Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 73 Part 1

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Compare oneself to another, drop dead from anger.’ Who was the one that came up with this saying?

But there was no need to care about who said it, it was the truth, Liu Hengzhi lamented.

He thought that for better or for worse, his child was going to be a little third. Who would have expected that the wife in Song Liangzhuo’s family had a small physique but a big belly and managed to contain two in her belly? Now this is perfect. His family’s son can only fight for the position of old fourth.

Every day, Liu Hengzhi would face all the cardinal positions and say amitabha Buddha, praying that the Wen family would get their second pregnancy a little later, that the Song family would also be slower in getting their second pregnancy and that the Liu family would hurry and get a pregnancy before those two families. He had already thought of all the names. If it was a son, he’d name him Liu Mushui, if it was a daughter she would be Liu Siruo. But, but his daughter ah, why was she still not coming?

Ever since Liu Hengzhi received the one-month-old celebration invitation card from Tongxu, his eyes became abnormally heated when he stared at Ruoshui’s stomach. Ruoshui was tormented by Liu Hengzhi’s industrious and diligent efforts that took place regardless of day or night so much that she couldn’t even keep her eyes open. Finally, she cleverly hid in Mother Liu’s courtyard to fill in her lost sleep.

She had decided that in the future, no matter what fun things he brought over to coax her, she was still not going to return to that courtyard. If she didn’t resist this kind of thing, the person that would suffer losses would be her.

The days of midsummer were hot to the point it caused people to be vexed. Ruoshui finally managed to fall asleep after she had someone place ice next to the small couch. Liu Hengzhi had headed out so Ruoshui managed to finally sleep well. When she opened her eyes again, the sun was already tilting towards the West.

When the little yatou, Hong Ye, saw her wake up, she wiped Ruoshui’s face with the towel that she moistened with freshly drawn well water. Then she said quietly, “Young Master has sent someone back with a watermelon and it’s currently cooling in the cellar. Would Young Madam like to have some now?”

Ruoshui fell back onto the couch with all four limbs opened wide. Only after a while did she rub her much thicker waist and say unhappily, “I’m not eating any. I’m already all fat. She’ll definitely laugh at me when I go see her.”

Mother Liu come out from the inner room and said with a smile, “You don’t look fat at all. Hong Ye, go cut some and bring it over. Us ladies will eat some first to fill our stomachs a little.”

When the sandy watermelonT/N was carried up, Ruoshui gulped back her saliva several times, but still couldn’t resist and ended up eating half a plate. After Ruoshui finished eating, she started regretting. She pinched her ears and silently vowed that if she ate dinner again at night, then she was a little dog.

As before, all the food at the dinner table were things Ruoshui liked to eat. Liu Hengzhi even brought the celery shelled shrimp and cold vegetables bean roll that Ruoshui loved the most from Abundant Pool House. When Liu Hengzhi saw Ruoshui clutch her chopsticks as her eyes whirled around the table, he said gently, “You only have strength after you eat your fill. Vows and stuff are all ineffective during this time since Bodhisattva is also eating right now and can’t hear the things people on the ground are saying.”

Mother Liu agreed. “Precisely, precisely. People are iron, food is steel, just missing one meal would cause people to be extremely hungry. Ruoshui, don’t hesitate to eat. Mom will just let the doctor prescribe some lotus leaf tea for you in order to get rid of the fat.”

Ruoshui looked at her bulging round little arm and pouted a bit unhappily. To need to get rid of the fat, it’s obvious that she’s gotten a lot fatter.

However, when Liu Hengzhi picked up a large shrimp with his chopsticks and carried it over, Ruoshui still became a little dog. In addition, she continued choosing to be a little dog.

After the meal, Ruoshui ran too slowly and got caught by Liu Hengzhi just before she headed out the door. This time, Liu Hengzhi behaved very decently and held her hand as he said, “You shouldn’t randomly run around after eating, you’ll get a stomach ache. This husband will bring you to the back garden to walk around.”

Ruoshui thought, if it’s walking around, it’s fine. She’ll just resolve to not get on the bed or the table when they return to their room later.

Liu Hengzhi was very gentle today. As he held Ruoshui’s hand, he swung it as they walked like they were an old married couple. Gentleness penetrated even his words.

Shuishui, I’ve thought about it. Let’s not go to Tongxu for the time being.”

Ruoshui unhappily aimed a look at Liu Hengzhi. “I miss Xiaoqi, she wrote me a lot of letters. If you’re not going, I’ll just go by myself. It’s not like I’ve never gone there before!”

Liu Hengzhi wrapped his arm around Ruoshui’s shoulder and laughed cheerfully. “If Shuishui wants to go, then we’ll just go. Aren’t we just discussing it? Haa, after running an entire day I’m also pretty tired. Let’s go back to our room.”

Ruoshui knitted her brows suspiciously. “You said just a moment ago that we were going to take a walk.”

Liu Hengzhi nodded and pointed towards the courtyard, then spoke in a completely honorable manner, “We’ve walked all the way from the dining hall to our courtyard entrance.”

You said we were going to the back garden!” Ruoshui was a bit angry.

Liu Hengzhi lifted his hand and swatted the air as he said, “Tsk tsk, there’s really a lot of mosquitoes. Does Shuishui’s entire body itch?”

Ruoshui started feeling her neck itch the moment Liu Hengzhi said that and hastily covered her neck with both hands. “Let’s go back, go back. I need to bathe.”

Hehe, understood!” Liu Hengzhi lifted Ruoshui in a princess carry and entered the courtyard.

But first things first: you’re not allowed to shower with me. If you dare try, I’ll scratch your face.” Ruoshui wrinkled her nose and extended her claw, making a motion as if she was scratching a wall.

Alright, we won’t bathe together. I’ll go to the other room to bathe.”

Liu Hengzhi did keep his word. Not only did he keep his word, he even obediently got onto the bed and closed his eyes.

When Ruoshui finished wrapping herself up tightly and came out from behind the screen, Liu Hengzhi had already started snoring softly. Ruoshui suspiciously tiptoed over to take a look and Liu Hengzhi sleepily opened his eyes a crack as he said, “Let’s sleep, I’m tired to death.”

Ruoshui looked at the little couch, then looked at the bed in front of her again. The little couch was nice, but there was no mosquito net set up over it. During the summer months, what scared her most was mosquitoes. What if she ends up getting bitten by bugs in the middle of the night? It’s still best to sleep on the bed after all. From the looks of it, the enemy is too tired to budge anyways. Ruoshui looked at her own nails. If the enemy made a movement, she definitely wouldn’t show mercy again and would definitely scratch him.

Ruoshui pushed the basin filled with ice towards the head of the bed, then bored inside the mosquito net. However, she still couldn’t quite fall asleep. Ruoshui angrily thought, it’s all this evil person’s fault. Now her sleep schedule is all messed up.

A hand extended over and Ruoshui hastily pressed down the hems of her clothes. “What are you doing? Didn’t you say you’re sleepy?”

Liu Hengzhi sleepily gave an ‘en’ in reply then mumbled, “What are you wrapping yourself up so tightly for? You’ll get a sweat rash. You should take it off.”

Liu Hengzhi’s words were reasonable and his movements also seemed pretty pure. Ruoshui thought about it and felt it was true. It was pretty cool since she had just entered the blankets, but if she ended up waking up in the middle of the night due to the heat, she was the one that would suffer. As she was deliberating, Liu Hengzhi had already undone her belt.

Liu Hengzhi pulled a corner of the bedsheet and said, “Come over here and cover your stomach. Don’t catch a cold.”

Ruoshui obediently shifted over a little, then glowered as she said, “Don’t bother me today, my sleeping schedule’s already all messed up.”

I won’t bother you.”

Liu Hengzhi pulled Ruoshui forcefully into his arms and muttered with his face pressed against her nape, “You can’t fall asleep? Want to talk for a while?”

Ruoshui thought for a moment, then said, “Say, wouldn’t two babies burst the stomach? If only Xiaoqi was in Ruzhou. I also want to see what a stomach with two babies looks like.”

Liu Hengzhi cooperatively rubbed her stomach, then said softly, “It won’t burst. In the future, once Shuishui has some, wouldn’t you know by looking at your own stomach?”

How’s that the same? Xiaoqi has two.”

We’ll also have two!” Liu Hengzhi said indignantly.  

After Liu Hengzhi finished speaking, one of his hands climbed into Ruoshui’s dudou and the lips that were pressed against her back also started wandering.

What are you doing?” Ruoshui reached out to push him away.

Doing some exercise after eating is good for the body.”

My body is perfectly good!” Ruoshui raged and reached out to scratch Liu Hengzhi’s face. However, Liu Hengzhi had fast reflexes and grabbed her hands, pressing them down to the side before she could succeed.

Ruoshui was furious and kicked the mattress as she said, “You’re breaking your word. Aoooo, don’t touch me.”

I told you to stop touching me! Nn…”

Y-y-you.. Stinki… Mnn.. your, stinky hands! If, going to ignore you, nn… hurts!”

Some things wouldn’t stop happening just because you don’t want them to happen. In addition, sometimes when they happen, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from gradually getting swept along and enjoying it. Ruoshui was extremely angry as her entire body stretched taut. As she bit Liu Hengzhi’s nose, she fiercely vowed that if she got onto the bed again tomorrow, then her surname wasn’t Wen!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – When I searched this up, the Chinese wikis and answer pages said that it referred to a type of watermelon, or described the texture as getting grainy/sandy as it got riper. It’s viewed as delicious due to the enjoyable texture and the fact that such watermelons are sweeter due to it become more concentrated with less water content. However, as I searched it a little in English, I found that most tips say that dry watermelons are usually overripe. I wonder if it’s a cultural difference or just different types of watermelons?

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