Wife is Outrageous 92

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92. Never expected that those two eggs were actually husband and wife

One voice was coarse, and the other was shrill, it was exactly that boy and girl’s voice!

Something moved inside her front pieces of her robe and then two golden eggs with wings came out.

Black lines covered Qi Luoer’s entire face.

No wonder she couldn’t find those two eggs, so they were hiding in her chest!

She grabbed onto one, and said maliciously: “Who told you guys to follow me? Hmph, to dare hide in my chest, I’m going to boil you into my midnight snack!”

That egg’s little wings did its best to flap: “Stinkin’ woman, let me go. Who the hell wants to follow you, you’re the one who stole our two Cloud Fruits…”

That was the little boy’s voice.

“Qi Luoer said coldly: “What do you mean your Cloud Fruit? They don’t belong to anyone, alright?

Besides, that tree had many more, why did you target these two?

Hmph, I’ve wasted an entire night and I’m hungry! Tell me, should I make you into a poached egg or a fried egg?

Just plain old boiling is good too.”

Qi Luoer looked suspiciously at the egg in her hands with some curiosity.

She wondered if this egg would have egg white and egg yolk once she broke it open…

Seeing Qi Luoer’s calculated gaze, the two eggs started trembling.

The boy’s voice sounded: “What poached egg, what fried egg?! We’re not stupid eggs!”

The other egg’s voice also timidly leapt: “Please don’t hurt my husband, how about we let you be the master?”


Qi Luoer had almost been struck by lightning!

She never expected that those two eggs were actually husband and wife!

Look at this scene, it’s quite affectionate…


The slightly larger egg called out: “Wife, we are worldly spirit treasures, how could we just recognize a master at random? Moreover, it’s even such a inferior… I’ll never recognize her!”

These eggs that could only fly were actually worldly spirit treasures?

Qi Luoer opened her eyes wide, continuously sizing up those two eggs.

The two eggs were somewhat scared about her stare as they both leapt backwards.

“Come, be obedient. Tell me, what are your names? I never heard that eggs were also spirit treasures.”

Qi Luoer chuckled.

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