Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 880

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Chapter 880: One extra

Empress Dowager Zhou felt this was incredible.  She closed her eyes and forcefully rubbed her forehead, but her head was in chaos as Su Jin’s words kept ringing in her ears.

“There were fifty seven people who entered the palace and fifty seven people were sent out……”

She muttered, “Why was there an extra?  Why was there an extra? This extra person, who is she?  What is going on?”

Su Jin’s brain was already paste from thinking, her face was filled with confusion.

“This servant also feels it is impossible, but the facts are like this.  That girl that was carried off by the emperor, she really wasn’t among the people you invited into the palace.  The guards keep a strict guard of the palace and outsiders cannot come in. When each girl came to the palace, the servants all identified who they were, but where did this girl come from?  She…..She couldn’t be an assassin that snuck into the palace, right?”

Su Jin couldn’t help shivering as she quickly said, “Would the emperor be in danger?  This servant will immediately send someone to report to the emperor!”

“Su Jin, stop!”

Empress Dowager Zhou abruptly stopped Su Jin and she suddenly stood up.  Because she had stood up too sudden, she felt dizzy and swayed back and forth.

“Empress Dowager!”  Su Jin quickly came forward to support her, but she felt that Empress Dowager Zhou’s palm was covered in a cold sweat and her body was shaking.  She was worried as she turned and ordered, “Quickly ask doctor Zhang over!”

“No need…..This widow is fine.”

Empress Dowager Zhou took a deep breath and calmed her heart.  She slowly moved back to her seat while holding Su Jin’s hand and closed her eyes.

“This widow wants to properly think for a bit.”

Su Jin didn’t dare disturb Empress Dowager Zhou’s thoughts.  She waved her hand and had all the palace servants retreat, while she silently stood beside Empress Dowager Zhou, looking at her with a worried expression.

There was a huge fear vaguely at the bottom of Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart that made her not dare think any further.  But the problem was placed in front of her and she couldn’t dodge it at all, so she had to consider it.

That green clothed girl, just who was she?

She clearly was not one of the girls she had invited to the palace, she was the extra one!

Su Jin thought she was an assassin, but Empress Dowager Zhou dared believe that the girl was definitely not an assassin.  But for her to suddenly appear in the royal garden, what was her goal?

Empress Dowager Zhou closed her eyes and thought of every action and word of the green clothed girl.  Everything she did was natural and didn’t seem like a disguise at all. Empress Dowager Zhou believed her eyes very much, she wasn’t wrong about people!

Did she really come for the empress position?

If that was her only purpose, Empress Dowager Zhou could accept it.  Even if her background was unknown and she was born in the countryside, Empress Dowager Zhou did not care, but she was afraid…..

Thinking about it now, she felt an indescribable feeling of familiarity from this girl, like she seemed to know her!

“Impossible!  Definitely impossible!”

Empress Dowager Zhou shook her head, how could she recognize that girl?  She had never met her before!

This was because the girl had that large birthmark on her face that all the people who saw her couldn’t forget.  She also had a lame leg!

But taking away the birthmark on her face and her lame leg, her posture, her tone, her open and calm appearance, as well as her eyes that didn’t have a trace of impurity in it…..

They were all like a single person!

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