Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 52 Part 1

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Chapter 52.1: Move Aside, Bad Green Plum

At this side, Song Liangzhuo lifted Xiaoqi up and directly got on the bed. Xiaoqi talked on and on endlessly about being laughed at by Ruoshui while she was learning how to walk. In the end, when she got to the part about exchanging blows with Ruoshui, she paid special attention to show off her exquisite attack moves. Song Liangzhuo’s hand gently rubbed her abdomen, from time to time inserting a laugh or a rebuke as a response.

Mixed with the gentle candle light, inside the curtain it seemed completely romantic.

On that side it seemed like the fire of war was escalating. Master Lin waited to the point where he was running out of patience. When Qiu Tong came back to report, her sentence made Master Lin completely explode.

Qiu Tong came in with a smile and said: “Replying to Master and Madam, Young Master has gone to sleep with Young Madam. Young Master said that Young Madam isn’t feeling well so he won’t be coming over.”E/N

Mother Song raised her brows, “Liangzhuo has gone to sleep. From the start, marriage depends on the parents’ orders. If there’s anything, saying it to me is also the same; there’s no need to have Liangzhuo come over.”

Master Lin didn’t reply to Mother Song but directly turned to Song Qingyun, “Back then it was Song family that came to bring up the marriage first, but now your family has taken a legal wife first behind the Lin family’s backs. It can be clearly seen that your family is purposely making things difficult for the Lin family. Sire-in-Law better give an explanation. Don’t think you can depend on the fact that you’re an official and just bully our Lin family.”

Song Qingyun’s face didn’t look very well now, “Boss(reference to the owner of a store) Lin, back then when your family’s daughter decided to marry into the palace it already meant this marriage was canceled. Your family’s daughter’s marriage is also no longer any concern of the Song fu. My son couldn’t very well have been expected to not marry and keep waiting his entire life for your family’s daughter to perhaps someday come back?”

Mother Song was very satisfied with Song Qingyun’s words. Looks like the pillow-side whispers she had blown for several nights straight were quite effective.

Eldest Young Master Lin didn’t wait for Master Lin to speak before interjecting with a smile, “Did Uncle Song hear bad rumors about my younger sister? Uncle Song shouldn’t worry. That year Younger Sister only entered the palace because she had no other choice. She had already chosen to give up the chance to become an imperial concubine and exhausted every means possible to dodge and hide. In the end, she finally found a way out of the Imperial Palace; this was all for the sake of being able to keep the marriage promise with Brother Liangzhuo. These two years she has eaten her share of bitterness, and all this suffering was all for the sake of Brother Liangzhuo. It’s still better if we have Brother Liangzhuo come out to show his face.”

Mother shot a glance at the Zixiao that was sitting upright at the side and gave a light humph in her heart. Back then if Zixiao said these words she perhaps would have believed. But for them to be said now, she would only regard them as jests.

Places like the palace caused people to change the fastest. She felt like she couldn’t exit the palace and kept hiding in the palace, so then a scenario like being bestowed to Hao wang ye wouldn’t happen either. Mother Song didn’t want to think of her too badly, but Mother Song still persisted in believing that someone smart–even if it’s just that they want to keep a bit of face–would definitely not allow themselves to pass through numerous men’s hands and then even come back to look for someone they once deeply liked.

There was only one possible explanation, which was that the current Zixiao didn’t deeply love Song Liangzhuo anymore. She was just trying to find herself a status and give herself a way out.

Mother Song unhurriedly opened her mouth, “Xianzhi, I also know of Zixiao and Liangzhuo’s feelings back then. But I remember Liangzhuo had gone to find Zixiao before. I’m also not clear what words were exchanged. It’s not that I’m guarding my son but Liangzhuo, that child, was truly quite hurt. To get back together,” Mother Song shook her head pityingly, “I’m afraid it’s not possible anymore.”
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“Could you have Brother Liangzhuo come out once?” Eldest Young Master Lin asked.

Mother Song looked outside, “Actually, I’ve already asked Liangzhuo what he thought. He has no intentions to marry again.

Master Lin angrily said: “Then my daughter’s innocence, who will take responsibility?”

Mother Song glanced with slight amusement to the side at Zixiao. Hooking her lips she said: “Her innocence is long gone, who can take responsibility?”

“Aunt Xue, even though Zixiao isn’t qualified with her experiences, Zixiao still can’t be this dishonored by people.” Zixiao lifted her head, her eyes brimming with tears. Turning towards Song Qingyun, she said: “Uncle Song, I know the past events have caused Uncle Song to be disappointed. Zixiao didn’t wish for it either, Zixiao… just wishes to be able to stay at Second Brother’s side. Zixiao doesn’t ask for the legal wife position, just ask, just asks to be able to stay together.”

Song Qingyun’s expression seemed unable to bear it anymore and was just about to open his mouth when Mother Song coldly spoke: “Lao ye(Master of a house), was her way out something you could have afforded to arrange? Did you have the ability to send her back to Hao wang fu? You’re nothing but an inherited fourth rank official, and you son’s merely what rank? Right now he’s been set aside and forgotten, not even a seventh rank. Can ‘we’ even gain connections to Hao wang ye, that sort of big important person?”

Master Lin slammed the table and angrily said: “Madam Song bullies too intolerably!”

Mother Song hurriedly apologized: “Look at this mouth of mine, speaking whatever comes to mind. Haa, it’s because it’s getting old so it always likes to tell the truth. Please don’t mind.”

Mother Song turned to Zixiao with a fake smile, “After not seeing each other for a while, Lady Zixiao has become quite talented. Able to bow and submit or stand tall, knowing when to advance or retreat… as expected, she’s a good lady ah. It’s just that my son doesn’t have this good fortune and dares not to desire such a sensible type of girl.”

Zixiao suddenly got up, “I won’t marry anymore. Dad, Big Brother, let’s go back. I won’t marry anymore!” As she spoke she started weeping.

Master Lin got up and said: “I’ll leave Zixiao in Song fu, I hope Sire-in-Law will give an acceptable explanation soon. It would be good not to have an acrimonious falling-out.”
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Mother Song dusted off her hands as if she had just finished watching a show. She turned to the side and said to Song Qingyun: “Go back first to rest. It’s been a tiring day. I’ll arrange this side’s matters.”

Song Qingyun truly didn’t want to deal with this matter anymore. Nodding, he also left the room. Mother Song looked at the Zixiao that still had her head lowered and smiled, “Zixiao, come sit. Let’s properly chat. But first I must remind Zixiao to remember, if you really are… are that… Song family also doesn’t mind giving you a status. But Zixiao should think it through properly. Giving you a status doesn’t mean allowing you to become Liangzhuo’s wife. It’s just giving you a name so you can settle down in some other courtyard.”

Zixiao lifted her head and after looking at Mother Song a while she gave a bitter smile, “Aunt Xue really minds those two years that Zixiao was gone? I’m clean and innocent, if Aunt Xue doesn’t believe you can…”

Mother Song lifted her hand to interrupt her words, “Your innocence has nothing to do with our Song fu. You’re a smart person. This time, other than becoming Liangzhuo’s woman, what else is it that you want? The position of the Song fu’s Young Madam? You can have dreams, but if you go too much beyond your bounds it would attract people’s dislike.”
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Zixiao controlled her expression, “I will clear things up with Second Brother.”

Mother Song shook her head as she stood up, “Someone come, arrange Lady Zixiao’s living quarters. She came from Hao wang fu, you must not neglect.”

Zixiao tightened her fist and pressed her lips together as she left with the servant.
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Mother Song gave a sigh and muttered: “How did she end up having such moral integrity(revolting behavior)? Haa, what a pity. For such a smart person to fall to this extent, not even wanting face. Humph, it also isn’t my son’s fate to specialize in wiping someone’s butt. Whether you fight or snatch it doesn’t matter, but don’t think of scheming into the Song family.”

“Oh dear, how can I speak so vulgarly? Not proper, not proper at all!” Mother Song shook her head as she left the room.

Xiaoqi didn’t sleep very well. It’s unknown if it was because she twisted her waist too much during the day but in the middle of the night her stomach started to hurt again, layer after layer of heavy pain. Xiaoqi tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep but her eyes were heavy so she couldn’t open them either. The more she wanted to sleep the more fretful she felt. In the end, she started sniffling and sobbing with her eyes closed in the middle of the night.

Song Liangzhuo couldn’t hug her and also couldn’t draw her into his arms and was tormented to the point he was badly burned about the head (from trying to put out the fire). In the end, he resorted to kissing and almost completely ignited when Xiaoqi finally quivered and opened her eyes. Then she frantically got up and changed into another period underwear before lying down again, this time, much calmer.

Xiaoqi said, her period almost completely ran out due to Song Liangzhuo’s kiss.

Song Liangzhuo didn’t have the strength to question what link his kiss had with her stomach. Unfolding a sigh, he had Qiu Tong switch out the hand-warming stove and gathered Xiaoqi into his arms to go back to sleep.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
E/N – Okay. All is forgiven. I am now firmly on Team SLZ.
T/N – Do you think that maybe a decade or two ago Mrs. Mei said the same thing to Old Man Qian… causing him to become…? Lols, wonder what Song Liangzhuo and Xiaoqi’s after words will be like~
The mean mother-in-law’s not bad, ne? Mother-in-Law’s teaching isn’t very effective, but Daughter-in-Law’s teachings are clearly taking effect~



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