Invincible Saint – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Slight changes from Object X

Translator: Tseirp

Adventurer’s Guild | Healer


Task: Casts healing magic on adventurers for free

Hobbies: Training and mock battles.

Personality: Mild-mannered, hard worker, masochist, taste disorder, hikikomori.


This was the impression of me from the adventurers after I have stayed in the Adventurer’s Guild for three months.

A healer staff whose job is to apply 「Heal」 and 「Cure」 (which I had just memorized).


I thought of this as an trade-off for the training request I made so I had no problem with it.

Conversely, it had become a favourable workplace with three meals and a place to sleep provided, with even clothes received in the form of presents.

Furthermore, it can’t be helped that my hobbies were misunderstood to be training and mock battles.

Not only had the physical strength building and mock battles become a daily routine, the training menu was also constructed by Instructor Broad so there’s no helping it.


As for being described as mild-mannered, I would like to see it if you can be overbearing towards somebody who has a better physique and is clearly stronger than you.

However, even when it became a quibble when I refused to do something I didn’t want to do, there were no adventurers who would attack me within the guild premises because I had been misunderstood as a guild staff.

Well because I have healed many adventurers, people will stand up for me if others tried to pick a fight with me.

As for being called a hard worker, it was apparently because I trained every day. However it seemed that walking outside would be dangerous because all the adventurers I saw strode about in full equipment (delusion) so I only stayed within the guild. TL: The author literally wrote (delusion/paranoia) behind that sentence which meant that Luciel was just paranoid and the streets are not as dangerous as he makes it out to be.


“Though ‘masochist’ and ‘taste disorder’ is due to the object X that Grulga-san gives to me after each meal.”

“I bet. But don’t you properly drink that every time? To continue drinking that every time, you do know the characteristics of that object X right?”


“Ugh, that’s right. What is that really?”

“I have no idea. But it has always been available in the Adventurer’s Guild since a long time ago.”

“I have been forced to drink such a thing?”

“Yup. Well a person who couldn’t drink that would have been kicked out on the spot. But normally wouldn’t you not drink it if you didn’t know the effects of it.”

“By the way, how much of that is being stored in the guild?

“Its limitless. I heard that a sage made a magic tool long ago. That object X comes out when magical power is inserted into the magic tool.”

“Does it benefit the guild or Grulga-san in any way if I continue drinking that?”

“Yes it does. But how it benefits us is a secret.”

Grulga-san grinned as he disappeared into the kitchen.

“That makes me super curious, Grulga-san.”


Official name Object X.

This seriously disgusting drink’s effect was really abnormal.

If you could stomach it, it was a quite a cheat item if you continued drinking it.


Because you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t possess the 「Appraisal」 skill, nobody drank this Object X apart from me for this past three months.


In truth at the end of the first day of training, with the exception of 「Charm」, every abnormal resistance proficiencies, status parameters and skill proficiencies were rising.


The next morning, I suspected that it had something to do with Object X. Upon drinking Object X again, my proficiencies slightly increased across the board just like the previous day.


I felt that this was something that should be drunk, so I made sure to continue drinking it properly after every meal from then on.


“Even so isn’t it terrible to call me a masochist and say that I have taste disorder just because of that?”

I bring up the topic again to Grulga-san.

“Nope. You are a masochist because you can stomach it. Moreover, I have seen plenty of people. Only people who have that kind of masochistic attribute could continue the kind of 「Taijutsu」 training you do.”

“No no no, I’m telling you I am a normal person.”

“You are still young so it can’t be helped that you are embarrassed.”

For some reason he pats my shoulder gently.

“Haa~. I’ll go train today as well.”

“Okay. Work hard. Before that, drink this.”

I did my best to finish the mug of object X and went towards the training field.


After three months, my 「Taijutsu」 skill level had finally reached 「Taijutsu II」 and my 「Holy」 magic level had reached 「Holy III」 and would become 「Holy IV」 soon.

I did not even think that there were skill levels for magic but this increase seemed to be the effect of casting 「Heal」 on others day and night.

It seemed like proficiency increases faster by actually casting the spell instead of relying on image training.

As for 「Taijutsu」, even after going through three months of training it’s level stopped at 「Taijutsu II」. Maybe it was due to the nature of the training.

However, I did not give up because I found that the proficiency was steadily rising little by little.

While borrowing the guild’s sleeping chambers, I continued polishing my 「Taijutsu」 and 「Holy」 magic. For some reason my bed was swapped with a better one from the second month onwards. I ignored the pitying eyes pointed towards me when I went to thank them for the bed.

For the past three months, there wasn’t any major changes except for my adventurer’s rank which rose to F.


On the day I became a F rank, I received a proposal from Instructor Broad.

“On my off days, as long as you fulfil the training quota you are free to do whatever you want. Well if you are free, you can help to dismantle the monsters in the Adventurer’s Guild.”


“Eh? Monster corpses are carried into the guild? They are even dismantled?”

“Yes. Haven’t you always been eating large amounts of monster meat? That was all dismantled within the guild.”

“Oh? That was from monsters?”

I was really surprised that such delicious meat came from monsters.


“You only found out now?”

“But I’ve never seen a monster corpse since coming to the Adventurer’s Guild? I didn’t see any adventurer’s carrying them as well?”

“Hey hey. There’s something called a magic bag. Really, what are you talking about.”

Instructor Broad was completely amazed by me.

“Magic bag as in the bag that can put items larger than the size of the bag inside it and not feel the weight at all? Also, does time stop within the bag so that anything inside is preserved?”

“There’s no way that time can be stopped right. Well, it’s a great item that can keep items larger than its size.”

The only fantasy-like element I’ve encountered in this world until now was magic so my heart was dancing.

“Is it expensive after all?”

“Yeah. At least 3 gold coins. That’s because the returns you get from having it is huge.”

I see. I guess mid-level adventurers would have it. Newcomers who grew up in wealthy families would most likely have it too.

“Please recommend me a shop someday.”

“No problem. While I’m at it, I’ll arrange to let you join in dismantling the monsters.”

“Thank you.”

“Okay. Let’s end the chat here. Today your opponent is this large wooden sword I custom-made.”

” … Erm, please hold back more than usual. No, please hold back as much as possible.”

“That’s so weak-spirited.”

“I think my bones will easily fracture if I get hit by such a large wooden sword.”

“Well I will go easy on you but I won’t stay my hand. Try not to get fractures. Let’s start!”

And so the days I got beaten up continued even though I didn’t break any bones.


Three days later.

“Is it fine if I call you Luciel-kun? It’s fine right? I’m Garba.”

What awaited me at the dismantling work room was a dog beastman with good physique and a handsome face.

I thought that if I sharpened a certain someone, he would closely resemble Garba-san.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Luciel. Thank you for having me today.”

“Nice to meet you. It’s okay for you to speak to me like how you speak to my brother.”

“Oh as I thought?”

“Yup. Grulga is my younger brother.”

“You resemble each other a lot.” I said while smiling.

“Glad to hear that.”

It looked like the two brothers were at good terms with each other.


“Let us begin then. We’ll begin dismantling the monsters now. However depending on the monsters, some remain rigid even after death while others have poison so just watch for now.”

A wild boar came out after he stuck his hand into the bag.

But … “Are … are monsters usually this large?”

“Eh? Ah. I guess this is around the usual size?”

I stared as Garba-san used a single hand to place the mini car-sized boar on to the table with a 『Don!』sound.

“Well then I will begin now.”

I declare that this person is also a superman? a superbeastman?


Thus the skin was stripped off, viscera were scrapped out and the meat was cut into blocks and then placed into a different magic bag.

“After dismantling the monster, these are taken to the guild kitchen or butcher shop in the city for wholesale and the money is used to pay for the guild’s operation costs.”

“I see. But I feel like I am in the way by being here.”

“It’s okay. Even though you would gain experience in dismantling monsters here, Broad-san gave you to me to train your eye to find monster’s weak points and areas where attacks can easily pass through.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is to increase your survival rate even if just by a little when you eventually go on an adventure. Recently there are too little hard working newcomers who diligently prepare in advance just like you.”

“For my case it is because I don’t want to die though.”

“That’s usually the case for adventurers. There aren’t too many people with strong heroic intentions nowadays.”

Garba-san shook his head regretfully. I also dismantled a few small horn rabbits while talking with Garba-san.

“If you don’t have any plans, do come by next week as well.”

Thus dismantling work was added into my schedule.


For dinner that day, dishes were made from the horn rabbit I dismantled.

I once again realized that I should be a little more grateful for the meals. I prayed and conveyed my thanks for the meal before starting.


It seemed like Instructor Broad was quite busy recently as he goes somewhere every three days.

[Since that’s the case I’ll go to Garba-san’s place then]. Just as I had that in mind, Nanaera-san, Mirina-san and Melneru-san, the three receptionist that I hadn’t had much interactions with, called out to me.


“Luciel-kun, because your knowledge is quite skewed, Broad-san asked us to look into it. That’s why we are going to teach you.”

The three of them blocked off the road and strangely let off an intimidating aura.


Since it would be scary if I rejected them, I accepted their offer to study today.

However I had one concern.

These three girls were considerably beautiful and had good personalities so I might get on the wrong side of adventurers by having them teach me.

I was so worried that I only had that in my mind. But my worry was completely unwarranted.


I later learned that I had already been recognized as a training fanatic (lit. training idiot) and was deemed as an existence that’s harmless to both man and beast. (TL: Totally not recognized as a love rival)

In addition, because I’ve healed the wounds of countless adventurers at no charge for the past three months, I was held in reasonably high regard among the adventurers.

Due to that, I wasn’t as anxious as I was taught by the three of them.


“You don’t have to look so stiff, Luciel-kun.”

Nanaera-san smiled from the front.

“That’s right. It’ll be easy because you are literate.”

Mirina-san smiled on my right.

“Then let’s start.”

Said Melneru sitting on my left with a mischievous smile.


That was how the three of them arranged themselves. It was the first time I saw a hard cover book instead of a booklet since coming to this world. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t mind the situation.


“Erm everyone, that is a bit too close. And also how about your work? And what is with that pile of study materials?”

“I have a list of monster subjugations with illustrations and a list of recommended weapons and armours made from monster parts.”

“I have the completed volumes on wild grass, mushrooms and fruits as well as a book on beginner-level pharmaceutical knowledge.”

“I have the local area’s specialty. It is the guide book that people buy as a souvenir when visiting this land.”

Nanaera-san, Mirina-san and Melneru-san gave me an explanation on the study materials they brought respectively.

“Do I really need all of these?”

“””Of course”””

“Un…understood. So who should I start learning from?”

“It’s my turn today.”

Nanaera-san raised her hand while the other two went back to the reception counter while smiling.


Thus I had obtained a good opportunity to learn the current common sense in this world.


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