Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 921

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Chapter 921: Finals begins (Part 2)

Mu Er felt a terrifying temperature behind them and their expression changed.  Yuan Na’s weapon was already approaching.


The sword in Mu Er’s hand blocked Yuan Na’s dagger

Looking at this situation, Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  Yuan Na had already won this match, Mu Er was scared of Yuan Na’s Beast Flame and couldn’t show their strength.

Sure enough, after more than ten rounds, Mu Er was slammed out of the ring by Yuan Na.

Seeing Yuan Na win so easily, Bai Hua You revealed a trace of praise in his eyes.  Being able to use the Beast Flame so skillfully after entering the school, it really was commendable.

“Beauty Mei, the next one to go up is Ye Yu Xi.”  Bai Hua You looked over at Yue Ling Shan.

Yuan Ling Shan’s eyes found Ye Yu Xi’s figure.  This mysterious Ye Yu Xi, how many trump cards would she reveal fighting Yu Ling?

“Yuan Na versus Mu Er!  Yuan Na wins!”

The referee jumped onto the stage and invited Yuan Na to step down to rest, “The next match, Ye Yu Xi versus Yu Ling.”

Ye Yu Xi leaped up onto the stage and didn’t make a sound as she landed.

Compared to Ye Yu Xi, Yu Ling was more calm and her eyes didn’t look at Ye Yu Xi with the slightest bit of contempt.

“Ye Yu Xi, high seventh spiritual level!  Yu Ling, high seventh spiritual level!  Begin!”

The two on the stage didn’t move at all.  With a breeze, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and she suddenly waved her palm, sending out spiritual energy at Yu Ling.

At the same time, Princess Yuan Na who had gone off swallowed a pill to recover spiritual energy.

“Princess, I’ve finished investigating.”  Si Luo came to Yuan Na’s side.

“How is that Ye Yu Xi’s strength?”  Yuan Na took a deep breath, calming the spiritual energy fluctuations in her body.

“Very mysterious.”  Si Luo said, “I’ve asked several people.  In the first seven rounds, the strongest person only lasted three rounds against Ye Yu Xi.  The other ones either gave up or lost in one move.”

“Un?”  Yuan Na’s eyes opened to reveal a trace of caution, “Is there anything else?”

“Also, there’s rumours that Ye Yu Xi is already in the eighth spiritual level, so seventh spiritual level opponents aren’t a match for her at all.”

“Impossible!”  Yuan Na knit her brows, “She had the same strength as me when we entered, how could she break through to the eighth spiritual level in just two months!”

Yuan Na turned to the stage and found Ye Yu Xi fighting with Yu Ling.

Ye Yu Xi released spiritual energy from her palm.  It had to be said, Yu Ling could reach the finals, this person was completely different from the enemies from before.  Ye Yu Xi was using 30% of her strength and could only match Yu Ling.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t know how much strength Yu Ling was using.


Their fists collided and Ye Yu Xi moved back with the force of the punch, opening some space with Yu Ling.  After several rounds of probing, Ye Yu Xi didn’t find anything special!  She didn’t know why Bai Jin Yi warned her to be careful!

When the two separated, Ye Ling looked at Ye Yu Xi with more caution.  Ye Yu Xi was testing Yu Ling, how could Yu Ling not notice that?

In the stands, Bai Ran looked at the two separate and raised a brow, “It seems like they’re done testing each other.  They should be using their real abilities now.”

“Who do you think will win between Ye Yu Xi and Yu Ling?”  Qi Yu Ze looked at the two on stage.

“Based on background, Yu Ling would win.  If it was based on mysteriousness, Ye Yu Xi would win.  I’ve had my subordinates check, Ye Yu Xi is from the Ice Mist Country.”  Long Wu narrowed his large eyes.

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