Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Speaking nonsense

Thinking of this, Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly opened her eyes and took a cold breath.

“It can’t be!  It can’t be her!  It definitely can’t be her!”

She grabbed Su Jin’s hand like a drowning person grabbing at a log, as her eyes filled with trace of fear.

“Su Jin, tell this widow, doesn’t that green clothed girl…..seem like someone?”

“Like who?”

“Chen, Ning!”  Empress Dowager Zhou said word for word.

Su Jin was shocked, but she immediately shook her head and said, “Empress Dowager, how could that be possible.  This servant feels they aren’t alike at all. Miss Chen is an elegant and refined girl and the green clothed girl has that ugly birthmark on her face, as well as that limp.  The two of them aren’t alike at all.”

“If she didn’t have the birthmark on her face, do you think they’re alike?”

“If she didn’t have the birthmark?”  Su Jin tried to recall the green clothed girl’s appearance.  She found that she didn’t have a deep impression because the birthmark was just too big, covering half the girl’s face, so all she could remember was the appearance of the birthmark.

“This servant does not remember that girl’s appearance, just her birthmark.”  She honestly said.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s head filled with a wave of dizziness.  She closed her eyes before opening them again and giving a cold laugh.

“She really is intelligent!  Even this widow fell for her tricks.  She stood in front of this widow, but it was like this widow’s eyes were blind and couldn’t recognize her at all.  Not simple, she truly isn’t simple!”

Su Jin was confused as she said, “Empress Dowager, who are you calling intelligent and not simple?  Is it the green clothed girl? You…..Is your meaning that she is Chen Ning?”

Empress Dowager Zhou said word for word, “It is her!”

“Impossible, definitely impossible!”  Su Jin immediately shook her head. She looked at Empress Dowager Zhou in disbelief and felt that Empress Dowager Zhou was seeing illusions, making her heart even more worried.

She held Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand and softly said, “The wind is strong here, Empress Dowager, don’t catch a cold.  This servant will take you back to the palace to rest and this servant will keep investigating the green clothed girl’s background.  This servant will investigate everything clearly.”

“Investigate?  Is there still a need?  She is Chen Ning, she is Chen Ning!”  Empress Dowager Zhou shouted as her fingers holding Su Jin tightened.  She began to tremble, trembling from fear.

Su Jin almost cried from discomfort as she looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with eyes filled with tears.  She thought that the Empress Dowager was cold from the wind, making her body tremble and making her speak nonsense.

“Empress Dowager, let’s head back first.  It’s not important who that girl is, nothing is as important as your body!”  Su Jin’s voice had a tearful tone to it.

“Su Jin, you don’t believe this widow’s words?  You don’t believe she’s Chen Ning, right?”

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly looked back at Su Jin with sharp eyes.

Su Jin didn’t dare respond.  She looked down and said in a small voice, “Empress Dowager, how could she be miss Chen?  Don’t you remember, miss Chen left the capital city several days ago and she married to East Qin!  You and the emperor were on the wall sending her off at the time. This servant remembers that scene clearly, not forgetting a single thing.”

Her tears unknowingly began to flow.  When she had seen Chen Ning walking out of the cart that day, she couldn’t help crying.

She had never seen miss Chen looking that beautiful before!

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