Wife is Outrageous 95

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95. Who defiled whom? (2)

That little thing seemed to want to hide, but since Qi Luoer was its fated master, it only cowered and didn’t dodge.

Two ears drooped down and nearly covered its eyes. It was as if it refused to confront reality: “How can this be? A stately divine treasure like me actually has such an inferior master?!”

Qi Luoer was nevertheless delighted in her heart as she kissed its head, but she didn’t expect that it would scream: “Stinkin’ woman, it’s improper for men and women to touch each other, do you not understand that?!”

It stretched out its short upper limb to wipe at the spot where Qi Luoer kissed it, as if it had been defiled.

Qi Luoer couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This guy’s too cute! Didn’t expect that not long after she had come to this world, she’d actually gotten such an adorable “little toy”! What a huge profit!

She stuck out a finger to poke at its soft chubby body: “Oh, since I’m your master, I’ll give you a name.” She looked at its round chubby body and continued: “How about Dou Ding?”

“What a weird name, I don’t want it! Protested the little Jigglypuff.

You can’t refuse! I’m your master, so whatever I say goes!” Qi Luoer overruled while repeating her original sentence.

Dou Ding was depressed! Its drooping ears covered its eyes: “Wuuu, why do I have such a master?”

Qi Luoer admonished little Dou Ding, then raised her head to look at the other egg. Appearing to have sensed her evil gaze, that egg timidly shrank back in fear and shouted: Don’t even think about having me, you’re my husband’s master, which means you’re not my master. My master should be your future husband…”

Before she finished talking, its little wings seemed as though they were on fire as it got a great shock. It lifted its head and looked at the Bai Li in front of it with a bloodstain on her finger. Without needing to think, it was obvious that Bai Li’s blood had dropped on its body!

Ripples of white rings of light emitted from its entire body…

In not even a short period of time, another Jigglypuff was born! And it was the size of a goose egg.

What was different was that the fur on its body was a light yellow, and its head was a bit smaller than Dou Ding.

Qi Luoer’s chin nearly dropped to the floor!

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