Wife is Outrageous 91

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91. Crushed me to death

Bai Li shook her head, her face completely calm: “We accidentally went in, and as soon as we went in, it attacked us. Fortunately, Little Luoer’s martial arts is outstanding, and she killed it. Elders had just appeared right after I obtained this pearl, and the surroundings have also changed…”

Hao Yunzhong took a quick flabbergasted look at Qi Luoer: “This Tourmaline Serpent is king of all serpents, and not even ordinary disciples would go near it. How did Miss Qi kill it?”

There was a distinct doubtfulness in his tone.

Qi Luoer slightly raised her brows as she said faintly: “I was just lucky. It turned out that the branch I stabbed it with hit its weak spot, or else it how could I have done anything to it with its armored skin and iron bones?”

Bai Li giggled: “Good thing she killed that huge guy, or else what everyone would find are not our persons, but corpses…

I heard that White Cloud Mountain always has a strict defense, how did such a huge demonic monster appear? Phew, scared me to death!”

These words contained a faint mocking tone, and Yun Zhongyue’s face slightly heated up. White Cloud Mountain’s defense had always been arranged by him, and such a careless mistake had happened, which also made him anxious.

Luckily, it was in the middle of the night where others couldn’t tell if his face was red or not.

Li Yu laughed slightly: “White Cloud Mountain is so vast, and this Tourmaline Serpent was also inside a barrier as it secretly came in. It’s not unpardonable if no one had sensed it.

The demonic energy was probably released by this snake. Good, good thing that it didn’t cause too great of a damage. Miss Qi and Miss Bai being helped by the heavens can also be considered a fortunate occurrence. All right, it is already quite late, you two should go have a rest.”

A crisis had finally passed by.

Hao Yunzhong and company sent clouds to deliver Bai Li and company back to the dormitories, warned them a few more times, and then left.

Qi Luoer had wasted an entire night. She was utterly tired. Once Hao Yunzhong and company left, she had already thrown herself on her bed.

Phew, so tired!

She rolled over——

And suddenly leap up!

What the hell is this, pained her to death!

At the same time, two surprised voices sounded from below her body.

“Crushed me to death!”

“Stinkin’ woman, why did you lie forward?”

One voice was coarse, and the other was shrill, it was exactly that boy and girl’s voice!

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