Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Boss, quickly come over, it’s bad!

They looked in the direction Jia Jun Liang pointed in and their pupils focused!

There was nothing special about the thatch huts, but the two guards that should be standing at the door were lying there in pools of blood.  The thatch hut’s door was also wide open.


The fatty’s reaction was the fastest, instantly jumping over.  He looked over the guards in the pools of blood, they were already completely dead.

The fatty stopped outside the door.  They didn’t know the situation inside, so they had to be careful.

Shi Qing and Ye Wen’s reactions were only half a second slower, immediately running over to the thatch huts.

Jia Jun Liang saw that the people around him had ran over to the thatch huts.  After a few seconds of being stunned, he finally reacted. He should seize this chance to run!

When he turned and took two steps, Ye Wen’s ice cold voice came from behind him, “Young master Jia!  Where are you planning on going!”

De, de, de!

Jia Jun Liang’s teeth already began to clatter.  When he was about to explain, there was a liquid that dripped down his pants.

Shi Qing arrived in front of the thatch hut in just a few steps.  He did not even look at the two guards and directly charged in, trying to find his sister.

When he entered the thatch hut, he was hit with a thick musty smell.  Taking off the cloak, Shi Qing looked all around. There was only a broken wooden table, a chair that was almost broken, and several tea bowls that hadn’t been cleaned in a long time in the hut.  On the ground, there was a pile of straw and a worn blanket.

If he didn’t know this was the Jia Manor, he would think that this was one of the country’s prisons!

Little sister, little sister!

Shi Qing only had one thought in his mind which was to find his little sister.  Going around several times in the hut and finding that his little sister was no longer there, his eyes turned blood red.

“Ah~~Si——Si——”  His little sister’s disappearance made the belief in Shi Qing’s heart crumble.  He cried out in pain and his eyes became blood red. He took in deep breaths and fiercely looked at Jia Jun Liang being brought into the hut by Ye Wen.

Shi Qing still had a trace of reason in his mind as he spoke in a beast life voice, “Speak!  Where is my little sister!”

Jia Jun Liang saw Shi Qing’s appearance when he came in and unconsciously called out in surprise, “It’s you!”  Seeing Shi Qing who looked like a violent god, his legs began to tremble and his lips began to quiver, “I, I, I don’t know.”


Shi Qing roared out and lost all his reason.  His body swelled up a bit and his eyes became an explosive blood red colour.  His two hands grabbed Jia Jun Liang’s shoulders and with a pu sound, he directly ripped him in half.

The fatty’s heart was shocked.  When Shi Qing roared out and his body became bigger, the fatty thought that this was bad and something was about to happen!  He quickly used the secret technique to send a message to Ye Yu Xi, “Boss, quickly come over, something bad is about to happen!”

Ye Yu Xi in the front yard heard Shi Qing’s roar and heard the fatty’s message right after that, so she knew something had happened.  She quickly led Qing’er and Ye Man to the back yard.

Elder Jia and Jia Chang An saw the mysterious people leave for the back yard without a word.  In order to prevent any accidents, they followed them.

Ye Yu Xi’s group had an incredible speed, arriving at the thatch huts in the back yard in just a few breaths.

They saw two black shadows appear from the thatch hut followed by a large figure that was chasing them.

“Boss, help!”  The fatty’s heart was filled with anxiety.  He took out the cold glowing blade and stood in the yard.  Without staying still, he slashed out at the tall figure.

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