Wife is Outrageous 94

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94. Who defiled whom?

Bai Li had merely heard about these treasures, and never expected that she would personally see them. Once she heard that girl egg introduce herself, her heart filled with exultation.

Without saying anything further, she took the boy egg in spite of his struggling, bit her middle finger, and then dripped her blood on its little wings.


A low laughter like that of water boiling in a pain sounded as Bai Li’s droplet of blood disappeared without a trace.

Bai Li was stunned.

That boy egg actually laughed as it got up. Its round body rocked back and forth as it appeared to be pleased with itself:” Only my fated master’s blood works. You guys are only new apprentices of Purple Cloud Clan, how can you be the masters of us divine treasures? Dream on… ah!”

Before it had even finished saying its few words, the blood on Qi Luoer’s finger also dripped on its little wings.

Unlike Bai Li’s blood, Qi Luoer’s blood spun around on its little wings, then slowly merged into its wingtips.

Seeing that its wingtips had turned pink from snow white, a glowing circle of light emitted from its body…

The boy egg uttered a few miserable shrieks: “How can this be! How can she be my fated master?! Something must have went wrong! It must have!”

It shrieked, but it couldn’t control its body’s transformation.

Soon enough, its golden outer shell slowly split open and peeled off, fluttering in the wind.

A pair of round catlike ears first appeared ,then a pair of huge round black eyes. Then, small pink lips appeared, and four short limbs…

Qi Luoer widened her eyes, stumped in place.

Jigglypuff! Wasn’t this the Jigglypuff that appeared in Pokemon?!

It resembled that cartoon’s Jigglypuff by around seventy to eighty percent!

The only difference was that This Husband and Wife Stem’s color was milky white and roundly plump.

It was like a white furball. Impossibly cute.

Qi Luoer was not immune to little animals, let alone this guy, who had transformed into such an extremely cute appearance.

Her delight rose to its limits in her heart, and it seemed as if all of her exhaustion had disappeared without a trace.

She couldn’t help but stretch out a hand to lift it up.

That little thing seemed to want to hide, but since Qi Luoer was its fated master, it only cowered and didn’t dodge.

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