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Xuan and Gu Kai’s Heart

Alternative Name: 轩顾凯心
Author: Fei Ying Xi Xi
Artist: –
Category: Boys Love, Romance, School Life
Status: Ongoing
Source: http://www.17k.com/book/1356996.html
Translator(s)/Translation Group: QualiTea
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Translator’s casual description for now
Guy gets cheated on so he’s going to try to either win him back, or win the game of love.


8 Responses to Xuan and Gu Kai’s Heart

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve just finished the prologue chapter and it has some good potential though I would like to see the final summary soon. Anyways I hope you upload the next chapter as it seems interesting!

  2. Bunbun says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kari says:

    This has peeked my interest. I’ll be watching out for the next release. Thanks for translating this!

  4. Amarynthia says:

    I love this already ^^ thank you for your hard work and translations <3

  5. Jack Nathaniel Mikahil says:

    Aww deems quite cute!
    Dear MoonBunnies, many thanks to the Author, Translator, Editor, Donor for the awesome chapter! With lots of love, JackBJ ❤

  6. sakurai-dono says:

    BL!? (ΦωΦ) fufufu~~ *interesting* i so am gonna watch this.

  7. jannn says:

    i have read the prologue and was wondering when will u update soon?im excited to see what happens next. thanks alot!

  8. Iceiceice says:

    So this won’t get translated?

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