Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 879

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Chapter 879: This is impossible

Empress Dowager Zhou felt her heart become crazy as it jumped up and down.  The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

“Eh…..”  Su Jin was stunned by Empress Dowager Zhou’s question.  Her cheeks felt warm as she softly said, “It can’t be, the Empress Dowager is worrying too much.  The emperor isn’t someone who doesn’t understand matters, he just said he would get married in three days, right?  In these three days, I think he can still control himself.”

“That can’t be guaranteed, the emperor is still young, he….”  Empress Dowager Zhou shook her head and swallowed the latter half of her words.

He had seen the emperor’s passionate gaze toward that Chen Family’s girl, it even made her face turn red.

“Forget it, let him go.  If he already cooks the rice, it’s not a bad thing.”  Empress Dowager Zhou considered it before saying this.

Su Jin was secretly shocked.  She whispered, “Empress Dowager, you’re really letting the emperor marry that girl and take her as the empress?”

“That’s right.”  Empress Dowager Zhou raised a brow and looked at Su Jin, “Do you think there’s something wrong with that girl?”

“It’s not that, the girl’s talent and virtues are all good, just her face…..Also her leg……”  Su Jin hesitantly said.

“All of that isn’t important, this widow values her virtues and talent.  Also, this widow believes that after she marries the emperor, she will be able to give birth to a fat grandson for this widow.”  Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly thought of something.

“That’s right, Su Jin, what is that girl’s surname and name?  Whose family does she belong to? Ai, this widow actually forgot to ask and the emperor took her away.  This child really is…..” She shook her head.

Su Jin suddenly slapped her forehead, “Aiya, this servant actually forgot to ask the future empress’ name.  Empress Dowager, please wait, this servant will go ask now.”

When she was prepared to leave, she suddenly saw the twenty girls still standing in the pavilion.

“Empress Dowager, these girls…..”

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly woke up and ordered, “Someone, bring the presents this widow prepared for these girls.”

The eunuchs on the side placed the prepared gifts into the hands of the girls.

“Many thanks for the Empress Dowager’s grace.”

The girls kneeled down and their hearts felt much better.  Even if they couldn’t become the empress, the things the Empress Dowager gave them were treasures even in the palace.  Bringing them home would be enough to bring them honour.

Su Jin had people to send the girls out of the palace before sending people to find the origin of the green clothed girl the emperor took away.

The only thing she was certain of was that the green clothed girl was one of the commoner girls Empress Dowager Zhou invited into the city.

But the strange thing was that no matter how much she investigated, she couldn’t find the girl’s family and background.

For the garden party this time, Empress Dowager Zhou invited a total of fifty seven girls into the palace.  There were twenty eight from noble families and twenty nine girls of common birth, but this green clothed girl wasn’t one of the twenty nine girls.

“What did you say?  She wasn’t one of the twenty nine?  Then have you investigated the other twenty eight girls?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was also surprised when receiving the report.

Su Jin shook her head and said, “This servant has checked many times.  Every person has been checked and it isn’t her. There were a total of fifty seven people who entered the palace that day and also fifty seven people left the palace.”

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

Empress Dowager Zhou fell in her chair in disbelief, shaking her head.

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