Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 923

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Chapter 923: Interesting spiritual skill (Part 2)

Yu Ling looked at the scorched palms and the stinging pain slowly disappeared with the release of spiritual energy.  He looked back at Ye Yu Xi, “Your flames aren’t normal!”

Normal spiritual energy flames wouldn’t hurt like this!

Flames were the most powerful weapon of an alchemist, but in the Alchemist Academy, flames were the most useless things in battle.

“It’s so-so.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.  With a flash in her hand, she took out her Soul Devourer Blade.

“Again!”  Yu Ling shouted as he charged at Ye Yu Xi again.

Qi Yu Ze in the stands had a strange look in his eyes.  With that flash of blue light, others might have not noticed it, but Qi Yu Ze did.  That feeling, it was a Strange Flame?!

The two clashed once again on the stage.

Ye Yu Xi’s technique was fast and while Yu Ling had no weapons, there was a whie spiritual energy over his hands that formed a glove.

Ding, ding, ding.

The glove collided with the Soul Devourer Blade, letting out the sound of metal clashing.

Going like this wasn’t a way.  Ye Yu Xi’s mind turned and she gritted her teeth before using the Purple Shadow Flash!

When Ye Yu Xi suddenly disappeared, Yu Ling was shocked?  Did she disappear?  No, she was behind!

Ye Yu Xi appearing behind was noticed by Yu Ling, but it was too late!

The Soul Devourer Blade stabbed at the back of Yu Ling’s head.


Time suddenly stood still and Ye Yu Xi’s Soul Devourer Blade stopped in the air.  It was ten centimeters away from Yu Ling and the Soul Devourer Blade was being held by a powerful white hand.

The spiritual energy arm that came from Yu Ling’s chest appeared again, but this time it came out of his back and stopped Ye Yu Xi’s attack.

“You looked down on my spiritual technique.”  Yu Ling utilized his cultivation technique and controlled the white arm to resist the Soul Devourer Blade.

Ye Yu Xi’s hand pulled back, but the Soul Devourer Blade was trapped by the hand.

As soon as Yu Ling’s voice fell, Ye Yu Xi’s lips revealed a coldness as she spat out, “Shadow Blade!”

Spiritual energy came out of the Soul Devourer Blade and formed a thirty centimeter spiritual energy blade!

Ye Yu Xi didn’t kill in this competition, the blade deliberately missed and took a strand of hair from Yu Ling’s ear.

The spiritual energy blade slowly faded once it moved past Yu Ling’s face.

Yu Ling was stunned.  He suddenly released his aura and the white arm slowly faded.  He gave a sigh before loudly saying, “I can’t compare to you, I’ve lost!”

With that slash, if it was an enemy, Yu Ling would be dead.


The crowd exploded!  This fight was just too exciting.  The fight between two experts was the first time for many people, people could actually be this strong without using flames!

Bai Jin Yi in the sky looked down at Ye Yu Xi with a faint smile on his face.  This beauty was this outstanding, so of course Bai Jin Yi was happy.

Many people had some thoughts of this battle.

“Princess, that Ye Yu Xi seems very powerful.”  Si Luo looked at Ye Yu Xi’s expression and was worried for her master.

“Humph, she’s just showing off.  In front of a Beast Flame, her attacks are useless.”  Princess Yuan Na revealed a look of disdain.

The referee on the stage had a trace of excitement in his voice, “Ye Yu Xi versus Yu Ling, Ye Yu Xi wins!”

After inviting Ye Yu Xi to walk off to let her rest, the referee said, “The final fight will be Yuan Na against Ye Yu Xi.  Both sides will have an hour to rest and after an hour, the fight begins!”

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