Invincible Saint – Chapter 34

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Chapter 034: There’s no time, if that’s the case I’ll just do it, labyrinth capture via tricks. The fang of the devil labyrinth that shook my mental spirit. 

Translator: Tseirp


The new monsters that appeared from the 41st floor were undead horses, undead wolves and undead cats.

For the sake of convenience I named them as such. The undead horses had sludgy melted physiques clad in a reddish purple aura while the undead wolves howled with muffled 『OuoooOOO』 in addition to their thick bone structure, so I refused to recognize them as dogs.

Lastly, reminiscent of saber-tooth tigers, with sharp fangs and sharp claws, displaying a triangular jump when it kicks the wall reminding me of a certain soccer manga’s goalkeeper, with only bones for upper body and feline-like physique, I acknowledged it as a cat.


Apart from those, there were only larger Wraiths and Specter Knights with flashing red eyes.

I visually estimated that this floor was larger by more than 1 km in all 4 directions. In this floor which was slightly wider than those up until now, I encountered no problems as I fought with never seen before monsters and advanced via brisk walking as I stayed vigilant for traps.


I advanced and opened the treasure box without encountering any battles. Due to the fact that when I entered the 40th floor my food reserve was in critical condition, I decided to use underhanded tricks to advance.

That’s right. I fastened barrels filled with Object X to the robe I received from Granhart-san and advanced.


The undead that are programmed to flock towards the living, were instead running away. The flight of the animal undead was even more pronounced. I merely continued walking.

Just by advancing using my intuition, Great Luck-sensei would guide me to the treasure boxes and subsequently the stairs leading forward.


Thus I was currently enjoying my last supper in front of the 50th floor boss room.


Due to the terrible smell being emitted from barrels filled with Object X, I blocked off the path to the boss room’s door and prevented monsters from approaching. After taking my last night’s worth of sleep using the angel’s pillow, I finished the final serving of Object X and thus both my reserves of food and Object X had been exhausted.


“I’ve done my best. If I fail here, it just means that this is an impossible game so I’ll give up gracefully. To defeat such a cheat-like Shisho, moreover to be trapped in as well, thinking of what the Pope who made this devil-like setting would say when I resurrect makes me melancholic.”

While complaining, I touched the boss room with my hand.


Instead of the usual piercing rust screech, 『Gogogogoooon』 a fierce sound resounded, unlike any that I’ve heard before until now.

“Last boss? I’m fired up!”

With that, the light was turned on as usual. And then the 50th floor boss figure that appeared was a Wight.

However. “That’s way too big.” Not the usual Wight but King? Lord? It was about that size, with a physique that gave off an impression of massiveness similar to that of Orcs that frequently appears in Fantasy worlds.

Apart from that, what made me stare wide-eyed was, on the robe covering its body, on its fingers and ears, and practically everywhere, there were people’s faces protruding out.

“So disgusting.”

The 50th floor boss was a Wight that had absorbed other undead, an aggregation of the undead.


I believed that the first to act would win so I charged after strengthening my body. As usual I chanted 「Area High Heal」 but … I encountered a problem.

The boss’s arm that swung out was slapped towards me.

Although I can move while chanting magic, I didn’t anticipate that its attack range would be so wide and was sent flying.

“That gave me a shock. I was saved because I softened the impact by jumping to one side at once.”

However, the troublesome events continued. I have no idea if it was due to being hit, but from the arm that was hit by the boss itself, the faces couldn’t withstand the attack and multiple faces splattered off.

“Your holiness, the impossible game is advancing even more.”

The splattered off faces produced flashing red eyed Specter Knights and Wraiths.

I chanted Purification and slain the stiffened Specter Knights. I was really thankful that the Darkness magic of Wraiths was ineffective.

However, my opponents were not only the enemies that were just born. As expected, the large Wight unleashed a large magic towards me.

I’ve seen that magic before. That’s right it was the black light magic used on the 10th floor that with just a scratch causes a feeling of intense pain.


Oh shit. I casted the magic left behind by Shisho with 「Chant Termination」.

「Sanctuary Circle」 The next instant, light rose up from the magic circle with me in the center.


My MP was greatly consumed. On the verge of MP depletion, I recovered by drinking the high grade magic potion that I had and felt the greatness of the sanctuary circle.

That colossal black light magic was extinguished the moment it touched the sanctuary and any undead that touched it dissolved.

“Such a cheat magic.” But the price for that was the consumption of 100 magical power. In addition this time I casted with 「Chant Termination」 so it took 1.5 times the magical power. And this cheat magic only lasts one minute.


Little-by-little since I entered the labyrinth, I’ve been accumulating P and under Katria-san’s recommendations, I purchased some potions.

To be honest I didn’t need them. Not only had I not need it until now, even during my battle with Shisho I could cast healing magic with breaks in between.


However, this time it was different. Without the advice from that time I would have died.

As I drank the MP potions, I slashed at the undead while casting purification magic on the boss Wight.

When the number of enemies increased, I spun a chant.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】

Thus while guzzling MP potions, I used my sword and spear to defeat the monsters that came from the Wight.


Thanks to that, the large Wight gradually became smaller.

And then as a personal experiment, while spinning a chant I formed magical power outside my body.

That’s right. It’s the magic that I couldn’t use when I just came to the church. Remote Magic Circle Chant. It was an experiment for the skill that would allow me to use magic remotely. I would be able to assign a location and create a magic circle there. The range is not only right beside me, but as long as it is within my sight.


I used 「Sanctuary Circle」 on the Wight Lord(?). (TL: Luciel is still trying to decide on what to name the boss.)

Written in the 「Sanctuary Circle」 spell book, it is a spell made by the gods with the hope to protect everything Holy. It extinguishes Darkness magic and burns demons and immortal monsters within and outside the barrier.

I secretly thought that it would be a better method if the magic prevents monsters from entering it but I was intrigued by the words that said that it burns those within and outside the barrier so I specified the ground below the Wight Lord(?) and casted.


At that moment, the Wight raised its death throes.

The Wight’s body was being burnt by a pale flame. That instant, I was confused because I totally didn’t know the meaning behind what happened next.


Maybe it was an illusion. The pale flame rapidly melted the faces covering the Wight, leaving only the Wight behind, no, it left behind a living person carrying a sacred aura like those in novels. The elderly priest smiled in my direction and whispered something.

The whispering lord disappeared. Then, I had goose bumps all over my body and I vomited violently.

That’s such an awful setting. What if all the monsters that I’ve killed until now were elderly priests like that? As if questioning me like that, to force it on me at the final moment. What an evil, shitty setting.

While I doubted the mental health of the Pope that made this evil design, I looked at what remained as I waited for my mood and magic to recover.


“Now that I think about it, the Wraiths didn’t drop any magic stones this time. Only this amazing magic stone, magic spell book and cane remains. Because it was holding a cane huh.”

To be safe I applied purification before storing the cane and magic stone into my magic bag. When I picked up the spell book I saw that taboo magic was written in it.

“ … Perhaps this is …”

The contents were as expected. It’s effects, chant and even why it is taboo was described in it.

I was troubled as to if I should report this to the Pope while I stored it into my magic bag.

“Eh? The usual stairs leading downwards didn’t appear. Perhaps.”

Like a game maybe it is set to have a magic circle for returning appear in the center? I looked around but there was nothing.

On the contrary, even the door to return had disappeared.

“I’ve been checkmated. Am I supposed to starve to discard my worldly desires?”

I was already at my mental limit. I sat down at that spot and fell backwards. And then I took out my angel’s pillow and sulked in bed.


I had not noticed but at that moment there was a mysterious aura being emitted. Somewhere, with a feeling of gentleness, there was a large door that soundlessly emerged from the surface.

I saw the door when I woke up. It reminded me of the times when I had done something mischievous when I was young and hid in the closet. My mother would say “It’s not good to do bad things.”, lightly scolding me when she comes to get me during meal times.


(TL: What are your guesses as to what the taboo magic is? I’m guessing its resurrection…)


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