Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 882

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Chapter 882: Six ceremonies

That bright red wedding dress was like thick blood that stung her eyes and her heart.

She could never forget it.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to see it again.

Hearing Su Jin’s words, Empress Dowager Zhou’s dizziness subsided a bit.  She looked at Su Jin and muttered, “That’s right, it can’t possibly be her.  She has already married off to East Qin and the East Qin Crown Prince is that set on her, even sparing our West Chu a year of tribute for her, how could he let her go?  It can’t be her, it can’t be her!”

Her body didn’t have any strength and she seemed like she was being pulled by someone.  She could just barely stand leaning on Su Jin.

Her strength suddenly recovered at this time and her eyes lit up, as her face revealed a smile.

“Su Jin, you’re right, this widow is too suspicious.  It could be because the emperor is finally getting married that this widow is too happy and is beginning to worry about everything, thinking about bad things.”

Su Jin felt Empress Dowager Zhou’s ice cold palm became warm and her heart relaxed.  She revealed a smile as she replied, “Empress Dowager, this is worrying for one’s son.  For the matter of the emperor’s marriage, you have worried quite a bit. Now that it is settled, you should think of happy things.  No matter who the girl is, she was personally picked by the Empress Dowager, she is the best in terms of talent and virtue. We should quickly think of a way to handle the emperor’s wedding ceremony.”

Her words woke someone from a dream and Empress Dowager Zhou nodded along.

“Right, right, this widow feels that this girl’s character is very outstanding.  As for the Chen Family’s girl…..she is also the same, so this widow felt she was a bit similar.  Su Jin, are you certain they aren’t the same people?” She was still a bit unsettled.

“This servant is certain, they are definitely different people.  Miss Chen has already gone to a far off prince, she isn’t that future empress that you picked.”  Su Jin said with a smile.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart fell back down as she said with a smile, “It must be you making a mistake, forgetting to look at the girl’s name.  This widow needs to punish you.”

“This servant is willing to accept the Empress Dowager’s punishment.”  Su Jin quickly bowed down.

“The emperor’s wedding, the ceremonies can’t be sloppy.  There’s the name asking, cloth gifts, lucky gifts, dowry gift, date selection, and escort ceremony, the six ceremonies.  This widow will leave the “name asking” ceremony to you, you have to do a proper job for this widow and can’t make a single mistake, understood?”

[TL Note: These are the six traditional ceremonies for a chinese wedding.]

“This servant will obey your orders.”  Su Jin respectfully replied.

Empress Dowager Zhou considered it and then said, “Immediately invite the ceremony masters into the palace for this widow.  The emperor’s wedding cannot be small, this widow will personally take care of it for him, the wedding must be grand and solemn.  Although it is rushed, it can’t disgrace the face of the royal family.”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”

“Very good, go and do what you should do.  This widow will return to the palace to plan for the emperor’s wedding, making it as grand as possible.”

Empress Dowager Zhou had a smile as she released Su Jin’s hand, walking out of the pavilion.  She didn’t even use her cane, it was clear she was in a pleasant mood.

Su Jin whispered to herself after hearing her, “Three days?  The emperor is getting married in three days. Aiya, there’s only three days, how could that be enough?”

She watched Empress Dowager Zhou’s back as she walked away.  Hidden in the shadow of the trees, her heart suddenly filled with a sour feeling and two rows of tears couldn’t help falling down.

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