Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Aiyo, Mean Mother-in-LawE/N

Xiaoqi made a fierce solemn vow in her heart, but her shoulders failed to give her face as they drooped down.
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Xiaoqi know that these were just self-comforting words. If there was really someone that wanted to snatch Official Song from her, she really wouldn’t know what to do. Xiaoqi thought with a gloomy face, if it was like that, before the opponent even got lost she probably would get lost first.

Haa, Xiaoqi shook her head. An unsteady man must be firmly discarded! Mrs. Mei said so before, and even specially exhorted her to hide the divorce paper well.

Hey, the divorce paper!

Xiaoqi’s hanging shoulders straightened up again. What does she have to be scared of? She’s not scared at all! Who is she ah? She’s Qian Xiaoqi ah! Mrs. Mei said so before, there were a lot of people that liked Xiaoqi, so there’s no need for her to rack her brains to fight for affection. Mom even said that if she wasn’t living well, then just send a letter and the family will send someone to get her.

But, there’s not much that Xiaoqi likes ah? How can she say kick and just kick him away?

Over here Xiaoqi was having an internal struggle and the woman on the opposite side had already started to move over here with lotus steps. Wen Ruoshui used her elbow and attacked without the least bit of gentleness the still-zoned-out Xiaoqi. She lowered her voice as she humphed, “Your love rival’s here.”

Xiaoqi looked at the woman that was almost about to reach them then turned her eyes away. She looked at Wen Ruoshui and said: “Weren’t you going to treat me to a meal? I’m hungry now, I haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

Wen Ruoshui gave Xiaoqi a glance. Her lips hooked as she pulled Xiaoqi and turned around to leave. Zixiao who was behind them sped to catch up and called with a smile: “Ruoshui meimei! Are you Ruoshui meimei? It’s been several years, I can’t even be completely sure it’s meimei anymore.”

Ruoshui curled her lips and smiled as she turned back, “I heard gege say that you went to wang ye fu to live a life of prosperity and wealth. Why did you end up coming back again?E/N2
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The smile on Zixiao’s face became a bit stiff. Her gaze shifted and it carried a slight hurt expression that attracted people’s pity. Zixiao shook her head and said: “Let’s not bring up those unhappy things. Meimei, are you heading to an appointment right now, or going to eat?”

Ruoshui jutted her lips out towards Xiaoqi and said: “Bringing Small Sister-in-Law to eat.”

Zixiao smiled as she said: “Young Master Wen took a wife? Congratulations!”

Ruoshui very mysteriously and secretively poked her head over and said in a small voice: “My Sister-in-Law just got pregnant and is still at home. This is Small Sister-in-Law, Zhuo gege’s legal wife. She might also be pregnant too. Just now Aunt Xue even said to send for a doctor to take a look.”

Xiaoqi lowered her head and looked at her own stomach, coordinating very well as a faint warm expression appeared on her face. She hadn’t even thought about it before, that her stomach might have a baby darling! How great!

Zixiao’s face suddenly turned white. She forced the corners of her lips up as she said: “Ruoshui meimei is joking. Last time when I went to Song fu, how, how come Aunt Xue never mentioned it?”

Waiting for them those two mouths to come back and infuriate you ah! Wen Ruoshui inwardly felt pleased. Her family’s gege is not to be dumped. To want to get him back after dumping him, how could such a wishful thing occur ah?

The three big ladies standing at the entrance were very conspicuous. Zixiao looked at the passersby that repeatedly glanced over and lowered her eyes as she said softly: “Let’s eat together. Jiejie will treat. It’ll also be good to speak with meimei… meimeis properly.”

“Not good!” Ruoshui opened her mouth and said: “We both don’t like you, who’d want to eat together with you.”

Zixiao’s face turned red and pale. Turning, she said to Xiaoqi: “This meimei, jiejie never expected that you were married to Second Brother. Jiejie didn’t know, so jiejie hasn’t prepared any gifts…”

Xiaoqi shook her head, “I don’t want your gift. Husband doesn’t let me accept things from strangers.”

Wen Ruoshui tugged at Xiaoqi and said: “Let’s go ah, didn’t you say you were hungry? Let’s hurry and go eat, then I’ll bring you somewhere else to play.”

Xiaoqi walked in with Ruoshui but couldn’t help but turn back to look a couple more times at Zixiao.

“What are you looking for ah!?” Ruoshui used strength to pinch Xiaoqi as she pouted, “Liu Hengzhi said that it was abnormal for her to return at this time. Don’t know that she’s planning.”

“Has she been back for a long time?” Xiaoqi was surprised.

Ruoshui curled her lips disdainfully and said: “It’s been a little over a month. I heard Liu Hengzhi say that she already visited your house once. I’m telling you ah, Xiaoqi. She has plenty of shady intentions ah, you should look out and be careful.”

Xiaoqi also curled her lips, “Official Song said he won’t marry her. Whether she has a lot of intentions or not won’t affect our relationship.”

Hearing this, Ruoshui complacently shrugged her shoulders. Leaning over she whispered in Xiaoqi’s ear: “If she dares to bully you, I’ll help you bully her back. Heehee, Liu Hengzhi has a lot of methods to mess with people. Last time someone stole my embroidered pouch and he actually found the person and even stripped that person naked and hung him upside down in an abandoned shrine for a night. Haha, you don’t know how amazing he is.”

“Hehe.” Xiaoqi giggled.

“What are you laughing at?”
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“Hehe, you two really are interesting.” Xiaoqi shook her head as she continued to laugh.

The food was already brought up but Xiaoqi still controlled herself and finished drinking half a bowl of soup before starting to eat.

Wen Ruoshui propped up her chin as she watched Xiaoqi eat. After she was silent for a while she smiled and said: “He was the one that pursued me. He said that in the future I’ll be the boss and he’ll be second-in-command. Hehe, all the money he earns will be for me to manage. He even said that in the future, I don’t need to do anything. Wherever I want to play he’ll take me. I want to see the Lover’s Spring, does Xiaoqi want to go?”

Xiaoqi aimed an envious glance at Ruoshui. Turning her eyes around, she said: “When you go back have him write a pledge. Spoken words can’t be relied on!”

Ruoshui clapped her hand and said: “That’s right, precisely! I almost forgot, I have to properly have it written.”

“Then add a condition. If he doesn’t treat you right then remove his manhood! Heehee.” Xiaoqi shook her head as she giggled.

Ruoshui repeatedly nodded. After a few seconds, her eyes narrowed, “Are you waiting to see me make a fool of myself?”

“Of course not! Hehe!” Xiaoqi hurriedly covered her mouth and shook her head as she said: “My mom said so, it’s best to leave a written pledge.”

Ruoshui definitely brought Xiaoqi out for the sake of flaunting her happiness. By the time Xiaoqi returned home she had already been attacked by the obvious happiness so many times that her face was gray and defeated.

Why didn’t Song Liangzhuo ever coax her like that? And he never talked about taking her anywhere to play and never protected her at each and every moment. Xiaoqi ticked off her fingers one by one, comparing Song Liangzhuo with the Liu Hengzhi Ruoshui talked about it. In the end, a smile still spread over her face as she came to the conclusion that it was still Song Liangzhuo who was better.

As for why he’s better, heehee, Xiaoqi felt that it’s something that can only be sensed and not conveyed by words!

When Xiaoqi returned beaming, the little maid Qiu Tong was already waiting at the door. Seeing Xiaoqi enter she hurriedly said: “Young Madam has returned ah. Madam had this servant wait here for Young Madam.”

Xiaoqi’s relaxed expression immediately tightened up as she quickly asked: “What is it? Did something happen?”
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Qiu Tong smiled as she shook her head, “She only said to have Young Madam take a trip to Madam’s courtyard.”

Xiaoqi’s heart was in a mess as she followed Qiu Tong into Mother Song’s courtyard. She silently questioned whether it was because she came back too late? Xiaoqi squinted as she looked at the large sun and muttered: “It’s not that late ah, the sun’s still quite big ne.”

Qiu Tong led Xiaoqi to the door then stood at the door without moving. Xiaoqi looked at the Qiu Tong that had her head lowered, then looked at the slightly opened door. She couldn’t help but be nervous.

Xiaoqi swallowed and probed the tip of her toe forward. Her gaze swept around the room and finally landed on the Mother Song that was currently next to the table writing.

Xiaoqi retrieved her head and softly vomited a breath before opening her mouth and calling: “Mom, I’ve returned.”

“En, come in.”

Xiaoqi couldn’t hear any hidden meanings from these three ordinary words so she could only slightly lower her head and walk in with lotus steps.

In reality there was one point Xiaoqi didn’t know herself, and that was whenever she took lotus steps her butt would sway, and it wasn’t just ordinary swaying. This couldn’t be blamed on her. Her waist was slim in the first place, and she also inherited Mrs. Mei’s flexible bones so when she walked with her feet apart it wasn’t apparent. But the moment she lifted up her frame that little waist would sway left and right out of her control.

Not to mention, she learned these lotus steps from copying the plays. The actresses walked on tiptoes with swaying hips from the start, so she unconsciously also learned a bit of it. If Xiaoqi could see her own butt she’d definitely be embarrassed to the point her entire face flushed red and vow never to walk with lotus steps again. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see. The people that watched her walk holding up her frame all only laughed. They included Mrs. Mei and her two older sisters. In reality, she also asked Mrs. Mei about it before and she said, pretty, ahaha, pretty to the point it was shocking.

When Mother Song lifted her head what she saw was the Xiaoqi that was swaying her little waist and her brows imperceptibly knitted. Turning her gaze away, she looked towards the table. On the table was her “Plan Outline to Cultivate a Virtuous Daughter-in-Law”.

Mother Song looked through it again, then nodded her head with satisfaction, “Xiaoqi will start learning etiquette with Mom tomorrow. Liangzhuo will definitely become even more successful than his dad in the future, Xiaoqi must be able to uphold this reputation. Next month you’ll get married, at that time you’ll also have to meet many people with high reputations. Xiaoqi should take advantage of this time to learn everything that should be learnt.”

Xiaoqi obediently nodded. After being silent for a while she sneakily glanced at Mother Song, then after being quiet for another while she snuck a couple more glances. How was it possible for Mother Song to not notice her little movements? She gave a light cough and said: “You must be magnanimous when looking at others.”

“Oh.” Xiaoqi lifted her head and stared straight at Mother Song.
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Mother Song shook her head and softly sighed, “What is it?”

Xiaoqi pursed her lips and knitted her brows as she said: “Mom, I met Lady Zixiao today.”

“En?” Mother Song nodded to indicate for her to continue.

Xiaoqi bit her lip, “I don’t want to let her be a wife.”

Mother Song glanced at Xiaoqi surprised, “Why?”

“Husband is mine. I don’t want him to sleep elsewhere.”

Mother Song’s eyes quickly turned, “You like Liangzhuo?”

Xiaoqi lowered her head for quite a long time before finally speaking again: “In any case, if he marries then I’ll leave.” Xiaoqi lifted her head again. This time, her eyes were much more resolute. “Really, if he marries then I’ll leave. There’s no way I want to fight over snatching a husband with someone else. How big can one bed be? To have three sleep on it would crowd people to death!”

Mother Song believed that she herself had excellent self-control but she was still stupefied to the point her mouth gaped. She had lived over half a lifetime and it was still her first time hearing that wives must sleep on the same bed as the husband. If there was someone with three, four wives then they must have an extra large mattress ah. Otherwise how are they supposed to sleep?
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Mother Song was made to shudder by her own thoughts. Hurriedly giving a light cough, she said: “No need to worry about this. I also don’t approve of Liangzhuo marrying her.”

Xiaoqi was pleasantly surprised and walked forward a couple steps, wanting to hug Mother Song’s arm and sway it to express her gratitude, but having second thoughts she stopped her steps again. She was afraid the moment she swayed, Mother Song would approve of the marriage. That then, would be a disaster.

Mother Song turned her eyes and spoke again: “Na, no marrying is also fine, but Xiaoqi must have a child as soon as possible.”

Xiaoqi lowered her head to look at her stomach. Smiling with delight she lifted her head and said: “My mom said that my butt is big so it’s easy to bear children.”

Mother Song’s saliva choked in her throat and she gasped and coughed for half the day. Xiaoqi hurriedly walked over to lightly pat her while anxiously asking: “What’s wrong Mom? Did something get stuck?”

Mother Song took rough breaths as she supported herself against the table and sat down. Waving her hand, she said: “Stuck, stuck… I didn’t even eat anything. Haa, that’s not it. In the future don’t say things so vulgarly and thoughtlessly. If others heard wouldn’t they sneer?”

Xiaoqi stuck out her tongue, “I won’t say them anymore.”

Mother Song discovered that she still couldn’t resist twisting her head over to look at Xiaoqi’s butt. Haa, where was it big? It just stuck up a little, that’s all.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
E/N- Ocelot done – and still laughing!
E/N2 – Lolz! Zero face given to Zixiao. Good!
Hahaha, Ruoshui has been led bad by both Liu Hengzhi and Xiaoqi~~
Song Liangzhuo and Mother Song are also falling under Xiaoqi’s influence~
Not a bad thing though. Xp
O: Thanks for your five and six page God-knows-how-many-Chinese-characters translations. The last few chapters were absolutely hysterical. I lost it when XQ started talking to Mother Song about 3 in a bed, and gave up when Mother Song checked out XQ’s butt!
C: Hehe, thank you for always helping out so enthusiastically. You’re seriously a lifesaver! And it makes so much more motivated (and a little less guilty for throwing chapter at you during ungodly hours) to hear that you’re enjoying the translations! Thank you readers as well for the encouraging comments~ XD



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