Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 76 Part 2

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Extra: 6.2

It was very lively at dinner. Song Yi actually, in a rare occasion, took the initiative to bring up the wine-drinking game and even swept an eye over Siruo and Kexin. “Qianqian and Siruo play too.”

The men in the room were stunned for a bit, but a moment later, laughed so hard they had to curl up. Xiaoqi didn’t know how to make poems so she lost two cups in the very first round and already started to show signs of grabbing vegetables. Song Liangzhuo half hugged her as he grabbed her hands to stop her from randomly moving around. Another round ended and it was still Xiaoqi that had to drink the penalties. Song Liangzhuo’s gaze became a bit hostile as he looked towards Song Yi. Song Yi lifted his brows, then concentrated on replying to the other few.

After Xiaoqi downed three cups of wine, she started humming ‘Husband, Husband’. Song Liangzhuo shot a look at Song Yi, then carried Xiaoqi back to their room.

Following that, the next person that lost was Siruo. Ever since Liu Mushui said a single sentence reminding her to go to Charming Luster House to keep the appointment, her losing frequency increased from about once every three rounds to three or four times every round. Everyone also gradually realized that if it was Siruo’s turn, Song Yi would come up with poems that were either hard to continue, or absolutely impossible to follow up on.

The men on this side had already gotten internal injuries from smothering their laughter. Meanwhile, on that side, Siruo had turned limp on the chair, completely dizzy.

Song Yi swept a glance at Siruo who was askew on the chair, so dizzy that she couldn’t even lift her hand. He then gave a light humph and continued to compete against the men. He waited until two more collapsed before saying mildly, “It’s about time to rest. We’ll continue drinking tomorrow.”

Liu Mushui dizzily swayed over to push Siruo who was only half-conscious. “Get up, there’s still someone waiting for you.”

Siruo’s head was buzzing and her stomach was also uncomfortably twitching. After Liu Mushui kicked her, she leaned over and vomited.

Liu Mushui shook his hand in disgust. Seeing that Song Yi’s face darkened again, he merrily swayed away. Lu Chongxi automatically took the task of supporting Kexin with his arm. When he saw that she was having trouble walking, he decided to just directly pick her up and carry her away.

Song Yi looked at Siruo who was leaning on the chair and groaning from a headache. He took off her vomit covered garment and poured her a cup of strong tea before picking her up and throwing her directly onto a small couch in a corner of the dining hall. Song Yi wrapped her up with a bedsheet and hooked the corner of his mouth as he said, “You want to meet him? Want to find a husband? If you can wake up, you can try going.”

Liu Mushui and the second son of the Lu family as well as Song Yu were pressed up against the window outside the dining hall, smothering their laughter so much they couldn’t breathe. They watched as Song Yi lifted up Siruo, who was wrapped into a baby silkworm, then hastily tiptoed away with their backs hunched.

Song Yi looked at the person in his arms that was still groaning with her eyes closed and lifted his brows. “You’ve already lived in the Song family home for over a dozen years, yet you still want to run out? What were you doing earlier?”

Song Yi carried the person directly to his own courtyard. On this side, a person crawled out from the holly. The moment he crawled out, he sat down on the ground and pounded the ground as he burst out laughing. After that, two more crawled out and they rolled around laughing together.

After a good long while~~

“Say, would Eldest Brother take advantage of this chance while Siruo’s drunk and make his position solid?”

“Haha, don’t know. It looks like it.”

“Then, want to go keep on eavesdropping?’ Liu Mushui was crying from laughter as he spoke.

Lu Chongguang knitted his brows and slanted a look over. “There’s probably no big brother that acts the way you do!”

Song Yu recovered enough strength to suck in a breath of air, then said, “Forget it, if Big Brother found out, won’t he flay us? We’d better hurry and…”

Song Yu’s words were choked back to his stomach when he saw the person standing behind Liu Mushui. Liu Mushui smugly raised one leg and one eyebrow as he said, “There’s five words that can summarize Eldest Brother’s quintessence——outwardly cold but deeply passionate inside! Hehe, not saying it even though he likes her and always pretending to be deep and profound, practically like a celestial.”

Song Yu’s lips violently twitched. Lu Chongguang agreed. “He is stuffy and deeply passionate enough. Hahaha, Fourth Brother is too right!”

Song Yu squeezed both his eyes closed again and again as he scrunched his face into a wrinkled steamed bun. Liu Mushui seriously felt a bit dizzy. When he saw Song Yu’s expression, he shook his head and said, “You’re constipated?” After he said that, he slapped the ground and started laughing again.

Song Yu slapped his forehead, then climbed up and slurred, “Eldest Brother is here? I’m so drunk that I c-c-can’t even stand up.” After Song Yu finished speaking, he swayed and wobbled away.

The loud laughter that originally filled the night sky came to a spontaneous end. Following that, the sound of crickets started. They chirped high then low; it sounded strangely amusing. Liu Mushui’s promptly retrieved hand fell like a hammer and he gave a weird ‘gaga’ laugh, then closed his eyes and just laid down.

Lu Chongguang scratched his cheek, then shakily got to his feet and said, “This, um, ah, where’s the latrine?”

Lu Chongguang turned around in a circle, then pointed towards the courtyard door area, “Oh, it’s there!”

Liu Mushui heard Lu Chongguang’s steps gradually get far away and silently cursed him so thoroughly not even his underpants were spared. How can you lack brotherly loyalty so much?! No matter what, shouldn’t you carry the person lying on the ground away? Aaah, the ground is cold ah, there’s bugs biting ah. Lord ah, what the heck is crawling on his leg?

Fifteen minutes later~~

Go please, I’m begging you. You’re my big brother, my family’s eldest brother! Liu Mushui wailed.

Thirty minutes later~~

I’m the one outwardly cold but deeply passionate, I’m stuffy and passionate, Eldest Brother, please go to sleep! Liu Mushui felt that his gall bladder was flowing in reverse and even his heart was turning bitter.

Two hours later~~

Fuck! With the sky as the quilt and the earth as the woven mat, I just don’t believe that I can’t fall asleep!

Three hours later, Song Yi saw that the person on the ground went from heavily snoring to breathing evenly and lightly, then gave a humph and left.

Two strange incidents occured in Song fu. The first was that Lady Siruo and the eldest young master of the Song family were on good terms again. The servants saw that little bum beetle following Eldest Young Master Song again.

The second was that when the servants were sweeping the garden at dawn, they saw the Liu family’s eldest young master that sleeping muddleheadedly on the stone alley. When he was shaken awake, he couldn’t even stand up.T/N Later, there were rumors that the Liu family’s young master was of marriageable age yet couldn’t relieve his desire, so he drank too much wine as he thought of spring towards the night sky.

Liu Mushui’s back was bruised purple all over by the protruding rocks. The dozen or so days after that, whenever the servants saw Mushui, he had his back hunched with a miserable expression on his face as if he was a prawn being cooked.

Later, Liu Mushui summed it up and said: No matter what you sleep on, you can’t sleep on a stone road. No matter who you offend, you can’t offend a tiger.

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Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
This chapter is sweet, but so many, too many characters!! So hard to even keep the names straight and who’s from who’s family!?

T/N – And… a while after I finished translating this, I had to wait for hours in a bureaucracy office to get my Hong Kong citizenship renewed. It was the day after a family dinner with some relatives we haven’t seen in a long time. We didn’t go home until past midnight, woke up to head to the bureaucracy office at around six the next morning. At 3pm, I was like F it! I’m sleeping on these chairs. Laid down across two chairs, passed out. Woke up some time later, legs were numb, hand was numb, neck and shoulder on the side that I laid on were so painful I teared up trying to get up… 

In other news~ One last bit regarding the story. I found out a few days ago while staring at the fishes in the pond outside my family home in China with my mom that… there are rivers that flow from mountains to the sea which are fresh water rivers… then there are rivers that flow from the sea inland… That’s called something that translates as ‘silt water’, so the dam that Song Liangzhuo was building was for ‘saltwater transportation’… Huge oops. Shall revisit the raws and fix.

Lastly, Xiao Qi Wait is 1/6 projects I’m currently working on.

Four other projects are hosted on Moonbunnycafe with updates of 1x chp a week:

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Cultivating to be a Great Celestial – transmigration; a person around twenty something transmigrates into an old grannie’s body, resigns herself to being a wealthy old lady in ancient-ish China when celestials arrive and said that her husband (the old lady’s husband) is a respected celestial and has requested for her to go to the celestial world. And so she goes out of curiosity, as an ugly, abnormally strong for a normal human, old lady to the celestial world where people can wave and send lightning striking down, a world filled with spirit beasts… fun times

And one is on Volarenovels with updates of 4x chp a week. Currently on hiatus until Aug though.

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Honestly, I’ve read ahead in all of them except Island and they’re all super good. The current chapters of Island that I’m translating has me cheering though. Right now… I would recommend Prodigal Alliance Head and Cry of Phoenix the most. Prodigal Alliance Head because something different happens every couple chapters to make you laugh and wonder about the stuff it hints at. Plus it has the most chapters out so far. Cry of Phoenix starts tragic and makes you feel those hearttugs, but as the MC seeks revenge without losing herself in hate, there are plenty of funny moments and lots of face-slapping and brave sacrifices to cheer on from the very start. Then there’s Celestial which is a very unusual cultivation novel that explores in a lot of new directions without being overly ridiculous and serves to be both funny and interesting. Consort is so great but the development is so in detail that right now, reading it is probably just tantalizing for the readers. Island is kinda the same, with the action just getting started in the second volume.

Anyhow, if you haven’t already, check some of these projects out! :3

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