Invincible Saint – Side Story 5

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Side Story 5: The disappearance of Deviant Saint, An unprecedented crisis for the church headquarters

Translator: Tseirp

There were various speculations floating about in the Holy City Schull’s Adventurer’s Guild.

The Deviant Saint healer Luciel, while he is an E rank adventurer, he is also the only healer not driven by monetary greed.

The last day he came to the Adventurer’s Guild was the Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day.


He left the Adventurer’s Guild after saying that he would not return for some time.

It would soon be 8 months since that day.

In the beginning it was thought that he went on an expedition to somewhere but we never tried to confirm those facts.


There was a reason why we thought that there was no way he went on an expedition.

That’s right. It’s because of Object X. Object X is extraordinarily bad.

For that reason every year, in the Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters, the Adventurer’s Guild that drinks the most Object X would be given a luxurious gift from the late sage and the late Adventurer’s Guild Headquarter’s guildmaster. (TL: So that’s why Grulga-san and Broad-san force fed Luciel Object X hahah)

The rankings could be viewed in all the Adventurer’s Guilds and there was an advanced technique in place to not count in any fraud such as discarding Object X.


Returning to the topic, there hasn’t been anybody who continued drinking Objext X in recent years. But in the town of Meratoni it was being rapidly consumed …

That’s right. It became something like an indicator of where Luciel was at. However, even though he drank it every time, he no longer came to drink Object X.

Normally this would not be a cause for concern.

However because the Deviant Saint stopped coming over, the healer’s clinic became arrogant and continued to raise their prices.


There was a petition aimed at the Healer’s Guild Church Headquarters but it didn’t reach the Pope.


Was the Deviant Saint imprisoned in the church?

Was he being subjected to torture?


Was he only not given Object X?


Distrust in the church gradually increased, resulting in a push for a movement to save the Deviant Saint.


On the other hand, the church began feeling worried because Luciel, who had always returned every week, had not returned.


Even though Luciel had not returned, for about one month they remained optimistic.

They believed that their close acquaintance would return.

However, he did not return even after 3 months.


The Pope as well as Katria … previously known as the captain of knights Catherine Freya (TL: The author misspelled the name :X it’s different from SS4), wished to select a rescue squad, but to send in the church’s knight squad just for one healer … The notion of dismissed.

Instead, there was even a motion to clamp down on Luciel who was said to be overconfident and advanced excessively into the labyrinth.

Including the Pope, Katria and the Valkyrie Paladin Corp defended Luciel’s name which prevented Luciel from getting slapped with a penalty.

However the others who did not consider Luciel favorably had completely abandoned him, assuming that he explored the labyrinth to gain honor.


After half a year had passed, there was a request to verify Luciel’s survival.

However, the church refused to release any formal response.


But, there was a squad that finally decided to make a move. The Valkyrie Paladin Corps.

They forcibly dragged along the predecessor Jordo and entered the labyrinth.


Many zombies and skeletons appeared in the 10th floor boss room but those were not a match for them.

In fact at that moment, Luciel had finally reached the end of his battle with the Specter Knight King. Neither Luciel nor Lumina and the girls knew that labyrinth’s boss rooms were in fact linked.

As Luciel lamented about the fact that he could only proceed forward and left the boss room, the Valkyrie Paladin Corps had finally collected all the magic stones and once again advanced further inwards as well. (TL: Lol so the reason why Luciel couldn’t go back was because of them >.<)

However, the stench became stronger as they descended further down the floors and they encountered Wraiths that specializes in mental attacks when they reached the 30th floor. The number of injuries further increased so the Valkyrie Paladin Corps deemed that the search could no longer continue and returned.


When Lumina and the girls had returned and were giving their report, an urgent notice arrived.

Meratoni’s adventurers led by the Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Whirlwind, Holy City’s adventurers led by Holy City Schull Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster Granz as well as people who felt indebted to the Deviant Saint had surrounded the Holy City Schull’s Church Headquarters.

‘Release the Deviant Saint healer Luciel.’ ‘Hammer the scrooges.’ Carrying such slogans, people gathered one after another.

An unprecedented demonstration against the church was going to happen.

It was clear to the eyes that a riot would occur if the church responded wrongly.


Luciel had no idea that a riot was on the verge of breaking out, as the 108 Paladins and Priest Knights who lazed around in the church daily cowered in fear from the demonstration of 380 adventurers who pour all their efforts into battling monsters as well as more than 500 residents.


Within all that, the clueless Luciel who had broken through the labyrinth had no idea that he would once again face death immediately after escaping from the labyrinth.


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