Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 922

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Chapter 922: Interesting spiritual skill (Part 1)

“That small southeast country?  A place like that can give birth to a genius?”  Yue Ling Shan was surprised.

Long Wu nodded, “But we can’t rule out that her identity is fake.  If a small place like the Ice Mist Country can create someone like this, the juniors of the large families of the Purple Cloud Continent should just kill themselves.  If this was said, would you believe it?”

The others were silent.  There was a look of confusion in Qi Yu Ze’s eyes.  Was Ye Yu Xi really the one his grandfather had spoken of?

In the arena.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yu Ling and controlled her cultivation technique.  There were officials from the academy in the stands, if they could see her Dark Poison God’s Art, she would be in trouble!

She couldn’t use the Burning Sea Thunder Flame at this stage either and there was no need to mention the Hundred Flower Hand since it was useless without the Thunder Flame.  The Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space was her trump card, so she wouldn’t use it in advance!

In short, half of Ye Yu Xi’s strength had been restricted!

Yu Ling’s cautious look became more serious.  His test moves had been easily taken are of by the other side, it seemed like he could only use his family’s spiritual skill!

Yu Ling’s aura surged and he reached the peak of the seventh spiritual level.  It seemed like his aura was only a bit away from the eighth spiritual level.

“Oh?  This array, Yu Ling is from the Shang Yu Family?”  Bai Ran raised a brow.

There were many younger generation who hid a word in their surname, like Feng Tian Peng, his real name is Hei Feng Tian Peng.  Normal students didn’t know these things, but the five large families knew this, they just didn’t expose it.

“It seems like the Shang Yu Family’s spiritual skill isn’t weak.  Ye Yu Xi might be in trouble this time.”  Qi Yu Ze had a worried look in his eyes.

Yue Ling Shan still had the same smile.  The more trouble she was in, the more trump cards she would, wasn’t that the case!

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  Since her enemy was hard to deal with, she would take something real out.

“Excuse me!”  Yu Ling’s aura condenses and his hands formed claws as he charged at Ye Yu Xi.

So fast!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.  The feeling Yu Ling gave was different from before, it was like he was a different person.  With a wave of her palm, she gathered her spiritual energy before charging forward.

The two exchanged moves and there were a few times when Ye Yu Xi’s palm slipped past Yu Ling’s head.  If he was hit, he would be seriously injured.


Ye Yu Xi’s wrist was suddenly grabbed by Yu Ling’s claw.  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she sent a hand blade at Yu Ling’s wrist.

Yu Ling revealed a smile.  His right hand went to grab Ye Yu Xi’s other wrist as fast as lightning.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows!  Damn!  She had been trapped by the other side.

Bai Jin Yi had already reminded her to be careful and after several rounds, Ye Yu Xi had gradually dropped her guard.

Yu Ling softly said a few words, “Spiritual Energy Arm!”  There was a wave of spiritual energy from his chest and a thick white arm came out of his chest, sending a large fist at Ye Yu Xi.

Yu Ling was considered a gentleman, not aiming for Ye Yu Xi’s chest, but rather aiming for her stomach.

What was this!  A third hand?!

Ye Yu Xi was surprised and in her rush, her spiritual energy quickly cycled as the Strange Flame flickered in her hand.

In an instant, Ye Yu Xi broke free of Yu Ling’s restraint and moved back ten meters, creating distance with Yu Ling.

Looking at each other, the white hand on Yu Ling’s chest didn’t disappear.  Since the attack had failed, the arm slowly went back into his body.

Ye Yu Xi gave a sigh, so dangerous!  She looked back at Yu Ling with a bit of interest in her eyes, “Interesting spiritual skill!”

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