Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 920

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Chapter 920: Finals begins (Part 1)

Si Luo nodded before entering the crowd.

The conference would begin soon and the four freshmen dark horses had arrived with many people surrounding them.

In the stands on the side, the heads of the five great guilds had arrived.  It was different today, there weren’t five people sitting in the first row, rather there were six.  Hei Feng Tian Peng was sitting with the five of them.

“Tian Peng, you wouldn’t come when I asked you to come sit here yesterday.  That kid named Feng Tian Zong, are you really planning on taking him into the Black Wind Hall?”  Bai Ran was the lead once again.

Hei Feng Tian Peng didn’t reveal any expression.  He looked over the square and found Hei Feng Tian Zong, “It’ll depend on the situation, but it might just be my wishful thinking.”

“Brother Tian Peng, in this year’s guild wars, does your Black Wind Hall want to join in on the fun?”  Long Wu looked at Hei Feng Tian Peng and tested the Black Wind Hall.

“This year’s guild wars will be lively, so the Black Wind Hall won’t enter.”  Hei Feng Tian Peng casually said.

Of the people present, other than Qi Yu Ze who understood what this meant, the other four were confused.  But very soon, there were sounds from the square that attracted their attention.

“The freshmen conference finals are about to begin!  For the prizes, the first place will receive five thousand points and an Earth Grade Spiritual Skill!  Second place will receive four thousand points!  Third place will receive two thousand points!”

This voice spread to every corner of the square!

A single stone created many waves, an Earth Grade Spiritual Skill!  How could there be an Earth Grade Spiritual Skill awarded!  There had been cases of rewarding spiritual skills before, but it was at most a Profound Grade Spiritual Skill!  An Earth Grade Spiritual Skill was a treasure!  Why was the academy so generous this year?

“Master, an Earth Grade Spiritual Skill is worth over ten thousand points!  Master has really earned quite a bit!”  Hei Feng Tian Zong’s eyes lit up.  The Black Wind Family also had an Earth Grade Spiritual Skill, but only the family head was qualified to practice it.

There was a bit of hesitation in Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes.  She never heard of the Earth Grade Spiritual Skill being awarded before the conference began, why did it suddenly…..

Above the square, Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile when he heard this announcement.

This Earth Grade Spiritual Skill was added yesterday after he pressured the school.  It was considered a gift for Ye Yu Xi for joining the Alchemist Academy.

With everyone’s attention focused, the freshmen conference began.

The first match was Yuan Na against Mu Er.

“Yuan Na, high seventh spiritual level!  Mu Er, high seventh spiritual level!  Begin!”

Spiritual energy was released on stage.

Ye Yu Xi wasn’t interested in the fight on stage.  She looked at the other side and that student named Yu Ling was standing on the side, watching the fight on stage.

Ye Yu Xi looked for a bit before looking away.  That Yu Ling didn’t seem special, why did Bai Jin Yi tell her to be careful?

In the stands.

Bai Hua You leaned forward.  The Princess Yuan Na on stage was the person his Hundred Flower Hall had reserved.

“Hall master Bai Hua is this interested in Yuan Na.  Could it be that she’s caught your eye?”  Bai Ran looked at Bai Hua You and teased him.

Bai Hua You didn’t care and revealed a smile, “It isn’t like brother Bai doesn’t know who I like.”

“Hall master Bai Hua, I heard that Bai Hua Wu is already engaged to the Evil Emperor Bai Jin Yi.  Shouldn’t you take back your thoughts a bit?”  Long Wu on the side gave a sigh.

These five seemed to be the head of the academy, but that was all because Bai Jin Yi had already graduated.  If Bai Jin Yi was still here, would they have a right to speak?

Hearing the three words Bai Hua Wu, there was a trace of obsession in Bai Hua You’s eyes, but he slowly hid this love in his heart.


The battle on stage became fiercer, but Princess Yuan Na revealed a smile.  Genius Mu Er, only at this level!

Yuan Na threw out a flame that blocked Mu Er’s retreat.

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