World Record Chapter 93

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93. Look up at the sky

That day, I was sent home early.
I’m told that 「You don’t look like you are in a good condition, so take a rest」. Somehow, with that condition, they kept me away from the battlefield temporarily……but I want go to the battlefield. I think I should try persuading if I were to stop here.


I sighed softly.
I took out the key from my coat’s pocket, inserted it into the doorknob, and turned it to unlock it.
There’s no presence.
I prepare myself and open the door, as expected the girl is not there. Then, I realized that there’s a presence from the unused room at the second floor.

「……I better…eat something」

I head to the living room as if running away from the presence.
When I walk into the living room, various foods were scattered to the extent that one would thought a burglar entered the house.
I looks like she ate something.
I take off my coat, and sit on the sofa.


I raise my voice due to the sinking feeling.
When I look at the clock, it has already passed 12, indicating that it’s lunch time.
I have never……cook before. I can probably grill, but I probably can’t boil or steam.
Even if I order a delivery, I don’t think I can wait so long because I ate anything since yesterday.

「……Let’s, cook」

I made my tired body stand.
I pick up the lettuce and the pack of beansprout from the floor.
When I try looking through the refrigerator, as expected, she didn’t touch raw meat, leaving only the frozen food.

「Stir-fry vegetables…… Frozen meat will melt when it’s grilled, right? ……Well, I will know once I try it」

Saying that, I take out the frozen meat, and take out the frying pan from the shelf.
It’s called……a frying pan, huh. I place the frying pan on the stove. How–do you start a fire?
I activate the status application, and open the 『place that can find things』 which Nee-san told me.

「……This, I guess」

For now, I search 『kitchen, fire, way to start』.
Then, several blue long sentences appeared, and among them, I realized there are several with the name 『gas stove』.
Gas stove……
I mutter in my heart, and look at the stove.
Come to think of it, I think that’s the name of it.
This time, I search 『gas stove, way to use』.
However, nothing like it came out, and as a result, it took about 30 minutes just to search for it.
The negative effect of a person who had only kill, comes out here…… Next time, let’s study a little on housework.

I place the frying pan on the fire, and throw the vegetables and frozen meat into it.
Something to stir it……Don’t think it’s proper to use hands. Chopsticks, I guess.
Juuu, such grilling sound resounds. I pick up the long chopsticks that happen to be nearby, and start to stir the vegetables.

「……What’s this? It’s harden–」

However, the frozen meat is not melting easily, and in the meanwhile, the vegetables are burned and stick to the frying pan.
If I take it out, only one part of the frozen meat is grilled, and even if I try to move it, it sticks again.
–This is hard.
I don’t even need to struggle this much against an ordinary Unknown.
……Although I have looked at it lightly up until now, I have never thought that housework is this difficult.
I move the chopsticks in desperation while thinking.

While stirring, I suddenly thought whether there’s taste on it or not.
I stop the fire unskillfully, take out a relatively small plate from the shelf, and serve a little of the stir-fried vegetables.


There’s burn marks here and there, and it also has a weird smell.
The half-grilled meat with only the red part left.
I must say that it’s a terrible look, but I think that it should be safe, so I eat it all boldly–!
However, the next moment, I spit out everything inside my mouth to the rubbish bin at the kitchen.
One word–very bad.
This is not edible at all. The vegetables are overcooked, the meat is still half-raw, and there’s no even a single taste.

「What……to do with these?」

For now, let’s endure the vegetables and grill the meat. The vegetables might get burned even more, but as for the meat, it’s better than eating it raw.
And, the taste–I suddenly realized that there’s a bottle with the label 『Soy sauce』at the corner of my eyes.
That’s right. Soy sauce!
If I’m not mistaken, soy sauce has a strong taste. Then, it would surely match with the stir-fried vegetables.
I take the bottle of soy sauce without hesitation, and pour it in large amounts into the stir-fried vegetables.

And a few minutes later.
The meat is no longer half-grilled, and due to the soy sauce, the vegetables didn’t burn that much and the stir-fried vegetables is completed.
As for the taste……well, it’s bad as usual.
It’s better than just now, but still, with only soy sauce……I feel that it doesn’t suit the stir-fried vegetables.
Although it might taste better if a chef cooked it……I can’t. I need to think of something.

I serve the stir-fried vegetables on the plate.
On this occasion, I remembered about the girl.
……Well, this is not edible. At most, you need to force yourself to eat it.
However, it should have a better taste than eating fresh vegetables……
While thinking that, I took out another plate.
I serve about half of the remaining stir-fried vegetables, and take out the splittable chopsticks from the drawer.


……Now, let’s go.
I trick myself that the depressed feeling is my imagination, and step forward with the food on my hand.




It was the room immediately after going upstairs.
I stand in front of the door, and breath out deeply.
I can feel her presence from this room.
Not moving at all, probably, she’s right behind the door.


I prepared myself, and knocked the door.
No reply.
Instead of that, overflowing killing intent was sent towards me beyond the door.

「……Um. I made lunch more or less」

Saying that, I looked at the plate I’m holding.
The smell is good, but the taste is not something that can be called as a food……Probably, she has not eaten anything for lunch yet.

「You haven’t eat lunch, right? That’s why–」
「–Shut up」

By those words, I shut up.
I’m having good intentions.
I cooked because I thought that she might be hungry.
It might taste bad, but I want her–to live on.
I don’t want her…to die like that man.
–And yet.

「……I…hate you」

I heard such voice beyond the door.

「You killed Tou-san. You killed…Tou-san…who never opposed humans before. ……Hey…what Tou-san…did to you? Did Tou-san…do anything to you?」

He didn’t do anything to me.
Only that truth, I can’t speak out.
I can hear sniffling sound beyond the door.

「As expected…you’re just……a murderer. You killed Tou-san who’s innocent. You killed…my irreplaceable person. ……You killed–my precious person……」

I can’t deny what she said.
Because all of it are true.

「I won’t…accept any charity from you. I won’t trust…a murderer like you. You might even…put poison in the food to kill me. To kill me…who’s a hindrance for you」
「You’re wro–」
「I’m not」

As if to cover my denying words, her words resounded.
I won’t put poison.
It’s just my good intention.
I did my best to cook it……
……Only that.

「I’m not wrong…at all. You’re a murderer. Someday for sure…even I will…be a hindrance. You will then want to kill me. Kill me…and become ease. That’s why, I won’t accept…your charity. Because I don’t want…to be killed like Tou-san」

Come to think of it, it might be true.
It’s quite fun to cook.
I hoped that she should open her heart even a little.
I averted my eyes from that fact.

–I killed her father with these hands.

Like in stories, it’s impossible to reconcile easily.
It’s not like she would let her guard down if I flatter her.
This place has only the harsh fact and refusal.

「–! Rather than…apologizing! Give Tou-san back! Don’t even apologize…even though you don’t give Tou-san back! Even though you don’t take the responsibility! Even though you don’t feel guilty!!」

I have no words.
Because the dead–can’t be revived.
Even with my superpower, such thing is probably impossible.
Even if I can make something out of nothing.
I can’t return a life from the past.

「But still–」

I looked up at the sky instinctively.
However, there’s only the ceiling there, something like blue sky, can’t be seen anywhere.
However, if there’s this guy called God, then please hear me.
I vomit the heavy air accumulated in my lungs.
My heart hurts. It feels like it’s going to crush anytime soon.
My body creaks.
My heart creaks.
I’m regretting. I think that I did a wrong thing.
But I who can’t do anything–


「But still……I’m sorry」


What can I do other than apologizing?

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