Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 71 Part 1

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Extra: 1.1

His Majesty had given a decree to dredge the sandy waters. After five years, water transportation has already started to go along the right track. The two large ravines of Tongxu county, along with several other docks, also started to become widely known.

In these five years, Xiaoqi and Song Liangzhuo fought very little. However, that was except for special circumstances. For example…

Haa, it was no wonder Song Liangzhuo’s expression was dark. Chen Zigong came to Tongxu to play again, and even stayed in Song fu. Without Song Liangzhuo knowing the situation, Xiaoqi actually brought him to the long dam to play for a day.

Right now, the dam was already starting to look like the peach blossom dam in Xiaoqi’s dream. It was just that the peach trees on both sides were still not big enough yet. Xiaoqi said with incomparable happiness to Chen Zigong: this was something her husband gifted her. Next year, it’ll be able to bloom. At that time, when spring comes, they can see both sides filled with peach blossoms.T/N

Xiaoqi brought Chen Zigong to the sogon grass cluster on the riverbank and felt for a nest of wild duck eggs. She rather magnanimously gifted Chen Zigong two of them. The rest were for Song Liangzhuo and her, and the two little bitsy-boos to each have one.

Xiaoqi happily wrapped up the wild duck eggs and headed with Chen Zigong back to the fu, one walking behind the other. By the time they returned, Song Liangzhuo, who had stood waiting at the door for a long time, stood with his expression already turned cold to the point it was like the ice cascadeT/N2 of Yuntai Mountain.

Chen Zigong’s mood was too good as he dusted off his butt and headed back to the capital, leaving Xiaoqi to face Song Liangzhuo alone. In reality, the five years had already left some marks on Song Liangzhuo’s face and allowed his bright and handsome face to become even more mature and enchanting. Xiaoqi’s infatuation with him only increased. Occasionally, she would prop up her chin and indulge in watching him paint or write.

Right at this current moment, Song Liangzhuo’s expression had already been dark for two days. Xiaoqi pretended to be infatuated as she curried favor by propping up her chin and watching him read documents. Usually, whenever she did something wrong, she only had to stare at him like this and he would automatically unfreeze and pull her into his arms.

Xiaoqi ended up really infatuated from her starting pretense. Afterwards, when she returned to her senses, she continued pretending to be infatuated. Her eyes were even starting to hurt from opening so wide, yet Song Liangzhuo didn’t even react in the slightest. However, not a single page of that document had been moved either.

Xiaoqi scratched the table and Song Liangzhuo’s brows slightly knitted. Xiaoqi’s little hand ran forward a little bit, tapping the table, and Song Liangzhuo’s brows slightly lifted. Xiaoqi finally couldn’t hold back anymore and wiggled over to pull apart his arm and squeeze into his chest. However, Song Liangzhuo actually switched to his other hand in order to continue ‘reading’ documents seriously.

Xiaoqi got a little angry. She pulled the book out of his hands and threw it onto the table as she pouted. “Why’s Husband ignoring me?”

Song Liangzhuo lifted his eyes to look at Xiaoqi. She wasn’t like him. He would slowly turn old, yet she was only only becoming more and more vibrant and beautiful. In the past, he felt like she was an osmanthus flower, dark light soft yellow, but only now did he learn that she should be a tree peony.

When he first married her, she was still a flower bud, all tightly curled up and so shy that she didn’t let loose the slightest bit of charm. Five years later, she was only half opened and yet to blossom. She was not as rich as a tree peony in full bloom, but her increasingly enchanting charm could no longer be repressed. Mixed with her inherent simplicity, it was like the fresh pureness of an osmanthus flower merged with the enticing charm of tree peonies.

Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand to stroke Xiaoqi’s face that was even more conspicuously beautiful, having lost the baby fat. Then, he turned to pick up the scroll again. Xiaoqi hurriedly jumped onto his leg and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Good Husband, why are you ignoring me!?”

I’m not ignoring you.” Song Liangzhuo hugged Xiaoqi who was about to slip off and knitted his brows as he said, “I’ve been thinking about matters recently.”

You’ve been thinking for two days?” Xiaoqi glowered.

Song Liangzhuo nodded.

You still haven’t finished thinking?”

I’ve finished thinking.” Song Liangzhuo replied mildly. In reality, he also knew that Chen Zigong wouldn’t do anything to Xiaoqi. However, his heart couldn’t help but be uncomfortable knowing that there was another man that had set his heart on his wife. His heart felt very, very uncomfortable.

Xiaoqi poked Song Liangzhuo’s chest as she said dejectedly, “Could it be that you don’t like Chen Zigong? He’s not a bad person. Back then…”

Xiaoqi peeked at Song Liangzhuo. Her eyes whirled, then she laughed as she said, “Chen Zigong’s about to have a wedding.”


Xiaoqi was pleased with herself as she shook her head. “You probably don’t know, right? Haha, as expected, I’m the first to know. He said he met someone he liked and is about to marry his main consort.”

Xiaoqi tugged at Song Liangzhuo’s arm. “Say, what do you think Hao wang fei would look like? Chen Zigong’s appearance is already peach flowers-like enough. Heehee, won’t whoever that marries him have to worry every day about being uglier than him? No wonder they’re all tired.”

Old cow eating tender grass! Song Liangzhuo silently criticized. However, he still smiled with closed lips. “Who knows? As long as Hao wang likes, it’s fine. Also, since this is the case, you should tell him to come less in the future. He’ll waste our family’s food.”

Xiaoqi nodded. “That’s true ah. He doesn’t even need to pay food money.”

Song Liangzhuo’s face that had been frozen for two days finally thawed. A hook of his lips was enough to cause Xiaoqi to once again daze out. Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand and stroked Xiaoqi’s neck. The warm hand caused Xiaoqi’s face to be dyed faint red. Song Liangzhuo grinned and Xiaoqi’s heart rapidly leaped a little.

Xiaoqi mumbled dizzily, “Husband, what, what are you smiling so beautifully for?”

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and his warm lips swept across her neck. In the end, he exhaled near the nook of her shoulder, seeming unintentionally. Xiaoqi was tickled by the warm breath and trembled. Hugging Song Liangzhuo’s neck, she whispered to herself half the day before she spoke. “Husband, let’s have another baby, alright? I don’t have anyone to play with at all.”

Song Liangzhuo lightly kissed her neck as he said, “Don’t you have Yu er and Yi er?”

Xiaoqi pouted unhappily. “Yi er’s always acting mature and speaks like Father-in-Law Dad. Yu er’s so bad, he’s always bringing bugs over to scare me.”

Xiaoqi softly swayed while hugging Song Liangzhuo’s neck. “I want a daughter. I want to weave flower braids for her and play. Even Ruoshui has a daughter. I want one too. Wuuwuu, I don’t even have anyone to play with.”

Even something like this can be used to compare? Song Liangzhuo lifted his brows.

Good Husband.” Xiaoqi stuck to Song Liangzhuo’s lips as she pouted. “Good Husband, give me a girl baby, alright? I’m so pitiful ah. Xiaoqi’s so pitiful. There’s four men in the house, with the only girls being Mother-in-Law Mom and I.”

It’s not like this is something he can give just because she wants it. If it was possible, she probably would have gotten pregnant long ago.

Husband!” Xiaoqi sucked Song Liangzhuo’s lips and chomped it, discontent.

Song Liangzhuo supported Xiaoqi’s back and said in a soft voice, “You’re not afraid of the pain anymore?”

Xiaoqi’s eyes whirled. “Forgot. But Ruoshui gave birth to three in five years. We can’t fall behind.”

The corners of Song Liangzhuo’s mouth twitched. What’s the use of competing in this?! When he saw Liu Hengzhi last time, he also seemed very distressed due to the fact that having a lot of children ate up the time the two could spend together. Liu Hengzhi’s eyes as he looked at him and Xiaoqi had almost turned red from envy.

Husband ah~~”

In reality, having one more daughter wouldn’t be bad. To not have a daughter like Xiaoqi would always be a source of regret. Song Liangzhuo looked at the tightly closed room door, then asked uncertainly, “During the day?”

Xiaoqi’s little hands had already climbed up from Song Liangzhuo’s front lapel to his chest to stroke and pinch. Song Liangzhuo sucked in a breath and caught Xiaoqi’s hand. Without saying anything else, he directly lifted the person in his arms and walked inwards.

Mom ah, heehee~~” A sweet, childish voice drifted in from outside. Song Liangzhuo looked at the person in his arms and was blank for a moment before tightly pressing his lips together and moving back.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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T/N – almost coughed out my coffee when I saw this. ‘When spring comes, they can see both sides filled with peach blossoms’. The other meaning for peach blossoms is a ‘love affair’ lmao~
T/N2 – In Chinese, the term 冰瀑 refers to the waterfall that occurs when ice melts. The closest term I could find was ice cascade. However, in English, ice cascade = icefall = a steep part of a glacier that looks like a frozen waterfall or avalanche of ice which isn’t quite the same.

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