Wife is Outrageous 93

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93. Don’t tell me you guys will really hatch out into little chicks

“Come, be obedient. Tell me, what are your names? I never heard that eggs were also spirit treasures.”

Qi Luoer chuckled.

“We’re not some eggs! We are the Husband and Wife Stem. We’re worldly divine treasures…”

The egg with the girl voice hopped on the ground, as if offended.

“Husband and Wife Stem? Never heard of it!”

Qi Luoer shook her head: “You guys claim to be divine treasures, got proof?”

“Divine treasures are divine treasures, what proof do you need?!”

The boy egg’s body rocked back and forth, as though it was rather indignant.

“Since you guys are divine treasures, you guys should have great abilities right? Why can’t I see the least bit of ability from you guys? Aside from being able to become invisible and get eaten.”

“That’s because we haven’t transformed! Once we transform, we’ll have great abilities!”

The girl egg retorted in a small voice.


Qi Luoer looked at the exterior of their eggs: “Don’t tell me you guys will really hatch out into little chicks?!”

The boy egg snorted: “We’re not going to transform into a stupid chicken! Our appearance after transformation is even more beautiful than a little chick!”

“Even more beautiful than a chick? How would you look like? What do you guys need in order to transform?”

Bai Li also moved closer and lazily looked at an “egg”.

Her soul seizing enchanting eyes seemed to have bewitched the female egg, who let it slip out: “Only our fated master’s blood will allow us to transform…”

As if it suddenly realized that it blurted that out, its pair of wings did its best to cover the position of its mouth.

Bai Li laughed. Want blood? She had some!

She never expected that she didn’t come to this Purple Cloud Clan in vain. She had actually encountered spirit treasures like the “Husband and Wife Stem”. Not taking them was just too much of a waste!

Qi Luoer didnt know the “Husband and Wife Stem, but Bai Li was after all, the demonic sect’s sect leader who was very knowledgeable about spirit treasures of the world.

“Husband and Wife Stems” were born in twos. It was said that they possessed five hundred years of past knowledge, and five hundred years of hindsight. After transformation, the “Husband and Wife Stem” would know freezing arts, lightning arts, art of incantations… they were rare treasures.

Bai Li had merely heard about these treasures, and never expected that she would personally see them. Once she heard that girl egg introduce herself, her heart filled with exultation.

Without saying anything further, she took the boy egg in spite of his struggling, bit her middle finger, and then dripped her blood on its little wings.

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