Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 64 Part 1

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Chapter 64.1: Keep Up, Ok Husband?

Everyone was well aware of Song Liangzhuo’s absence. Some young people of around the same age make a fuss and wanted to go disturb the bridal room, but were stopped by a single sentence from Liu Hengzhi.

Liu Hengzhi spoke with a mysterious expression, “This is the guy’s make-up wedding. Madam Sister-in-Law is expecting. We can’t disturb!”

Eh? She’s expecting?! Everyone’s jaw dropped in astonishment as Liu Hengzhi closed his mouth sullenly.

Liu Hengzhi looked at the Ruoshui that was running over with several dried fruits in her hands. The image of Ruoshui with a large tummy suddenly appeared in his eyes. Liu Hengzhi shook his head, angry with himself for setting his wedding date late. He wasn’t able to snatch a marriage before Song Liangzhuo, and now his child is also going to come later than Song Liangzhuo’s. Doesn’t that mean he won’t be able to be the boss?T/N Wen Mingxuan’s kid is almost about to be born, and this side’s will definitely come soon as well. Doesn’t that mean their family’s will have to be the little third again?

The little third ah! Liu Hengzhi’s expression was mournful as he sighed.

Lin Zixiao had also left the banquet. The moment she left, Mother Song ordered Dong Mei to follow her.

Zixiao avoided the guests and servants. She stopped at the second door area to block Song Liangzhuo, whose entire expression was smiling. Song Liangzhuo seemed to be a bit drunk. When he saw Lin Zixiao, he actually smiled at her a little. It was just that this smile wasn’t as warm as the one earlier and contained the seventh lunar month’s chill.

Zixiao also smiled, “Congratulations, Second Older Brother.”

Song Liangzhuo moved back a little. He glanced at the little courtyard to the side of the back courtyard that was lit up brightly, then spoke coolly, “Lady Lin can just call me Young Master Song.”

Zixiao smiled self-mockingly, then pulled out a fragrance pouch and offered it. “Second Older Brother, this is a fragrance pouch Zixiao personally hand-embroidered for you. It’s even Second Older Brother’s favorite orchid scent.”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t turn around. Seeming too lazy to say anymore, he continued to walk forward.

“Second Older Brother!” Zixiao took a quick step forward. “This is the last time. I already understand Second Older Brother’s heart. In the future, I won’t get involved anymore.”

Song Liangzhuo turned back with astonishment. He looked at her lifted hands and thought for a bit before taking the pouch and saying, “I thank Lady Lin for your congratulatory gift. I’ll pass it on to Xiaoqi. Lady Lin, please return.”

Zixiao smiled briefly. “I’ll only delay Second Older Brother a few moments more. Second Older Brother, I’ve thought about it before. Strongly clinging too much to one thing is no good. On the contrary, rather than pursuing hard, it’d be better to let go of it first. Perhaps there’d be a turn for the better.”

Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows. “What does Lady Lin want to say?”

Zixiao smiled as she looked at Song Liangzhuo, but didn’t reply. Only when she saw that Song Liangzhuo was about to leave again did she say, “Second Older Brother, don’t you feel that Zixiao is as beautiful as in the past?”

Song Liangzhuo was a bit dizzy and his body felt a bit hot. Song Liangzhuo shook his head and took a deep breath of cool air, yet it didn’t help with the increasing intense feeling.

Dong Mei ran over speedily. She put herself between the two as she said to Song Liangzhuo, “Young Master should return to the bedroom. Young Madam is still waiting.”

Zixiao moved to push Dong Mei. Dong Mei quivered and cried ‘aiyo’, then called over two menservants. She pointed at Zixiao and said, “This lady has gotten lost. Bring this lady to the front hall.”

Song Liangzhuo walked unsteadily inwards. While at it, he threw the presented fragrance pouch to the flower pond near the road.

Qiu Tong hurriedly approached to meet him. When she saw that Song Liangzhuo was walking unsteadily, she reached out to support him. When Song Liangzhuo touched her hand, he couldn’t help but had to restrain himself again. At the same time, he also subconsciously flung her hand away. Qiu Tong’s hand was like a block of ice; it relieved the uncomfortable heat that filled his entire body. Yet, it caused him to feel fear and he moved even faster to enter the small courtyard.

“Young Master, what is it?” Qiu Tong followed with quick steps as she asked worriedly.

“Water, prepare cold water!” Song Liangzhuo panted heavily. “I want to bathe.”

Qiu Tong looked strangely at Song Liangzhuo. In the bright light, she saw that his cheeks were completely dyed red and didn’t dare to delay anymore. She hurriedly ordered a yatou to prepare water while following at a set distance from him.

When Song Liangzhuo entered the bridal room, he immediately chased the people singing the rites out, then sat down at the table as he poured tea with trembling hands.

“Husband?” Xiaoqi, whose butt had started to hurt from sitting so long, gave a call as she smiled happily. She felt for a jujube and chewed it as she said, “I’m hungry. Qiu Tong said that when you come back, I have to eat dumplings. I don’t like eating them, can I just eat the pastries?”

Song Liangzhuo poured another cup of cool tea down his throat before lifting his head to look in Xiaoqi’s direction. A mass of red floated in front of his eyes. Song Liangzhuo searched for quite a while before he saw Xiaoqi sitting at the head of the bed hugging her knees with her shoes off. The posture wasn’t right but her veil was still on properly.

Song Liangzhuo smiled. After taking a deep breath, he took the rod from the table and walked over. After lifting her veil with it, he retreated again.

“Xiaoqi, you can find yourself something to eat. I’m going to wash up a little first.”

Xiaoqi slipped on her shoes and shuffled quickly to the table. She cupped Song Liangzhuo’s completely red face and blinked her eyes as she feigned anger. “How much did Husband drink?”

Xiaoqi’s angry expression was unbelievably cute. She had her mouth pouting and her face was scrunched up, yet the corners of her eyes were slightly lifted with a smiling expression. When Song Liangzhuo’s gaze swept towards her mouth, he found it hard to move it away. The original desire that had been repressed with cool tea once again flared up like a fire.

“Husband?” Xiaoqi rubbed Song Liangzhuo’s face and knitted her brows with confusion.

Song Liangzhuo swallowed hard, then pulled Xiaoqi into his arms and kissed her deeply.

It’s very soft, very cool, very…

“Aiyah!” Song Liangzhuo hadn’t even finished his emotional sigh when his mood was interrupted by Qiu Tong’s soft cry of alarm.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – So with boys, the eldest is the ‘old biggest’/‘boss’ who’s also the leader of the group. The second oldest is the second, often the ‘old second’, and the third is often ‘old third’. In this case, Liu Hengzhi calls himself ‘little third’ perhaps due to being the youngest of the group. But ‘little third’ also commonly refers to a mistress lol. In any case, poor Liu Hengzhi, forever stuck being the ‘youngest’ brother. Lmao~

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