Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Violent Blood Physique (Part 2)

The fatty lifted Shi Qing and silently followed behind Ye Yu Xi.

“Your excellency!  My son…..” Jia Chang An never saw his son’s face, so he carefully asked this.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was filled with a bit of displeasure, scaring Jia Chang An into closing his mouth.

Ye Yu Xi’s group brought Shi Qing and swaggered out of the Jia Manor.

Ye Yu Xi’s gruop left the Jia Manor, but let’s not mention what happened when they returned to their little yard for now.

In the hut in the Jia Manor’s back yard, Jia Chang An’s wife heard the news and heard that her son was being beaten in their home, so she quickly ran over.

When she saw the two guards in pools of blood outside the hut, she quickly ran into the hut.  She was running as she shouted, “Where’s Liang’er, where is my Liang’er? Are his injuries serious!”

Elder Jia and Jia Chang An’s group were all silent as they looked at the two halves of Jia Lun Liang on the ground.

Madame Jia followed everyone’s gaze and looked over, seeing her son’s pitiful state.  Her hands couldn’t help hitting Jia Chang An, “You are a respected family head and now that your son’s been killed, you actually don’t do anything.  Are you still a…..”


Jia Chang An slapped Madame Jia and angrily cursed, “It’s all your spoiled good son!  The other side was the Blood Enchantress group! Do you want the entire Jia Manor to be buried with this unfilial son!”

Madame Jia was stunned……


Ye Yu Xi’s group brought the unconscious Shi Qing back to the little yard and placed Shi Qing into the fatty’s room.

The fatty looked at the unconscious Shi Qing and asked, “Boss, how do we take care of this brat?  If he goes crazy again, I can’t take care of him alone!”

Ye Yu Xi considered this for a bit.  With a flash of light on her fingers, Long Xiao Pang appeared beside Ye Yu Xi.

After being together all these days, Ye Yu Xi finally found a suitable place for Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang to live.  The two of them were both living inside her Space Ring.

“Big brother Long, you’re here.  I’ve almost finished cultivating what you gave me last time, shouldn’t you give me a bit more.”  When the fatty saw Long Xiao Pang, he became very intimate.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty.  Don’t you consider the time if you want to flatter someone.

“What is the Violent Blood Physique you mentioned before?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Shi Qing’s face and nodded, “It is indeed the Violent Blood Physique.  This physique is very rare and it is unknown how it appears. A person with this physique has very good physical conditions, especially after their blood goes berserk, it will temporarily increase their battle strength by a large amount.  However, the side effects are quite large. He should be stuck in bed for at least two-three days.”

Ye Yu Xi considered the time, there was still two days before the Ye Manor’s rite of passage.  Looking at the seventh prince’s movements, once she began to show off, there would be a fierce battle.  After all, she still had an engagement with him and with this engagement in place, it was not convenient for him to marry that young miss Jia from the Mingyue Sect!

“Does the blood berserk state cause him to lose his reasoning?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered Shi Qing’s movements back in the Jia Manor, it was clear he hadn’t recognized them.

Long Xiao Pang nodded and gave a sigh, “It isn’t like there isn’t a way.  There is a fourth grade pill that could suppress the degree of the blood berserk state, allowing people to keep their sanity after entering the blood berserk state, but it is a fourth grade pill.”

After saying this, Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi.  The meaning of his gaze was that you’re barely at the level of a third grade alchemist, you can’t refine it!

While they were discussing how to deal with Shi Qing over the next few days, knocks came from the door.

“Who?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes narrowed.  The Blood Enchantress people were all in their rooms, who would be knocking at this time?

“It’s me.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice came from outside the door.

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