Wife is Outrageous 90

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90. Completely calm

Qi Luoer was stunned. Could it be that the remaining poison had not been purged?

Before this thought had finished passing through her mind, the space around her began to warp.

Bang! The ground resounded, and the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

The lake and Cloud Fruit Tree disappeared without a trace, in front of her eyes was the original grassland.

On the grass, stood three people.

Qi Luoer’s heart skipped a beat, she knew all three of them.

One of them was Yun Zhongyue, the other was Li Yu and even the sect Elder Hao Yunzhong was there!

Qi Louer was startled, why would the three of them be here?

When Hao Yunzhong saw Qi Luoer and Bai Li, he faintly breathed a sigh of relief

And then angrily scolded, ”What happened to the two of you? Not sleeping in the middle of the night but running all the way to this mountain? And what’s with this evil energy?!?”

Li Yu’s soft voice could be heard, “Just now, demonic energy rushed out of this place, alarming Elder Hao.

Then we found out that you two were missing. Afraid that you two had gotten into an accident, we searched for you until we reached this place and discovered that there was actually barrier here. Just what exactly is in this barrier? Have any of you suffered any injuries?”

Qi Luoer smiled bitterly.

Just as she was about to tell them the whole truth, a voice beside her ear said, “Do not tell them anything about the Cloud Fruit!”

Qi Luoer paused, the voiced had belonged to the “boy”.

As of now, those two eggs were nowhere to be seen.

She did not know where they had hidden.

Her heart lurched, and then she told them about her sneaking out to practice.

She talked about the green serpent, about the lake, only leaving out the incident of the Cloud Fruit Tree.

In order to prove Qi Luoer’s words, Bai Li even took out a bright green pearl with a faint fishy smell. “Look, this is the Tourmaline Serpent’s inner core…”

Qi Luoer was stunned, since when did Bai Li obtain the Green Serpent’s inner core? Why didn’t she see it…

Hao Yunzhong’s eyes shined and he took the pearl, “Tourmaline Serpent’s inner core! You actually encountered a Tourmaline Serpent?”

Li Yu eyes widened, “This disciple heard that Tourmaline Serpents like to associate with treasure….”

Turning to Qi Luoer, he asked, “Luoer, have you discovered any treasure?”

Qi Luoer glanced at Bai Li.

Bai Li remained calm and shook her head without batting an eyelid.

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