Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 919

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Chapter 919: Be careful of Yu Ling

After several minutes, Ye Yu Xi broke out of Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.

“I’m going to cultivate.”  Ye Yu Xi lowered her head as she softly said this.  With her spiritual energy, she entered the chaotic space.

Seeing her disappear, Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile.  He sniffed his hand which still had a faint scent from Ye Yu Xi on it.

With his mental energy, he found more and more forces gathered outside.  The fanaticism of those guilds strangely made Bai Jin Yi feel irritated.

With a helpless shame of his head, Bai Jin Yi sat on the bed to cultivate.

When he was near Ye Yu Xi during these two days, Bai Jin Yi felt something in Ye Yu Xi that attracted him.

Actually Ye Yu Xi was feeling the same.  When Bai Jin Yi was being ‘shameless’ with her, Ye Yu Xi felt a bit of desire in her heart.

The only one who knew this reason was Long Xiao Pang.  The Dark Snow Silkworm didn’t always hurt people, sometimes it can even bring two people together!

A night quickly passed.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t use too much spiritual energy on the first day, she just entered the chaotic space to cultivate to avoid Bai Jin Yi.

Being in a room together for a night, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t be able to act as calmly as before!

When Ye Yu Xi came out, before she could even react, Bai Jin Yi had placed a light kiss on her cheek.

“Shh!  Don’t speak, there’s people outside.”  Bai Jin Yi gently took Ye Yu Xi in his embrace as he said in a soft voice, “If you’re fighting Yu Ling today, be careful.  His spiritual technique is a bit strange.”

Bai Jin Yi let go of Ye Yu Xi after warning her and moved to the side.  He made sure that the people outside wouldn’t see him when she opened the door.

Ye Yu Xi looked at him with a bit of confusion before opening the door.

“Young miss Ye!”  There were several people who were squatting outside with exhausted looks on their faces like they hadn’t slept all night.

“Young miss Ye, we are the Sky Summoning Group.  We admire young miss Ye’s talent and welcome young miss Ye…..”

“We are……”

These people all spoke at the same time, but their words were the same.

Ye Yu Xi looked at them and revealed a faint smile, “Today is the finals.  Once the finals are over, I’ll give everyone an answer.”

Hei Feng Tian Zong heard this from his room.  He wasn’t competing today, he was just cheering on his master.

When the older students heard Ye Yu Xi’s words, they went to the square with Ye Yu Xi.

There were fifty arenas yesterday, but now there was just one in a single night.  It was unlike the small arenas from yesterday, this one was very big, taking up a total of five hundred square meters.

The viewing stands had also been moved closer to the stage.

When Ye Yu Xi arrived, there were plenty of people here already.

“Master, there seems to be more people compared to yesterday.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked over the crowd.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile, “There seems to be quite a few older students here today.”

The more people, the better it was for Ye Yu Xi!

“Princess, look at Ye Yu Xi.  It seems like…..we’ve seen her before.”  Si Luo was beside Princess Yuan Na and pointed at Ye Yu Xi.

Yuan Na looked over at Ye Yu Xi and narrowed her eyes.  The more she looked, the more nervous she was.  This woman seemed like that person from the High Ocean Mountains!

When she met Ye Yu Xi in the mountains, the disparity in strength was something that Yuan Na had firmly remembered in her heart.

“Si Luo, go and ask around about Ye Yu Xi’s performance yesterday.”  A worried look flashed in Yuan Na’s eyes.

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