Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 51 Part 2

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Chapter 51.2: Move Aside, Bad Green Plum

Xiaoqi’s day was rather sad and tragic. What that shriek brought her was a severely sprained big toe and Mother Song’s obviously disapproving side glance.
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Xiaoqi was seriously handicapped now. This time there was no need to twist about her waist hurting and her legs hurting, she directly laid down on the bed.

When Song Liangzhuo returned in the evening, Xiaoqi had fallen asleep comfortably hugging the hand warmer. Mother Song was standing at the side revisingher plan.

She thought through it. Walking was something that had already become a habit after almost twenty years; within just a short period of time it can’t be changed. With the way Xiaoqi learned, she was afraid that by the time the wedding came around Xiaoqi wouldn’t even know how to walk anymore. Since they’re taking advantage of the time to hold the wedding, it would be better to first learn the techniques of speaking and to practice writing or embroidery with the leftover time. At the very least she had to have one talent to bring out and present in order to keep those upper-class ladies from thinking that her daughter-in-law had no good points.

Mother Song saw that Song Liangzhuo had walked in and put away the plan in her hands, “Xiaoqi’s physique is chilled and her stomach started hurting. Why does she have this illness? Isn’t her family really prosperous? It couldn’t be that they still make her wash clothes and vegetables in the winter?”

Song Liangzhuo turned his head to look at that person on the bed. Knitting his brows, he said: “A while ago Tongxu flooded. For the sake of Son, Xiaoqi soaked in the water for a night. Afterwards, when the fever receded, Son didn’t watch her attentively so that she would continue to take the medicine. Perhaps it’s a residue illness from that time?”
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Mother Song saw the worry on Song Liangzhuo’s face and warmly spoke: “There’s no need to worry, after eating medicine for half a month she’ll get better. But the doctor said that chill has already entered her womb. This time no matter what you can’t let her not take the medicine according to her whims. If she really fell to the chill, the person that suffers won’t only be her but her later children would suffer as well. Just earlier she even wanted to coax me to leave so she could sneakily pour away the medine. Seriously insensible.”

Song Liangzhuo nodded.

“And, she stubbed her toe while fighting with Ruoshui and almost broke the bone. At night when you sleep you should be careful, don’t end up crushing it. It’s best if you two sleep apart.”

Song Liangzhuo glanced at Xiaoqi’s disheveled hair and narrowed his eyes as he saw Mother Song out.

Xiaoqi felt like after getting injured, the benefit was quite big. For example, she was allowed to eat dinner in her own room. If there wasn’t Song Liangzhuo who had an expression even darker than the bottom of a pot, that would be even more perfect.

When Qiu Tong came in carrying a bowl of medicine, Xiaoqi added another sentence——if there wasn’t that bowl of medicine even darker than the bottom of a pot, it’d be even better.

After Qiu Tong brought the medicine here, she left. Xiaoqi recalled what Ruoshui said and sweetly smiled as she gave Song Liangzhuo a kiss, “Husband, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“En.” Song Liangzhuo picked up the bowl and used the soup spoon to stir it.
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En? He didn’t get it? Xiaoqi continued the struggle, and after another smack, smiled and continued: “Dear husband. It doesn’t hurt anymore so there’s no need to drink medicine.”

“En.” Song Liangzhuo expressionlessly replied but still handed the medicine over.

Xiaoqi was peeved as she turned her head away, “I don’t like drinking medicine, it stinks. At home I always get better after drinking medicine just once.”

Song Liangzhuo coldly said: “It also hurt in the past?”

Xiaoqi snuck a glance over and pouted, “It didn’t use to hurt, it only started to hurt now. But there’s no need to drink medicine. After I use the hand stove to warm it, it’s better.”

Song Liangzhuo softly hummed, “Drink it.”

“Not drinking.” Xiaoqi flattened her mouth unhappily, “Ruoshui already laughed at me the entire day. I can’t even walk anymore, now you’re being fierce towards me too.”

Xiaoqi wasn’t saying this blindly, she really couldn’t walk anymore. Right now, even if she curled up her toes and walked, she still would subconsciously stand on tiptoe and sway her hips. Her waist was also extremely sore. All the parts of her body felt uncomfortable.

Song Liangzhuo lifted Xiaoqi up and placed her on his leg. Lowering his head to look at the toe that was wrapped with with cloth into a big cocoon, he knitted his brows and said: “You can even break your toe from fighting? And how come Ruoshui was perfectly fine?”

Xiaoqi shoved Song Liangzhuo and humphed: “Who knew her skull was so hard? Like a rock, the moment it rammed into it, it became like this. And she’s not perfectly fine, her forehead even turned red.”

“En, drink the medicine. And, in the future you’re not allowed to fight anymore.”

Xiaoqi struggled to get down but Song Liangzhuo wrapped his arm around her tightly.

“Young Master: Master Lin, Young Master Lin, and Lady Lin have arrived. Master asks you to come to the dining hall.”

Song Liangzhuo froze for a moment and waved his hand to have Qiu Tong withdraw first. Lowering his head, he said to Xiaoqi whose eyes were already widened into a glower, “Drink the medicine and it won’t hurt anymore in the future.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes, “The bad green plum came?”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t say a word. One hand circled around Xiaoqi, holding her in place while the other hand brought the medicine to her lips.

Xiaoqi knitted her brows and turned her face away, “It really doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ll vomit if I drink medicine, I’ve already vomited at noon.” Even though it was scared back down by Mother Song’s shout.

Song Liangzhuo lowered his head and took a small sip before passing it over again, “I’ve tasted it, it’s not bitter. Xiaoqi should hurry and drink it. After a while it’ll get cool again.”

Xiaoqi sobbed, “I’ve already kissed you twice yet you’re still forcing me to drink medicine. You’re not good at all. Wuu, you’re all bullying me. I don’t feel well. My stomach hurts and my legs also hurt. My waist aches. What did the bad green plum come for? You really dare to marry her? Wuuwuu, you really dare to marry her?”

Where did this all follow from ah? Song Liangzhuo sighed. Patting Xiaoqi’s cheek he said: “Stop crying for now. Is it your body that doesn’t feel well or your heart that doesn’t feel well?”

“Wuuwuu, I don’t feel well everywhere. I don’t like you seeing her.”

“Drink the medicine. If you drink it I won’t see her.”

Xiaoqi hiccuped. Through her tears she looked hazily towards Song Liangzhuo, “Really?”

“En. You must drink all the medicine on time for the rest of the month.”

Xiaoqi looked at the medicine. Sniffling, she said: “I really do vomit when I drink medicine.”

“Don’t think about it. Pinch your nose and act as if you’re drinking water. If you do that you won’t feel like vomiting.”

Xiaoqi closed her eyes and took a tiny little sip. It was so bitter her tears started to fall again and she really bent over and retched.

Song Liangzhuo knitted his brows and stuffed a preserved honey into Xiaoqi’s mouth. After she chewed and swallowed, he drank a large mouthful and covered her lips.

It’s unknown what Xiaoqi thought of but she coordinated with him and swallowed. Song Liangzhuo didn’t withdraw but instead kissed her lips for quite a while until Xiaoqi’s two cheeks turned intoxicatedly pink before slightly lifting his head and asking, “Do you still feel nauseous?”

Xiaoqi absentmindedly shook her head. Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand again to drink the medicine but Xiaoqi hurriedly took it and said: “I’ll drink it myself. It’s for treating that thing. What if you start getting periods if you drink it? You can just kiss me once I finish drinking.”

Thwarted, Song Liangzhuo’s shoulders drooped. Watching attentively as Xiaoqi drank the medicine with a grieved expression, he then kissed her lips and mumbled softly: “Weren’t you afraid I’ll get an ailment from drinking it? Then what should I do? Your mouth also has medicine inside.”
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“Oh, that doesn’t count. If that comes for you and your stomach hurts, I’ll also feed you medicine, ok?”

Song Liangzhuo felt like he was struck on the head, the sound of a crow cawing appeared next to his ears. Would drinking medicine really change someone’s gender? Haa, every medicine has its side effect. In the future it’d still be best to stay away from it more.


Credits: Brought to you by all the voters on novelupdates, Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Lols. In regards to the fight scene, what happened??

{returning to the scene of the fight, start of commentary}
Contestant Xiaoqi starts the fight with a decisive surprise attack, a splendid back kick from beneath the cover!!
Contestant Ruoshui flies off the ring but wait!! Contestant Ruoshui manages to grasp the side of the ring just in time and launches herself back in, launching the perfect counterattack with a full body crush!!
Contestant Xiaoqi kicks off part of her camouflage shield and uses the wider range to launch a series of specialized attacks!! All of which she considerately names for the audience!! She uses the Mountains Toppling and Seas Overturning Strike, Demonic Palms, Earth Covering Tiger Slam, and the magnificent Shooting Fists!
Why is Contestant Ruoshui just sitting there? It must be due to her honorable character for refusing to fight with the handicapped! Contestant Xiaoqi’s shield is still only half uncovered and so while her head is cleverly protected, Contestant Xiaoqi cannot see!
But wait ooh! Contestant Xiaoqi has successfully landed a chance hit!! Contestant Ruoshui is falling!!
Oooh!!! Fierce, vicious, merciless! Contestant Xiaoqi doesn’t plan to give Contestant Ruoshui a chance to counterattack again this time. Or perhaps she can’t see… But Contestant Xiaoqi continues her attacks and wow! Another chance hit! Contestant Xiaoqi’s toe has come into contact with Contestant Ruoshui’s head causing a resounding crack!!
What’s this, what’s this?? No wonder Contestant Ruoshui didn’t need a shield or exhibit any intentions to counterattack!! It turns out Contestant Ruoshui’s secret weapon was her brick hard head!!
And the champion is Contestant Ruoshui!!!
{end of commentary, thank you for listening}

Lol, I was suddenly inspired to make things a little funnier. Here’s the original explanation:
Apparently Xiaoqi’s last move were punches and one actually managed to hit. Her attacks probably didn’t land because only half the blanket was kicked off, meaning her face was probably still covered by the blanket. Then Ruoshui lost her balance and fell down and Xiaoqi was probably still flailing her legs carrying out one of her ‘moves’ and her toe hit Ruoshui’s forehead… resulting in Ruoshui’s forehead getting a bit red and Xiaoqi spraining her toe.



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