my proficiency increased little by little. In this world proficiency does not degenerate.

No, I most likely only deduced it was so because until now my proficiency had never decreased.

I had thought plenty of times what if I had 「Appraisal」 when I was still on Earth.

“Well even if I could use 「Appraisal」 on Earth, my previous life most likely wouldn’t had changed dramatically.”

While murmuring, I drank Object X and moved towards the training field.


“Alright. 「Taijutsu」 skill has become 「Taijutsu III」.”

Yes. My 「Taijutsu」 skill had finally became 「Taijutsu III」. That was the standard for a F rank adventurer and was said to signify technical capabilities capable of fighting against multiple goblins and winning. In this world, you could obtain the skill even if you had not selected the required profession if you seriously trained  for a year in the training hall. To the point that it would not be surprising if you obtained the skill by the time you became an adult. However, that assumed it was the technical capabilities of a common fledgling adventurer. But, there’s a large difference in status between the vanguard positions and rearguard positions like a healer. Because status are hard to raise, there’s a considerable probability of losing when fighting. This cannot be helped. I told myself so.


“This is all thanks to Instructor Broad.”

“No need to flatter me. Kid, no, Luciel. It was because you worked hard towards your goal.”

“Thank you.”

“Umu. However from now on it will be harder and harder to increase the skill level.”

I nodded.

“Luciel you came to the Adventurer’s Guild to learn to survive right.”


“Umu. From today onwards I will add 「Footwork」 training. ”

“What is that?”

“It is the art of erasing the sound of your footsteps, it allows you to slide and allows you to not feel tired when keeping a low profile while walking.”


“When you succeed in moving as above, even if you don’t obtain the skill, you can forge the lower half of your body.”


Thus 「Footwork」 training started.


“I can hear your footsteps, that’s just sliding your feet, your posture is high. If it’s like that you’d get ambushed by a wild boar.”

By that mini car? I absolutely can’t handle that. I devoted myself to training.


Wake up → Magic training → Breakfast and Object X → Throwing training → Taijutsu mock battle → Lunch and Object X → Throwing training → Taijutsu training → Dinner and Object X → Magic training.


To be precise, I casted 「Heal」 on adventurers at least 10 times a day. If there were severe injuries or a large number of injured people, it could reach above 50 times in a day.

I had to think about where to fit 「Footwork」 training in and decided to do independent training during the morning and at night for an hour each.


And for some reason, Instructor Broad began to increase the training time for 「Footwork」 at the expense of combat training.

“Lately, aren’t there strangely many 「Footwork」 training?”

I raised my question.

“It is because what you need the most right now is 「Footwork」. Understood? Then let’s start.”

There wasn’t any reason nor explanations.


Perhaps because my 「Taijutsu」 level went up, he thought that it was about time I wanted to go out and test my power.

Normally, that would be understandable. However, I am neither a dreaming child nor a reckless youth. Well I did want to promote my guild rank at all cost but as I wasn’t even convinced of my own strength, I would not do so.

Just like that, I lived a life without romance in an extremely narrow activity area to the point of almost forgetting the city’s name. A year had quickly gone by since I came to the city of Meratoni.


[Status open]
Name: LucielJob: Healer III

Age: 16

LV: 1

HP: 320

MP: 100

ST: 120

STR: 34VIT: 36

DEX: 35

AGI: 32

INT: 42MGI: 50

RMG: 48


SP: 0Magic Aptitude: Holy
【Skill】「Appraisal-」「Great luck-」「Taijutsu IV」  「Magic Power Control IV 」 「Magic Power Manipulation IV」「Holy Magic V」 「Meditation IV」「Concentration IV」「HP Recovery II」「MP Recovery IV」「Stamina Recovery IV」「Throwing III」「Dismantling II」「Danger Perception II」「Footwork II」


「HP Increased Rate of Growth II」「MP Increased Rate of Growth II」「ST Increased Rate of Growth II」「STR Increased Rate of Growth II」「VIT Increased Rate of Growth II」「DEX Increased Rate of Growth II 」「AGI Increased Rate of Growth II」「INT Increased Rate of Growth II 」「MGI Increased Rate of Growth II」「RMG Increased Rate of Growth II」


「Poison Resistance II」「Paralysis Resistance II」「Petrification Resistance II」「Sleep Resistance II」「Charm Resistance I」「Curse Resistance II」「Weakness Resistance II」「Seal Resistance II」「Disease Resistance II」

【Title】「Altered Destiny」 (All status +10)

「God of Destiny’s blessing」(Increased SP acquisition)


“After one whole year, the result of virtually investing all my effort is this … Because there’s nothing to compare against, I have no idea if it is amazing or not.”


“Why are you mumbling on your own?”


“Oh, good morning Instructor Broad. Well, today marks the day I have passed one year since coming to this town but I do not know if I have grown.”


“Rest assured. You are growing up properly.”


“Is that so? Until now there are times I still can’t see Instructor Broad’s attack, my attacks can’t land decently and as for magic I can only cast 「Heal」 and 「Cure」.”


“Well there is a difference in combat experience and status between you and me. The difference is like how a decent hit from Luciel is about similar to receiving a jolt in my sleep.”


“I guess that’s how it is.”

Even in a game when a level 1 fights a mid ranked monster, I would  die as soon as I damage it.


“Man, show some motivation.”

I was hit on the back with a 『Ba~n』.


“That hurts. Well although it has only been a year, I think that I can face myself properly with all the training achieved. It is all thanks to Instructor Broad. Even if I encounter a monster now, I would be able to escape.”


“No, that is where you should say you would be able to defeat it. Isn’t that right. But you did well for not running away this one whole year.”


“I thought of running away many times. But because this was something I determined that I needed to survive.”

And because there wasn’t any way to escape.

“Hey Luciel, why don’t you just join the Adventurer’s Guild for work.”


“No ~ This is quite a coarse world so I would like to make some money, just a bit, and also memorize some new magic.”


“Well I guess that is normal.”


“Last year my donation for the Healer’s Guild was paid by, not the Adventurer’s Guild, but thanks to Instructor Broad. If I don’t start saving money this will gradually come back to haunt me.”


“Is that so. However, do consider becoming a guild staff.”


“Yes. Well I am based in this city so I will visit to ask for training again. Oh, if you ever need a healer please ask me. I’ll accept it for a cheap price.”


I exchanged a firm handshake with Instructor Broad, thanked everyone who helped me and left with a smile.

Thus life in the Adventurer’s Guild had come to an end.

I looked up at the sky. “Okay. Today’s a sunny day too.” I said as I started walking towards the Healer’s Guild.


The me at this time had no way of knowing that I would be returning to the Adventurer’s Guild very soon.


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