Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Jia Jun Liang (Part 2)


Qing’er wasn’t polite with this kind of people.  She sent a slap to his face which made a very crisp sound.

Following this was several other slaps that sent several of Jia Jun Liang’s teeth flying.

The sounds of slaps rang out in the yard.  Elder Jia and the several dozen guards saw this, but not a single person dared move.  The meaning those black cloaks had was too much.

Ye Yu Xi raised a hand and had the fatty let go of the person underneath his foot.

“Elder Jia, we have a bit of a grievance with young master Jia, we hope that you will not interfere!”  Ye Yu Xi said in her hoarse voice.

Shi Qing took the sword handed to him by Qing’er and pointed that sword at Jia Jun Liang’s throat.  His voice was already trembling a bit, “Where did you lock up Shi Ying!”

“Who are you talking about, I don’t know the!”  Although Jia Jun Liang’s cultivation wasn’t good, he was still considered smart.  After suffering those slaps and hearing that person’s tone wasn’t good, he wisely chose to play dumb.


Ye Wen came over with a stab, piercing the blade into Jia Jun Liang’s palm, nailing it to the ground.  She said in a hoarse voice, “Do you know now!”

“Ah~~I do, I do.  She’s locked up in the hut in the back yard!”  Jia Jun Liang pitifully said.

“Ye Wen, fatty, help Shi Qing save her.”  Ye Yu Xi said to the two of them through their minds.

With a pu sound, Ye Wen pulled out her sword, causing Jia Jun Liang to start wailing.

Sending a kick to Jia Jun Liang’s stomach, Ye Wen took back her sword, “Stand up!”

Jia Jun Liang grimaced in pain as he led the way to the back yard’s hut.  Ye Yu Xi, Qing’er, and Ye Man just silently stood there, not saying a single word.

Elder Jia personally saw his family’s descendant’s palm being destroyed, but didn’t even have plans on making a move.  Perhaps he didn’t even dare make a move!

Finally, elder Jia couldn’t bear this silent and strange atmosphere.  He opened his mouth and tentatively asked, “Your excellency, has my descendant done something wrong?  I ask your excellency to explain everything. We’ll definitely punish him in the future, I hope this won’t affect our relationship.”

Jia Chang An who had been bearing the pain in his arm heard his old master’s words and his face turned pale.  He knew that his disappointing son had offended a terrifying person and perhaps the family head position would change soon…..

Ye Yu Xi heard elder Jia’s words and revealed a trace of a cold smile under her cloak.  She thought in her heart: I understand your thoughts, but if I easily let you outline my words, would I still be Ye Yu Xi?

“This is a grievance between our Blood Enchantress group and young master Jia, there’s no need for elder Jia to mind this.  If there is a need, we will go to the Spiritualist Guild and find elder Jia for a talk!” Ye Yu Xi’s words did not have any warmth, no ups and downs, not letting people hear any emotions.

When elder Jia heard this, he was shocked!

Just a few days ago, the Lord Deacon from the capital headquarters had tried moving against the Blood Enchantress group and had been shocked into spitting out blood in one move.  Even someone in the eighth spiritual level couldn’t take their attacks, there was no need to mention him. He quickly waved his hands, “No need, no need! There is no need to trouble your excellency!  If you need something from this Jia in the future, just a single word is needed.”

After some thought, elder Jia completely revealed a look of subservience.  As for the Spiritualist Guild’s face, he had already thought of something for himself in his heart: If one doesn’t even have one’s life, what use does face have?

Jia Jun Liang bore the pain in his palm as he led the fatty, Ye Wen, and Shi Qing to the hut in the back yard.  He could not understand, why did his family’s elder, the respected Spiritualist Guild elder not save him.

Jia Jun Liang raised his hand to point at several thatch huts over ten meters away and said in a trembling voice, “It’s over there.”

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