Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 71 Part 2

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Mom ah, heehe, gege fell into a pit!” Song Yu who was in the courtyard was bending over and laughing mischievously at Song Yi who had fallen into the pitfall he dug.

Childish!” Yi er patted off his butt and stood up. Casting a glance at Song Yu, he said, “Dad said that those who attack people’s backs are all lowly people.”

Song Yu’s little chin lifted. “Mom said that when you can’t beat your enemy, you must learn sneak attacks.”

Song Yi’s expression was that of complete disdain and a refusal to associate with him. He arrogantly clasped his little hands behind his back, turned his head, and left.

Humph, not playing with me again! Song Yu’s mouth pouted and he shoved Song Yi from the back. Song Yi lost his balance and directly took a dog eating shit fall.

Haha~~ Big idiot!” Song Yu laughed delightedly, so much his waist bent over. However, after laughing half the day, he still didn’t see the person on the floor lift his head. He finally restrained his laughter and crouched down to push Song Yi a little. “What’s wrong? Did you fall too hard? It hurts?”

Song Yu scratched his brows that were bunched together like a caterpillar and pouted. “How weak. Get up, I’ll ‘fuu fuu’ for you and it won’t hurt anymore.”

Song Yi still didn’t move at all. Song Yu seemed to feel that something big and bad has happened. He scratched his head again, then scrambled towards the room. Song Yi waited until Song Yu ran far away before lifting his head. Getting up, he gracefully patted off the dirt on his body and gave a light humph. Folding his hands behind his back, he lifted his head high and left.

When Song Liangzhuo saw his youngest son run in, he lifted his eyebrows at Xiaoqi as if saying: this husband has undeniably good foresight.

Xiaoqi pouted and gave Song Liangzhuo a look before turning to look towards her son.

Song Yu gasped for breath as he said, “Mom ah, gege fell and passed out.”

Upon hearing this, Xiaoqi immediately got up and rushed outside. Song Liangzhuo shook his head, picked up his tea, and took a sip. Song Yu looked at Song Liangzhuo through his tears and said the same sentence with the same tone. “Dad ah, gege fell and passed out.”

Song Liangzhuo lifted his brows. “He’s pretending.”

Huh?” Song Yu opened his mouth with snot dripping down.

Song Liangzhuo picked Song Yu up and placed him on his leg. Wiping his snivel clean, Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows as he said, “There can never be too much deception in war. However, with that single method of his, he was able to trick you for two years already. Yu er ah, isn’t it time to increase your memory a bit more?”

Song Yu was first stunned. A moment later, his mouth pouted. Clenching his small fist, he fiercely smacked it into his other palm. Song Liangzhuo chuckled. “Don’t copy your mom. In the future, Yu er should learn a bit more skill from your grandpa.”

Song Yu lifted his eyes to look towards Song Liangzhuo and blinked his eyes as he said, “I want to follow Dad. Grandpa doesn’t know about water management.”

Song Liangzhuo looked at this little face which resembled his. Lifting his hand to pinch his cheek, Song Liangzhuo said, “Let’s go play at the river dam some other day. Right now just happens to be the season wild ducks lay eggs as well…”

Song Yu started to reply noisily before Song Liangzhuo even finished speaking. “Yeah yeah! Yu er wants to hatch a little duckling.”

Song Liangzhuo recalled the incident of how Song Yu put the wild duck egg inside his quilt to warm it last year and how it ended up being crushed by his chubby little body.T/N3 Sighing, Song Liangzhuo said, “Yu er, Yu(, to be stupid/to cheat or deceive) er. Was it because we came up with a bad name? That’s why you’re so bad at learning from mistakes? You just love to cause trouble the most, yet every time you don’t seem to get any benefits from it either.”

Song Yu covered his mouth as he laughed ‘heehee’. Who says that he doesn’t get any benefits? He’s the one that gets to nestle in Daddy’s arms the most, and Daddy even piggybacks him to visit the dam. As for gege, he can only run by himself.

Xiaoqi hastily searched all around and eventually found Song Yi in Mother Song’s courtyard, learning chess with Song Qingyun. Xiaoqi loosened a breath. She cupped Song Yi’s face and looked at it for a long time before she released it. This face was like a small version of Song Liangzhuo. She couldn’t bear for him to get injured even a little bit.

Song Yi calmly waited for Xiaoqi to release him before he continued and made his move. Xiaoqi leaned over the side and watched for a long time. When she finally found a chess move that could be made, she excitedly rubbed Song Yi’s head as she said, “Son, Son! Move here, move here!”

Song Yi expressionlessly slanted a glance at Xiaoqi. His little mouth pouted as he slowly said, “True noblemen speak not while watching chess.”T/N4

Xiaoqi choked, then unhappily scratched her chin. If she just left like this, it really felt like she would be losing face. If she didn’t leave, her son would dislike her. Xiaoqi also copied Song Yi and slanted a glance over. In a fit of pique, she randomly swept one hand on the chessboard, then lifted her chin. “I speak not. I just move my hand a little, that’s all.”

Song Yi and Song Qingyun shared a look, then sighed and shook their heads. Xiaoqi looked at her own son, this son that she had fed until big like a treasure. He had already gravely left her anticipated railway and became uncute. She couldn’t help but feel a rush of sadness. With a dejected expression, she whirled back to her own courtyard.

Song Qingyun put away the chess pieces as he said, “Yi er has lost again. Your penalty is to copy the poetry anthology three times.”

Song Yi gritted his teeth as he fiercely scratched the stone table and said angrily, “Grandpa is being shameless. If Grandpa spoke, Mom wouldn’t have dared to sweep the chessboard.”

Haha.” Song Qingyun laughed shrewdly. “True noblemen speak not while watching chess. Grandpa is a nobleman.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N3 – Lol, I actually did that too, with a… unfertilized refrigerated egg, I think lol. And it was even more dangerous because I think I stuck it in between the mattresses of the bed when my mom came to wake me up. For some unknown reason, it managed not to break tho? Still a mystery to me ‘til this day lol.
T/N4 – “True noblemen speak not while watching chess, Men of character do not return after lifting their hand.” Those watching chess should watch silently and not try to influence the people playing chess. If the people watching keep conversing, they would disrupt the player’s thinking. Once your hand leaves the chess piece, you can’t regret. This is one of the most fundamental parts of chess. It’s also warning people that you must think things through when doing things.
Lmao, that last rebuttal!!

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  1. Eunieberry says:

    Who said Song Yu was not a good name? It was perfect for that little schemer, fond deceive…*nodshead* and lol the gege seems like the serious type😂 Wish they’d have a little sister to dote on soon!!

  2. Gloomy Gloom! says:

    I really love this novel!
    It feels rushed though, I hope the author make it longer on the pregnancy scenes… 😉
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    Either you and your mattresses are really light and/or you stuck it in there vertically. o .o Eggs are pretty sturdy sometimes.

    I also did this when I was nine-ish. My older brother told me a chicken would hatch if I put it under my pillow. Orz

    • Chiyomira says:

      Haha, and you believed him? Same lol, I always believed the stuff my older brother told me, and then hit him when I find out he was wrong or lying.

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