Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Violent Blood Physique (Part 1)

Those two black figures were naturally the fatty and Ye Wen and that tall figure was actually Shi Qing!  Only it was different from the previous Shi Qing. The current Shi Qing was over two meters tall, had explosive muscles all over his body, and blood red eyes.

The fatty slashed at Shi Qing and Shi Qing roared out as he used his arm to block it.  The fatty’s cold glowing blade actually did not leave a single injury on Shi Qing’s body!

“You all——Si, si——deserve to die!”  Shi Qing’s body slightly bent, posing like a wild beast.


Ye Wen seized this chance and moved behind Shi Qing, sending a kick onto his back.  Shi Qing didn’t feel any pain as he sent his hand back, sending Ye Wen flying.

Elder Jia that came after saw Shi Qing’s aura and unconsciously took a step back.  Shi Qing’s wild state made him feel threatened!

Ye Yu Xi’s cold eyes watched Shi Qing’s wild state and did not immediately make a move.  Without knowing what state Shi Qing was in, it was not a wise choice to make rash moves! She called to Pang Xiao Long in her heart: Dragon master, do you know what is happening to Shi Qing?

The Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng loitering in the chaotic space heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice and said with a snort, “Little girl, now you think of me!”


A group of herbs hit Long Xiao Pang.  Huo Ling pouted his lips as his hand was still in the throwing position and he said in an immature voice, “Be more polite when you speak to my family’s master!”

“Tell me what’s happening first, I’ll add more food for you tonight!”  Ye Yu Xi added.

Long Xiao Pang licked his lips, “That’s better.  Your luck isn’t bad, that brat Shi Qing has a Violent Blood Physique, which is considered quite rare.  His weak point is the back of his neck. As long as you can hit hard enough on the back of his neck, it should be able to control him!”

When Ye Yu Xi heard Shi Qing’s weakness, she began to watch Shi Qing’s movements, looking for flaws.

“Fatty, attack from the front.  I’ll control him from the back!”  Ye Yu Xi sent a message to the fatty in her mind.

The fatty responded in his mind with a sound of agreement.  Gritting his teeth, he slashed with his blade again.

Shi Qing had already lost all reason, relying purely on his physical instincts to battle.  Seeing the fatty’s blade approaching him, he gave an angry roar as he used his arm to block it again.

When the fatty made a move, Ye Yu Xi also moved.  Ye Yu Xi saw Ye Wen’s previous attack and knew that normal attacks had no use on Shi Qing.  Ye Yu Xi jumped high up, reaching around three-four meters. She jumped above Shi Qing and controlling her spiritual energy, she quickly fell down.

Dong!  Kachacha!

Ye Yu Xi sent a kick out in the middle of the air, falling down right on the back of Shi Qing’s neck, causing Shi Qing to fall down on both knees.  The stone tiles under Shi Qing were filled with cracks, showing just how strong Ye Yu Xi’s kick was.


Shi Qing took two deep breaths as the blood red colour in his eyes gradually faded.  His eyelids closed with unwillingness and his body’s muscles returned to their original states, as he collapsed onto the ground.

Ye Yu Xi leaned over and placed her hand on Shi Qing’s neck.  It was good that he still had a weak pulse and he wasn’t dead yet.  Her kick was strong enough to crack a tree and with such strength, a normal cultivator would have been kicked to death.

Shi Qing fainted and no one said a word.  Ye Yu Xi and the others were talking with the secret technique, causing the yard to fill with silence.

After Ye Yu Xi heard the fatty’s explanation and knew what had happened, she knew that Shi Qing should have lost his reason after his little sister’s disappearance, turning into that state.  As for the Violent Blood Physique Long Xiao Pang mentioned, she would ask Long Xiao Pang about it after going back.

Ye Yu Xi silently walked through the thatch hut once, not finding anything suspicious.

Walking back into the yard, looking over Shi Qing lying on the ground and the trembling group of elder Jia, Ye Yu Xi said to the fatty in a hoarse voice, “Bring him, we’re leaving.”

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