Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 76 Part 1

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Liu Siruo liked Song Yi ever since she was little. When she was little and came with Ruoshui to Tongxu, she would follow Song Yi like a tail and call ‘Yi gege, Yi gege’ nonstop. Once she got a little older, every time she came to Tongxu, she would refuse to leave for the life of her and insist on staying in Song fu a while before leaving. After a dozen years, she developed a deep friendship with Kexin but wasn’t able to make Song Yi, who always loved to lift his chin, treat her as special.

In a blink of an eye, she was already a big girl, but Siruo still liked staying in Song fu. The difference was, she started avoiding Song Yi now. She could smile when she chatted with Song Yu and Lu Chongguang, yet she couldn’t face Song Yi for half a minute without her face turning red. Whenever she saw him, she would feel nervous. She also felt nervous when she was little, but it wasn’t as bad as now. And for some unknown reason, every time she saw Song Yi stand with his hands folded behind his back, she would subconsciously feel shorter.

Siruo thought sadly that she would probably not get to stand side by side with him in this lifetime. Her Yi gege was always smiling mildly. Nothing was too difficult for him, even the biggest problem became just a small sesame-sized matter in front of him. Her Yi gege was a god in her heart. She made herself good with all four arts but still felt that she wasn’t good enough for him.

Song Yi was already nineteen and had a heroic spirit that Song Liangzhuo didn’t have when he was younger. It was just that he was a little stuffy as if nothing was worthy of being in his eyes. Song Yu was exactly the opposite. It was the same face, but people were able to tell between them with a single glance. Song Yu had a smile on his face all the time and when his eyes whirled, you could tell he had come up with some new idea.

Song Yu was unwilling to take the exam to become an official. The first time he entered the examination hall, he saw that he knew the answers to all the problems, so he threw away his brush and left, declaring himself a top scorer. Afterwards, he started learning how to do business from Old Man Qian. Song Yi seemed also unwilling to take the imperial exams. He had never even entered the examination hall before. He drew and wrote every day as well as fiddled with things Xiaoqi couldn’t understand.

In the past, when Song Yi fiddled with molds and stuff, Siruo liked to stand at the side and carry water or tea over, bring some wooden blocks or get a nail. However, by now, she had long since stopped stepping into Song Yi’s courtyard.

The more she was afraid of him, the more she felt that his facial color wasn’t good. The worse his facial color was, the more scared she was of him and so, she set foot inside his courtyard less and less often.

Liu Mushui came to Tongxu to play again and as usual, invited the two guys from the Lu family. When several brothers met, they would inevitably have a round of drinks. Even Song Yi who usually didn’t have a lot of expressions would indulge in this liveliness.

Liu Mushui and the Lu family’s brothers put their arms around each other’s shoulders as they went to the Qian family to find Song Yu. After Song Yi saw them out, he turned around to return to his courtyard but ended up seeing Zhang Shun who was standing not far away. He often saw this man wandering around in front of the Song fu entrance whenever Siruo stayed at Song fu.

Song Yi looked at his shiny wide forehead and thought: he’ll be bald for sure once he’s past thirty. How could a bald male duck be suitable for Siruo?

Zhang Shun smiled towards Song Yi. Song Yi lifted his brows and Zhang Shun came over to ask, “Brother Song, wonder if Siruo is in the fu?”

Song Yi knitted his brows. “You have business?”

Zhang Shun looked towards the inside of the fu, then lowered his eyes and gave a smile before saying, “I have a letter I wish to give Lady Siruo, wonder if it’s convenient to…”

“I’ll help you give it to her.”

Huh? Zhang Shun was stunned. An instant later, he started speaking with another smile, “I wanted to say can I personally…”

“She’s not home right now.”

Zhang Shun scratched his forehead. After thinking a bit, he handed the letter over. “Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Song. Please pass on to her that I will wait for her at Charming Luster House.”

Song Yi took the letter but didn’t nod. Zhang Shun exhorted again, “You must let her see the letter, just say that I’ll wait until she comes.”

Song Yi entered the fu without saying a word. When he turned at the pavilion, he threw the letter directly into the lotus flower pond. After taking a couple steps, he felt that it wasn’t enough and moved a rock over to accurately weigh that letter down below the water.

Song Yi clearly underestimated Zhang Shun’s perseverance because when Liu Mushui returned with the two brothers of the Lu family and Song Yu, Liu Mushui actually personally notified Siruo. “That young master of the Zhang family said he was waiting at Charming Luster House for meimei. He said he had something to say, meimei should hurry and go. Oh, that’s right, and he said there was a letter. Did meimei receive it?”

Siruo shook her head, at a loss. She glanced at Song Yi that didn’t really have any expression and said, “Weren’t we going to eat at home? I still have to help Aunt Xiaoqi prepare cold meats.”

Liu Mushui swept a glance at Song Yi and said with a smile, “He said he’ll keep waiting for you. I think meimei had better go let him know. In reality, that Young Master Zhang’s personality is really not bad. Even if you’re unwilling, you can’t make people wait so long. It’s the most basic courtesy.”

Siruo pouted. “Gege, don’t make up things.”

“Haha, fine, I won’t say anymore. Meimei should hurry and go. If you head there and come back fast, you can still make it in time for dinner.”

Siruo thought about it, then looked at her dress that was splashed wet and said, “I’ll go change my clothes, I’ll be back soon.”

Kexin winked towards Liu Mushui and walked over. “I’ll help you change.”

When Siruo came out again, she had changed into a beige pleated dress and her hair was once again made into a bun with dangling ornaments. In reality, she didn’t put blush on her cheeks, but due to the direct look Song Yi shot over, her cheeks turned slightly red.

Siruo avoided Song Yi’s gaze and uneasily tugged at her sleeve. “Then um, I’ll head out first. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Song Yi opened his mouth and said mildly, “He said it was at eight. Siruo should eat dinner before heading over.”

Huh? Siruo looked towards Song Yi. Upon seeing that his expression was mild as always, she pressed her lips together, then said, “Gege said that he was already there. I’ll come back right after I say a couple words, I won’t stay long.”

“He said eight. When the time comes, I’ll have a manservant accompany you there.”

Song Yi didn’t care if she agreed or not and headed towards the dining hall with a dark expression. Liu Mushui slapped his stomach grinning as he laughed soundlessly. Lu Chongxi hooked the corners of his mouth as he said quietly, “You’ll definitely suffer in the future for scheming against him this way.”

“Humph, who’s afraid?!” Kexin ran over and said sneakily, “Later, Mushui ge will be Eldest Brother’s wife’s older brother. How could he dare to bully him?”

Lu Chongxi smiled gently. “Qianqian’s words are reasonable.”

Kexin avoided his gaze and ignored the warmth in his eyes as she lifted her chin. “Who do you think I am? Qianqian ah! When shallow feigns depth, what’s deep is also shallow. There’s nothing that can stump me.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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