Invincible Saint – Chapter 35

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Chapter 035: Breaking through the Labyrinth of Tribulations

Translator: Tseirp


When I had finished sulking in bed, my stamina and magical power had completely recovered.

The angel’s pillow was indeed a cheat item as well. I conveyed my thanks to all the cheat item-samas.

Getting up after I stretched, I noticed that something had changed.

There was a large door. Looking at it somehow soothed my heart. It was emitting such an aura.

“ … I wonder why. Although it is merely a door, maybe it’s due to the aura emitted by the door, but I feel something welling up in my chest.”

I stood up and touched the door.


And then the door began absorbing my magical power.

“Tsk, return my uplifted emotions.”

I couldn’t remove my hand from the door. As the magical power flowed into the door, the door gradually became saturated and a pattern was drawn on it.

I don’t know how much was absorbed but right before I was completely drained, the door emitted light and opened.


“I don’t wish to plant a flag here but, I guess there’s a last boss behind this.”

Reluctantly, I drank magic potions to recover my MP before stepping past the door. I immediately saw that the lower floor was semi-underground.


I slowly descended. When I’ve reached around the midpoint, I had a bad premonition and crouched down. It wasn’t because there was an attack or anything.

I couldn’t advance anymore. Intuitively, within my brain, I felt that something was signaling me to stop. As proof of that, my goose bumps were standing up vigorously.

Looking at what was captured in my crouching field of view, “If this is the flag recovery that Katria-san told me about then what kind of devil is the Pope?”

An undead dragon was caught in my field of view.

There are European Dragons, Japanese Dragons and Oriental Dragons but this time it was an Oriental Dragon. (TL: ドラゴン、竜、.They all refer to dragons, 1st one is dragon written with katakana used for foreign languages, 2nd one is written with the Japanese character for dragons and the last one is also a Japanese character for dragons but also a Traditional Chinese character for dragons)

In this world’s classification of dragons, those with wings but can’t fly well due to their heavy bodies are called Japanese Dragons (竜), while those with long bodies meant for flying are Oriental Dragons (龍).

Wyverns (ワイバーン) are classified as flying Japanese Dragons (飛竜) not capable of releasing dragon breath attacks. There are other types as well but it doesn’t matter at the moment.


“ … Are you serious. After all that’s still a dragon species. Just like in a certain game’s V series, the one protecting a spear within a treasure chest found between dimensions.” (TL: Any idea which game he’s referring to? :X)

Half of the undead dragon was black like it had been carbonized while the other half shone with Holy Silver giving off a mysterious atmosphere.


“Is it possible for a healer to win against that? Eh? But that undead dragon … isn’t moving.”

I instantly summarized the few points I took notice of.

  • If I don’t approach any closer, it would not attack.
  • Dragons are intelligent species so there is a chance that it can speak.
  • 「Sanctuary Circle」 may be able to undo the undead-fication.

I fired myself up and casted 「Remote Magic Chant」. To encompass the entire dragon’s body with the magic circle and have an instantaneous effect, I drank a high grade magic potion and boosted my magical power to expand the magic circle.

I triggered 「Sanctuary Circle」 boosted with magical power.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】


When Holy light appeared, the sleeping dragon stirred and violently struggled.

However, the dragon couldn’t escape from 「Sanctuary Circle」. When the pale light released from the dragon’s figure disappeared within the pillar of light extending up to the ceiling, 『Guooooooo』 I heard it’s terrifying death throes followed by an earthshaking tremor 『Doson』.

“Did I succeed?”

I, who easily overcame the flag, should walk towards the dragon.

My intuition told me so.


When the light subsided, the large maw of the dragon was approaching right in front of my eyes.

I would be eaten without any opportunity to avoid, ah, I’m a goner this time. I had thought so. But I didn’t feel any pain.

Then, the dragon’s undead black bones turned white and it looked at me before abruptly speaking.


“To defeat me with one hit, I’ll give you a reward. This labyrinth is called the Labyrinth of Tribulation. Therefore, through a magic circle, I can give you a blessing. It’s perfect for a cowardly person like you. You can only enter here once so it is fine if you take everything here as well.” (TL: The dragon’s speech is annoying >.< He replaces all hiragana with katakana)

Various items like gold and silver treasures, weapons, armour, magic tools and luxury articles were there.

“You … you won’t bite me right? It is still under discussion whether the dragon species belong to the god beast or monsters.”

“Relax. This floor no longer has any evil miasma left. If you take the magic stone that is placed there, the labyrinth will disappear. What you do is totally up to you. It can be said to be a privilege reserved only for you.”

“What’s the reason for this labyrinth? What was the Pope thinking?”

“Dragon species like me are reborn once a thousand years. Those like me didn’t get reborn because the evil gods that control the demons attacked us and sealed us in places with accumulated magic.”

“Shouldn’t the heroes resolve that?”

“Unfortunately no heroes came by here. And then we who had been sealed by the evil god, due to the curse, began turning into undead.”

“I have a bad feeling about where this is going. You do know that I am a healer? Not something like a paladin?”

“Until a hero is born, for the remaining 40 years of human lifespan, I hope that you can dispel the curse placed on us by the evil god.”

“ … Why is it that this can’t be done by somebody other than me?”

“Judging by the encompassing demonic atmosphere, the demons that are close to the Darkness attribute are becoming stronger. It is uncertain if the hero would win against the Demon Lord.”

“Maybe. If that’s the case, as somebody weak, I’ll try my best to survive. That’s all I can promise. I am neither strong, nor a foolhardy person.”

“Kukuku, to call yourself weak after defeating me, you’ve peaked my interest. I’ll give you my blessing.”

“That will be good. Eh does this mean that since coming to this world until now it has been a prologue? If that’s the case then it’s good that I passed it.”

“I have no idea what you’re saying. Young master who defeated me, what is your name.”

“Luciel. But it’s really fine, not only am I only a healer, I also don’t want to die. I’ll be glad as long as the people I know are safe.”

“Relax, it will only make it harder for you to die.”

“If that’s the case then thank you.”

“Kukuku. You are an interesting person after all. I hope that you would save my brethren.”

“I can’t promise you that. I have neither the sensitivity to do so, nor am I the protagonist of a story, let alone do I have the capability of handling that.”

“I understand. Apparently, it’s time. My corpse will not decay immediately. I offer my blessing and corpse to Luciel.”

“I’m grateful for your offer.”

“The demon forces are gradually growing stronger. Try to save my brethren if it is within the scope of your capabilities.”

“Yeah I will. Because I don’t wish to die.”

“Kukuku. I have fulfilled my role … F … lu … na … Goodbye.” (TL: The dragon said Fuiruna with an additional ‘i’ but I think he’s referring to Fluna = The Pope’s name.)

Thus the undead dragon’s seal was undone. So his cycle of reincarnation had restarted … I guess?


I had a bad premonition that the labyrinth would collapse if I did so, so I left the magic stone and instead stored all the other treasures into my magic bag. I was surprised when I saw 2 magic bags among the treasures as I gathered all the magic tools. (TL: The magic stone he left behind was the ‘Heart’ of the labyrinth. The one that once taken would stop the labyrinth from expanding)

Next, I sorted the dragon’s corpse. The Holy Dragon’s (provisional) scales, Holy Dragon’s reverse scale (TL: A reverse scale is said to be a legendary scale on a dragon’s throat that symbolizes a dragon’s wrath), Holy Dragon’s fang, Holy Dragon’s bones, and the undead dragon’s bones were stored into my magic bag.

And then, when I had stored everything into my magic bag a treasure chest appeared. Stored inside it was a spear as well as accessories.

“For a mere healer to have such a surplus of items. Well, I’m glad for the single fact that I can finally return. But.”

I think it would be good to only speak of what happened here with the Pope. Even the Pope’s attendants are out of the question. My intuition was telling me so.

When I made up my mind and jumped into the magic circle, it began glowing.

『Ping』【Title “Blessing of the God of Healing” obtained】

『Ping』【Title “Divine Protection of the Holy Dragon” obtained】

『Ping』【Title “Dragon Slayer” obtained】

『Ping』【Title “One who unleashed the seal” obtained】

『Ping』【Due to the oath with the Holy Dragon, you will now know the location of sealed dragons】

When the light subsided, I was at the entrance to the labyrinth.


“I feel like I’ve been bewitched by a fox. Rather than that, I’ve been had by that Holy Dragon. … I can’t even begin to feel angry with my empty stomach. Ha~ Let’s return.”

Thus I departed from the labyrinth.


(TL: The fate of Luciel to get exploited continues XD)


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